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KCB Mpesa Loan Limit

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The KCB M-Pesa loan limit is a pivotal aspect of the financial landscape in Kenya, shaping the accessibility and affordability of credit for millions of individuals across the country. 

As digital finance continues to gain prominence, understanding how KCB M-Pesa loan limits function is essential for borrowers seeking financial flexibility and empowerment.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing all you need to know about the KCB Mpesa Loan limit and how the platform works in General.

What is KCB M-pesa?

KCB M-Pesa is a partnership between Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and Safaricom, the telecommunications giant behind the M-Pesa mobile money platform.

This collaboration aims to provide financial services to the unbanked and underbanked populations in Kenya through mobile technology.

KCB M-Pesa offers various financial products, including savings accounts, loans, and insurance, accessible directly from users’ mobile phones.

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What is KCB M-Pesa Loan?

The KCB M-PESA loan program, which started in March 2015, serves as a mobile-centric banking service for the M-PESA clientele. 

It empowers users to efficiently manage their finances by facilitating both saving and borrowing functions directly through their mobile devices.

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Benefits of MCB M-Pesa Loan Service 

Users can do various things using the MCB M-Pesa Loan Service. They have:

1. Saving and Borrowing Opportunities:

Imagine having the chance to grow your money while also having the option to borrow when you need it. That’s what you get with the KCB M-PESA loan service.

By depositing your funds into a fixed deposit or target savings account, you’re not only keeping your money safe but also earning interest on it.

With an interest rate of over 6 percent per year, your savings have the potential to grow steadily over time.

2. Flexible Deposit and Withdrawal Options:

When it comes to managing your finances, flexibility is key. With KCB M-PESA, you have the freedom to deposit up to Ksh 150,000 into your savings account in one go. 

This means you can securely store a significant amount of money whenever you want. Plus, you can easily access these funds whenever you need them for various transactions or expenses.

Whether it’s paying bills, sending money to family and friends, or making purchases, your KCB M-PESA savings are there to support you.

3. Convenient Access to Loans:

Emergencies can arise unexpectedly, requiring immediate financial assistance. With KCB M-PESA, you have the convenience of accessing loans ranging from as little as Ksh 50 to as much as Ksh 1 million.

You also receive the loan amount directly into your KCB M-PESA account, ensuring quick and hassle-free access to the funds you need.

Plus, with a repayment period of 30 days, you have ample time to settle your loan. Repayments can be made conveniently through M-PESA or directly from your KCB M-PESA account.

To take advantage of these features, you have to simply activate your KCB M-PESA account through your M-PESA menu. 

What are KCB M-pesa access Channels?

KCB M-Pesa offers customers convenient access to its loan and savings services through various channels.

These channels cater to different preferences and technological capabilities, ensuring that users can conveniently manage their finances anytime, anywhere.

These channels include: 

  • the M-Pesa App 
  • MySafaricom App
  • Safaricom Sim Toolkit (STK), 
  • USSD by dialing *334#. 

Each channel provides users with seamless access to financial products, accommodating diverse technological preferences and ensuring a user-friendly experience.

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How to activate your KCB M-Pesa account

Activating your KCB M-PESA account is the first step towards unlocking the financial convenience and flexibility in the platform.

Whether you prefer using the M-PESA app, MySafaricom app, Safaricom Sim Toolkit (STK), or USSD, the process is straightforward and user-friendly.

Below are the simple steps to activate your KCB M-PESA account:

1. Using the M-PESA App:

When using the M-Pesa app to activate your KCB M-Pesa account, simply:

  • Log in to your M-PESA account.
  • Select “Grow” on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose “KCB M-PESA” and then select “Activate.”

2. Using the MySafaricom App:

To use the MySafaricom App to activate your KCB M-Pesa account, you would have to:

  • Log in to your MySafaricom App.
  • Click on “M-PESA” on the navigation bar.
  • Select “Loans and savings.
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN
  • Choose “KCB M-PESA,” and click on “Activate.”

3. Using the Safaricom Sim Toolkit (STK):

To use the Safaricom Sim Toolkit to activate your KCB M-Pesa account, simply:

  • Access the M-PESA menu.
  • Select “Loans and Savings.”
  • Choose “KCB M-PESA” and then select “Activate.”

4. Using the USSD Dial *334#:

To use the M-Pesa USSD Code to activate your KCB M-Pesa account, just:

  • Dial *334#.
  • Select “Loans and Savings.”
  • Choose “KCB M-PESA” and then select “Activate.”

With these simple steps, you’ll be ready to start saving and borrowing with KCB M-PESA in no time. 

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Eligibility criteria for KCB M-pesa Loan

To access the KCB M-Pesa loan facility seamlessly, customers must fulfil specific registration requirements and demonstrate active engagement with Safaricom’s services. 

The requirements for accessing the KCB M-Pesa loan facility service includes:

  • The customer must have possession of a Kenyan National ID.
  • He/she should be registered on the M-Pesa platform using the National ID.
  • Customers registered with Passport numbers only should visit a Safaricom shop, presenting both the original ID and passport for necessary updates.
  • Must be registered as a Safaricom M-Pesa user.
  • The customer must have demonstrated active usage of other Safaricom services, such as voice, data, and M-Pesa transactions.

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What are the Exemptions to this Eligibility Criteria?

In order to ensure fair and transparent access to financial services, KCB M-Pesa implements specific eligibility criteria and exemptions. Understanding these exemptions is crucial for individuals navigating the lending landscape.

Exemptions on eligibility within the KCB M-Pesa framework include stringent measures to prevent multiple registrations using the same document ID, foster integrity, and prevent fraudulent activities. 

Also, customers who have been on the M-Pesa platform for less than six months will initially be assigned a KCB M-Pesa loan limit of zero, reflecting the need for a history of financial engagement before accessing credit facilities.

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What are KCB M-pesa Loan Limits and Interest Rate?

Opening up the potential of your savings while gaining access to instant loans has never been easier.

With KCB M-Pesa, you have the opportunity to earn interest of up to 6.3% p.a. on your savings balance, whether you opt for a Fixed Deposit Account or a Target Savings Account. 

The Fixed Deposit Account allows you to save for a fixed period, while the Target Savings Account enables you to save incrementally towards a set goal. 

KCB M-Pesa also offers the convenience of instant loans, with funds credited directly to your M-PESA account starting from a minimum loan amount of KSh 100 up to a maximum loan amount of KSh 1 million . 

The KCB M-Pesa minimum and maximum loan limits are subject to a facility fee of 8.93%.

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How does KCB M-PESA Loan Limit Increase Work?

Managing your finances wisely and accessing credit when needed is essential for many individuals. KCB M-PESA offers convenient loan services, but your borrowing limit depends on various factors.

To help you maximise your borrowing potential and build a solid financial stand, we’ve compiled a set of practical tips that can be of help.

By following these strategies, you can not only increase your KCB M-PESA loan limit but also strengthen your financial health.They are:

1.Using KCB M-PESA Often: 

When you use KCB M-PESA frequently, it shows that you’re actively managing your finances. Each time you deposit money, withdraw cash, or make payments using the platform, you’re demonstrating your financial responsibility.

This consistent activity builds a positive record, indicating to the lender that you’re reliable and capable of handling more borrowing.

2. Prompt Loan Repayments: 

Timely repayment of loans is crucial for two reasons. It ensures that you maintain a good relationship with the lender, which can lead to increased trust and higher borrowing limits in the future.

It also helps boost your credit score, which is a measure of your creditworthiness.

A higher credit score not only improves your chances of getting approved for loans but also enables you to access larger loan amounts.

3. Saving with KCB M-PESA: 

By regularly depositing money into your KCB M-PESA account, you’re demonstrating your ability to save and manage your finances effectively.

This behaviour signals stability to the lender, indicating that you’re less likely to default on payments. As a result, the lender may be more inclined to offer you a higher loan limit, knowing that you have a safety net in your savings.

4. Transaction History Matters: 

Your overall transaction history, including activities beyond KCB M-PESA, can impact your borrowing capacity. For instance, if you borrow money from other sources like Fuliza or other money lending apps, make sure to repay on time.

Defaulting on payments can tarnish your creditworthiness and may even lead to negative consequences such as being listed with the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB).

Maintaining a clean transaction history across various financial platforms enhances your credibility as a borrower, increasing your chances of securing larger loans when needed.

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What are the reasons for Zero KCB M-PESA Loan Limit.

Sometimes, you might find that your KCB M-PESA loan limit shows as zero. This can be both confusing and frustrating, especially when you’re in need of financial assistance. 

There are various factors that could contribute to this, and it’s essential to understand them to address the issue effectively.

  • Multiple Account Registrations:

If you’ve attempted to register for multiple accounts using the same document ID, KCB M-PESA won’t allow it. Consequently, your loan limit may be set to zero.

  • Short M-PESA History:

KCB M-PESA requires a minimum of six months of M-PESA transaction history to assess your financial behavior. If you haven’t reached this threshold, your loan limit might be set to zero.

  • Sparse Transaction History:

Your loan limit can be affected if your M-PESA transactions are infrequent or limited. Activities such as purchasing airtime, sending money, or paying bills contribute to your transaction history. If these activities are sparse, your loan limit might be set to zero.

  • Late Repayment of Previous Loans: 

Timely repayment of loans is crucial for maintaining a favorable loan limit. If you’ve previously delayed or defaulted on loan repayments with KCB M-PESA, this can significantly impact your loan limit, potentially reducing it to zero.

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What happens if you payback your KCB M-PESA loan late?

When you borrow money through KCB M-PESA, it’s important to understand the consequences of not paying back on time.

Failure to repay your loan promptly can lead to various negative outcomes that could affect your financial standing. Below are the reasons why timely repayment is crucial:

  • Credit Limit Reduction:

If you miss your loan payments, your account may receive a reduced credit limit, limiting your ability to borrow more money in the future.

  • CRB Listing:

Defaulting on your loan for more than 90 days can result in your name being reported to the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). Being listed in the CRB database can make it difficult for you to access loans from other lenders in the future.

  • Late Payment Fee:

Also, failing to repay your loan on time may result in extra charges or fines imposed by the creditor, increasing the overall cost of the loan and putting further strain on your finances.

It’s essential to honor the terms of your loan agreement to avoid these negative consequences and maintain a healthy financial profile.

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KCB M-Pesa Customer Care Service

If you’re looking for assistance with KCB M-Pesa, you can find more information through various channels.

You can call KCB M-Pesa Customer Care Service at 0711 087000 or 0732 187000. You can also reach them via WhatsApp at 0711 087087.

For online resources, visit the KCB Bank website at kcbgroup.com or the Safaricom website at www.safaricom.co.ke. If you prefer in-person assistance, you can always visit your nearest KCB Bank branch in Kenya.


What is KCB M-PESA?

KCB M-PESA is a loans and savings product exclusively offered by KCB Bank Kenya Ltd to Safaricom M-PESA customers.

What are the requirements to have a KCB M-PESA account?

Be a registered and active Safaricom M-PESA customer.

How do I check my KCB M-PESA account balance?

To check your KCB M-PESA account balance, first, access the KCB M-PESA menu. Then, select “My Account.” From there, you can either view your account balance or request a Mini Statement to see recent transactions.

What is the interest charged on a KCB M-PESA loan?

The interest for the one month loan is 8.93%.

How do I access KCB M-PESA savings

To access KCB M-PESA savings, follow these steps: Go to M-PESA menu, select Loans and Savings, then choose KCB M-PESA. Next, select either Fixed Savings account or Target Savings Account, and finally, decide between Fixed Deposit or Target Savings Account.

Which Savings accounts are available on KCB M-PESA?

KCB M-PESA has two types of savings accounts you can use:
1. Fixed Savings Account: With this account, you can put away a certain amount of money for as long as a year.
2. Target Savings Account: This one lets you set a goal and save money toward reaching that goal within a year.


The KCB M-Pesa loan limit serves as a cornerstone of financial empowerment and inclusion in Kenya, offering individuals the means to achieve their desire with greater ease and flexibility. 

By understanding the dynamics of loan limits and adopting responsible borrowing practices, borrowers can use the full potential of KCB M-Pesa’s innovative financial services to enhance their financial well-being. 



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