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How to Earn Money as a Content Creator on X (Twitter)

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Earning money as a content creator through X blue ad sharing revenue service with a personal subscription linked to a Stripe account has never been easier.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide, with over 330 million active users. However, did you realize that it can also be an effective means of generating income?

We’ll look at some of the top ways to earn money as a content creator on Twitter in this post, including sponsored tweets, affiliate marketing, and product and service sales. To increase your income potential, we’ll also take a closer look at additional choices, including Twitter advertising and growing a following.

Here are several ways to make money on Twitter, regardless of whether you’re a content creator, influencer, small business owner, or just want to make money off of your account. Continue reading.

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The Rise of Content Monetization on X (Twitter)

The surge of content monetization on X (Twitter) shows how creators are finding new ways to make money from their posts and ideas. X (Twitter) is becoming a go-to place for creators to earn by sharing their content. Features like X (Twitter) blue, which offers cool perks, are making it easier for creators to connect with their fans and earn some cash too. 

This shift is opening up income opportunities for all kinds of creators, no matter where they come from or what they do. X (Twitter) is basically giving creators the tools they need to turn their passion into a paycheck, and that’s pretty awesome!

It’s not just about making money; it’s also about giving fans access to exclusive content and making the online world a more fun and rewarding place for everyone involved.

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How to Start Making Money with the X blue Revenue Program

You can earn a portion of the money from the ads that appear in your post answers by participating in the X blue revenue programme.

For example, if you publish on X and an advertisement shows up in the comments section of that post, you will be eligible to get a share of the revenue generated by X from natural impressions of that ad placement.

You must fulfill the X blue monetization eligibility conditions prior to joining.

  • You need to have either Verified Organizations or X blue Premium personal subscriptions.
  • Five million people must have seen your posts during the past three months.
  • It is necessary to have at least 500 active followers.
  • Even though getting to five million impressions can seem difficult, there are simple ways to boost your numbers, which I’ll go over later. 

A $8 monthly personal subscription fee is required for the X blue Premium service. As compensation, you’ll get a number of advantages, such as:

  • The capability to add longer posts (up to 25,000 characters) and alter already existing ones
  • Your name will receive an X blue checkmark to indicate that your account has been validated.
  • Fewer advertisements in your Following and For You timelines
  • Obtaining entry to the revenue programme

After purchasing an X blue Premium personal subscription, you can sign up for the revenue programme. Navigate to the monetization section of your X settings. You may sign up for the advertisement income sharing programme using the button here.

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Examples of Content that can be Monetized on X blue

After learning how to use the advertisements revenue programme, let’s look at the main avenues for X creators to get income.

1. Sponsored posts

Similar to other social media sites like Instagram, you can monetize X by making sponsored posts.  Consider the kind of content you want to produce and the audience you want to reach in order to improve the number of sponsored posts.

You can post relationship advice using X, for instance. You can collaborate with businesses in this category that have similar target markets, such internet dating services. 

2. Subscriptions

You can provide subscribers to your content-interested audience exclusive content through monthly subscriptions. 97% of the money made from subscriptions goes to the creators.

You must enroll in X blue Premium in order to begin a personal subscription service. Five million impressions are not necessary, however you will still need:

  • 500 or more active followers 
  • An X account that has been in use for at least three months
  • having updated their content during the last 30 days

Whether it’s for entertainment, inspiration, or education, a personal subscription service needs to provide value. It ought to be customized for your intended market and provide something that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Assume you manage a blog on digital marketing that offers advice on how to advertise a company online. A personal subscription service that shares could be what you offer.

  • How-to and step-by-step instructions for growing your social media following
  • Individual accounts of accomplished individuals
  • Personalized assistance in which you provide subscribers with comments
  • Links to premium materials, such schedule templates that can be downloaded

Utilizing social media and AI techniques, conduct market research to make sure the material your subscription offers isn’t already available for free elsewhere. 

3. Ad revenue-friendly content

The requirements for joining have previously been covered, but how can you provide content that encourages advertisements to appear in your posts?

In one instance, the large number of comments led to the author Shirley Ledley receiving multiple advertisements in her post answers. 

Your article will be effective if it

  • provides a call to action (CTA) asking individuals to distribute their book links.
  • adds value by giving people the opportunity to advance
  • focuses on writers and authors as her audience
  • uses hashtags to broaden the audience for her post; a few well-chosen hashtags can boost impressions and reach without being overly intrusive.

Keep these four things in mind as you write posts. A call to action (CTA) invites answers, so pose a query or extend an invitation for comments. Always think about your audience and the goal of your post: what do you want to accomplish?

‍4. Add “Tips” to your profile

With X blue Tips function, users can express their appreciation for your content by sending you a cash tip, as the name implies. Currently, only a small number of people—selected journalists, producers, and nonprofit organizations that utilize X in English—have access to this.

Use X on your phone to see whether you qualify; you can only sign up with an iOS or Android device. Click Edit Profile on your profile page, choose Tips, and turn on Allow Tips. You are not yet eligible if you click Edit Profile and don’t see Tips. 

You will be required to select a payment option, such as a Stripe account in order to receive your earnings if you are accepted. Creating interesting and pertinent information is the secret to Tips. 

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How to plan ideas for posts on X

The first step in making money on X blue is creating engaging content that raises your impressions and engagement. Let’s examine some practical advice for creating compelling content on X.

Identifying popular subjects is often a fantastic method for idea generation. To carry out this:

  • Navigate to the Trending Topics tab on the Explore page.
  • Look up relevant hashtags in your sector to see some of the most well-liked and trending postings.
  • Observe accounts in the industry. If you work as a journalist, for instance, you should follow news websites to find out what subjects they cover.

2. Interact with user posts

Using high-engagement articles to engage with individuals and businesses in your niche is one of the best strategies to get more impressions on X blue. 

Thus, if you want to write, try finding published writers who tackle related subjects or making connections with big-box retailers.

Even if someone else made the original post, you can still get impressions from your comment answers. You could reply to a post, post a question, or offer your ideas. 

3. Plan your content schedules

Regular publication broadens your audience, visibility, and interaction. Additionally, it helps you develop authority and create community because visitors can anticipate your content. 

An emoticon of a calendar with a clock appears when you click to create a post; Use this to schedule your post by choosing the day and time you want it to be published. Setting up publishing schedules on X blue is free. Alternatively, Planable and Hootsuite are useful tools. 

To find out the times and dates that your most popular pieces were published, I suggest looking at your X blue  analytics, which are located under Professional Tools on the menu tab. Try observing when your followers are most active, and look over your social media analytics to see how well your postings are doing. 

‍The benefits of using on X blue (compared to other platforms)

X blue is great for authors and creators for a number of reasons, in addition to giving them another method to monetize their work.

First off, there are roughly 396 million X users globally. Users range widely in age from 18 to 50+; very few users under the age of 18 visit the website. Because of this wide demographic, you have more opportunities to reach a range of individuals, including fellow creators and members of the industry, and to draw in your target market.

Your profile may lead to more opportunities for writing jobs because some recruiters also use X to evaluate candidates.

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Integrating Stripe Accounts for Direct Payments

1. Setting Up a Stripe Account

Content creators can integrate their Stripe account with X (Twitter) to enable direct payments from subscribers. This seamless integration simplifies the payment process and allows creators to receive earnings directly into their bank account.

2. Offering Additional Paid Services

In addition to X blue personal subscriptions, content creators can monetize their expertise by offering additional paid services such as one-on-one consultations, virtual workshops, or custom content creation. These services can be promoted on X (Twitter) and facilitated through direct payments via their Stripe account.

3. Diversifying Revenue Streams

By diversifying their revenue streams, content creators can mitigate risk and maximize earning potential. This may involve exploring opportunities such as sponsored content collaborations, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, or digital product offerings.


What is X Blue?

X (Twitter) Blue is a premium subscription service offered by Twitter that provides users with exclusive features and perks for a monthly fee.

How do I sign up for X Blue?

To sign up for X (Twitter) Blue, navigate to the subscription settings in your Twitter account and follow the prompts to subscribe. You’ll need to use a stripe account to complete the process.

What are the benefits of subscribing to X (Twitter) Blue?

Subscribers to X (Twitter) Blue enjoy benefits such as access to exclusive content, ad-free browsing, custom app icons, and enhanced customization options for their Twitter experience.

Can I cancel my X (Twitter) Blue subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your X (Twitter) Blue subscription at any time.

What types of content can I offer to subscribers on X (Twitter) Blue?

Content creators on X (Twitter) Blue can offer a variety of exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes footage, personalized Q&A sessions, early access to content, special discounts, and more.

Can I offer personal subscriptions on X (Twitter) Blue?

Yes, content creators can offer personal subscriptions on X (Twitter) Blue, allowing them to monetize their content by providing exclusive perks and benefits to subscribers for a monthly fee.

Are there any fees associated with using Stripe for direct payments on X (Twitter) Blue?

Stripe may charge transaction fees for processing payments, but there are typically no additional fees associated with integrating your Stripe account with X (Twitter) Blue.

How can I promote my X (Twitter) Blue subscription offering to attract subscribers?

You can promote your X (Twitter) Blue subscription offering by sharing teasers of exclusive content, highlighting subscriber benefits, engaging with your audience.


You now have multiple options for making money off of your content as a creator using X blue; personal subscriptions, tips, and X’s ad revenue programme. 

Although you must have 500 followers to begin with, you may rapidly reach these numbers by producing insightful material for your intended demographic.

For writers, ad monetization on X is uncharted ground, and those who seize this chance now may become pioneers. So, why do you hesitate? Take the actions listed in this article to start earning more money right away.

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