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loan apps in Kenya

15 Best Mobile Loan Apps for Instant Loan in Kenya

In recent years, mobile loan apps in Kenya have revolutionized the financial landscape of the Country.  These apps offer quick, convenient, and accessible loans to individuals and businesses, bypassing the traditional banking system’s lengthy processes and requirements.  In this article…

How Does Fuliza Loan in Kenya Work

How Does Fuliza Loan in Kenya Work?

The unpredictable nature of financial problems becomes unbearable, more so when an unanticipated expense occurs without being budgeted for. That is why the Fuliza loan emerges as one of the most reliable solutions for many Kenyans. But exactly how does…

Fuliza Mpesa loan

How to Access Fuliza Mpesa Loan

Fuliza Mpesa loan is a financial service provided by Safaricom in partnership with Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) that has transformed how Kenyans manage their daily financial transactions.  This innovative service offers an overdraft facility to Mpesa users, enabling them…

KCB Mpesa Loan

KCB Mpesa Loan After CRB Listing

Ideally, one should settle their outstanding KCB M-Pesa loan after CRB listing charges, obtain CRB clearance, and then work on repairing their damaged credit history. Despite facing competition from Fuliza and other lenders, KCB MPesa loan service reportedly generated a…

faulu airtel loan application

Faulu Airtel Loan: How to Apply for a Loan and Get it

Faulu Airtel Loan application offers a quick and convenient way for Airtel subscribers to access financial solutions. Faulu Microfinance Bank, in partnership with Airtel, provides this unique loan product, enabling users to obtain microloans directly through their mobile phones for…

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