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Letshego Loan Requirements

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Letshego Microfinance Bank is a prominent player in the financial sector, dedicated to providing inclusive and accessible financial solutions to individuals and businesses alike. 

Letshego Group is one of the fast-growing financial institutions in Kenya. It offers a range of services to its customers, including loans. Understanding the loan requirements set forth by Letshego Microfinance Bank is crucial for those seeking financial assistance.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing  the various loan products offered by Letshego Microfinance Bank and list the specific things necessary for a successful loan application.

The Letshego Group

Letshego Group is a prominent figure in African financial inclusion, with a presence spanning over 11 sub-Saharan countries. 

It was founded in 1998 in Botswana and boasts over 25 years of experience.Their core mission is to “improve lives” by providing accessible and affordable financial solutions.

They’ve grown from a microfinance institution to a well-established financial group.

Letshego operates in Botswana, Eswatini, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.They employ over 3,000 people, representing a diverse workforce across Africa.

Letshego Microfinance Bank empowers over 6.6 million customers, supporting both individuals and micro-entrepreneurs.

Letshego Holdings Limited, the group’s head company, is listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE). They boast a market capitalisation exceeding USD 1 billion, making them the largest indigenous listed company on the BSE (as of December 2022).

Despite pandemic challenges, Letshego has demonstrated financial stability with over US$100 million in pre-tax profits for 2020.

Letshego offers various loan products, catering to individuals, public sector employees, and micro-entrepreneurs.They’ve also adopted innovative approaches like mobile money integration (Mo-Money Loan in Swaziland).

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What is Letshego Loans?

Letshego loans are part of the Letshego Group, a company that’s listed on the stock exchange in Botswana. They offer different financial services.

Letshego operates in 11 countries in Africa, like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and others. They help both big and small businesses, and also regular people who want to start a small business. 

One good thing about Letshego loans is that they use a system called Check-off Repayments, which means your employer automatically deducts the loan repayments from your salary. Another advantage is that you can take a long time to pay back the loan

However, one downside is that you can only get these loans if your employer has an agreement with Letshego.

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Requirements for Letshego Loan

Before you are eligible to apply for a loan on Letshego,it is important you:

1. Be at least 18 years old.

2. Provide your salary statement for the last three months.

3. Show your three most recent payslips.

4. Bring your National Identification card.

5. Get a letter from your employer.

6. Fill out and sign the application form.

Remember also that your eligibility can vary based on factors like your salary, any extra allowances, paying off other debts, or reducing your current balance.

If you find out you’re not eligible, you can visit one of their branches or contact their customer service for help.

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How to get loan from Letshego in Kenya

Getting a loan from Letshego is convenient and straightforward, especially with their online application process. Below are the steps to apply for a Letshego loan online:

  • Visit Letshego’s website.
  • Select Kenya from the list of countries.
  • Choose between personal loans or MSE purchase order loans, based on your needs.
  • For personal loans, fill out all required personal information and profiles.
  • Upload any necessary documents.
  • Review the declaration section and click YES to accept.
  • If referred by a salesperson, provide their name and location.
  • Use your name as your electronic signature.
  • Click on the finish button to complete the application process.

After you’ve completed the Letshego loan form online, it usually takes 48 hours for the money to reach the person who borrowed it.

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Letshego Loan Interest Rates

Letshego loans offer a flexible range of interest rates fixed to suit varying repayment durations. 

Interest rates start as low as 0% for loans with servicing times of less than three months, gradually increasing to a maximum of 50% for longer-term loans exceeding 18 months. 

With repayment frequencies spanning daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly options, borrowers have the flexibility to choose a schedule that aligns with their financial situation. 

Depending on eligibility criteria, individuals can apply for loans of up to KSh. 3,000,000, empowering them to meet their diverse financial needs with ease and convenience.

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How to Payback Letshego Loans

Repaying Letshego loans, particularly Letshego payroll loans, is designed to be straightforward and convenient for borrowers. The repayment process typically involves automatic deductions from your salary facilitated by your employer. 

However, in cases where this method is not applicable or convenient, Letshego offers the option to repay loans via M-Pesa, providing borrowers with added flexibility. 

To ensure a smooth repayment process through M-Pesa, follow these steps:

1.Locate your M-Pesa account on your mobile phone. This is usually accessible through a dedicated application or by dialing the appropriate short-code.

2. Select the “Paybill” option from the menu, which directs you to a screen where you can initiate payments to various billers and service providers.

3. Enter the Letshego business number provided by the institution. This unique identifier ensures that your repayment is directed to Letshego’s account.

4. Specify your phone number associated with Letshego as the account number. This step is crucial for Letshego to identify and credit the payment to your loan account accurately.

5. Proceed by entering your M-Pesa PIN to authorise the transaction securely.

6. Review the entered details to ensure accuracy, then confirm the transaction by selecting “OK” or a similar prompt on your device.

Once the transaction is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation message from M-Pesa, confirming the payment details and the amount deducted from your account.

In case of any uncertainties or inquiries regarding the Paybill number or the repayment process, you can reach out to Letshego’s dedicated call centre.

They can provide clarification, assistance, or additional information to ensure a hassle-free repayment experience.

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Letshego Loan Balance Check

Letshego offers a convenient way for customers to check their loan balances using its USSD code. With this functionality, customers can easily access vital information about their loans directly from their mobile devices. 

Customers can quickly retrieve their loan balances by simply dialing the designated USSD code, allowing them to stay informed about their financial obligations.

This feature enhances customer experience by providing a hassle-free method for obtaining important loan-related information on the go. Letshego is also striving continuously to improve its services by expanding the capabilities of its USSD platform. 

Aside from checking loan balances, the institution is actively working on incorporating additional features into its USSD application. 

One such enhancement in progress is the inclusion of repayment and application services within the USSD framework. Once implemented, customers will have the convenience of accessing loan repayment services directly through the USSD interface.

With just a simple dial of *435#, customers will be able to initiate loan repayments securely and efficiently, without the need for internet connectivity or visiting physical branches.

This streamlines the loan repayment process, allowing customers to manage their financial commitments with ease from anywhere at any time.

The USSD platform serves as a valuable tool for Letshego to interact with its customers and provide essential financial services in a user-friendly manner.

As Letshego continues to innovate and expand its USSD offerings, customers can expect even greater convenience and accessibility in managing their financial affairs.

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The Letshego “LetsGo Digital App”

Letshego Microfinance Bank has embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance accessibility and convenience for its customers.

It recognizes the growing trend towards mobile banking and has developed a user-friendly application known as LetsGo BiG

This innovative app serves as a gateway for customers to access a wide range of financial services, including loan applications, account management, and financial education resources.

To download the Letshego loan app, customers have multiple options at their disposal. They can visit the Google Play Store, the premier marketplace for Android applications, where LetsGo BiG is readily available for download.

This ensures compatibility with a wide range of Android devices, empowering a diverse demographic of users to engage with Letshego’s offerings seamlessly.

Customers using Apple devices can effortlessly access the LetsGo BiG app through the renowned App Store. By catering to both Android and iOS devices, Letshego has shown its commitment to  ensuring that customers across different platforms can benefit from its services.

For those who prefer to download applications directly from their web browsers, Letshego accommodates this preference by offering a web-based download option. 

This flexibility enables customers to access the LetsGo BiG app using various devices, such as laptops, desktop computers, or even tablets, without being constrained to using only the app store.

Letshego has also extended its reach to cater to users of Huawei devices through the Huawei AppGallery. 

Through this partnerships with major app distribution platforms, Letshego has ensured that its app reaches a wide audience, regardless of their device preferences.

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What is the Letshego Customer Care Service?

Letshego Customer Care Service in Kenya offers comprehensive support for inquiries regarding their loans and services. Whether you prefer direct communication through a phone call, a face-to-face interaction by visiting their office, or the convenience of email correspondence, Letshego ensures accessibility to address your concerns promptly.

Letshego’s physical address located at Cape Office Park, 2nd Floor, Ring Road.Kilimani, provides a convenient location for those who prefer in-person assistance. 

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their responsive communication channels, which include a dedicated email address, kenya@letshego.com, where customers can send their queries and receive timely responses.

For those who prefer immediate assistance or have urgent matters to discuss, Letshego offers multiple phone numbers to ensure accessibility.

Customers can reach out by dialing +254 700 555 777, +254 730 687 777, or +254 739 102 325, allowing flexibility in communication based on individual preferences and needs.

Letshego Microfinance Bank also provides a postal address, Box 52926 – 00200, for traditional correspondence, catering to customers who prefer written communication or need to send documents securely.

The company’s emphasis on providing various communication channels shows their commitment to customer satisfaction.  Letshego demonstrates a customer-centric approach by offering multiple options for reaching out to them, acknowledging the diverse preferences and needs of their clientele.

Customers can expect efficient and courteous service when contacting Letshego, whether through phone calls, emails, or in-person visits. 

The institution’s dedication to responsiveness and accessibility shows its commitment to fostering positive relationships with its clientele and ensuring an easy experience for all customers seeking assistance or information regarding their loans and services in Kenya.


What is Letshego Group?

Letshego Group is a leading player in African financial inclusion, operating in 11 sub-Saharan countries. It was established in 1998 in Botswana and offers accessible and affordable financial solutions to improve lives.

Where does Letshego operate?

Letshego operates in Botswana, Eswatini, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

 What types of loans does Letshego offer?

Letshego offers various loan products catering to individuals, public sector employees, and micro-entrepreneurs.

What are the requirements for applying for a Letshego loan?

To be eligible for a Letshego loan, you must be at least 18 years old, provide salary statements and payslips for the last three months, show your National Identification card, obtain a letter from your employer, and fill out and sign the application form.

How can I apply for a Letshego loan in Kenya?

To apply for a Letshego loan in Kenya, visit their website, select Kenya, choose the type of loan you need, fill out the required information, upload necessary documents, review and accept the declaration, and complete the application process.

What are the interest rates for Letshego loans?

Letshego loans offer flexible interest rates ranging from 0% for short-term loans to a maximum of 50% for longer-term loans exceeding 18 months.

How can I repay my Letshego loan?

Letshego facilitates loan repayment through automatic deductions from your salary by your employer. Alternatively, borrowers can repay loans via M-Pesa for added flexibility.

How can I check my Letshego loan balance?

You can check your Letshego loan balance conveniently using the USSD code *435# provided by Letshego.

How can I contact Letshego customer care in Kenya?

You can reach Letshego customer care in Kenya through various channels, including phone calls, email (kenya@letshego.com), visits to their physical address, or traditional correspondence via postal mail.


Letshego loans present an accessible and reliable solution for individuals and businesses seeking financial assistance. 

By adhering to the outlined requirements and following the application process diligently, borrowers can harness the benefits of Letshego’s loan products to fulfil their diverse financial needs



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