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Tesla’s Humanoid Robot by Elon Musk: Meet your Non-human Friend

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In a move expected to reshape the robotics landscape, Tesla has unveiled its highly anticipated humanoid robot, Optimus. Elon Musk’s robot features a streamlined, human-like appearance and excellent flexibility, with 42 points of movement.

It runs on a Tesla battery and is guided by a specially designed AI chip, making Optimus a smart and adaptable companion proficient in various tasks.

In this piece, we’ll be reviewing Elon’s Humanoid robot, its specs, and how it aims to change the robotic world.

What is Optimus?

The Tesla Humanoid robot, Optimus, is a 5’8″ tall robot that weighs about 125 pounds. It has a sleek, human-like appearance with 42 degrees of freedom, allowing for a wide range of movement. The robot is powered by a Tesla battery and uses a custom-designed AI chip to navigate its surroundings and interact with the world.

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What Can the Humanoid Robot Do?

Optimus is a multifunctional assistant designed to perform various tasks. It can lift objects weighing up to 200 pounds, operate tools such as drills and screwdrivers with its hands, follow spoken instructions effectively, and navigate its surroundings by using sensors to avoid obstacles.

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When Will Optimus Be Available?

Tesla is still in the early stages of development for the humanoid robot, Optimus. It is not yet clear when the robot will be available for purchase. 

However, Elon Musk has said that he hopes to bring Optimus to market in the next few years.

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What Are The Implications Of Optimus?

The arrival of Optimus could have a major impact on society. The robot could be used to automate a variety of tasks, from manufacturing and construction to healthcare and elder care.

This could lead to increased productivity and economic growth, but it could also raise concerns about job displacement and the ethics of artificial intelligence. It is important to note that the Humanoid robot is still under development, and its capabilities and release date are subject to change. 

However, the potential of this robot is undeniable, and it is sure to spark conversation and debate about the future of artificial intelligence.

It is safe to say that Tesla’s Humanoid is a groundbreaking development that has the potential to change the world. While there are still many questions to be answered it is clear Optimus is the future of robotics, and it is coming soon.

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What is the work of Tesla Humanoid Robot designed to perform?

The Tesla Humanoid Robot is designed to handle a range of tasks which includes: household chores, basic manual labor, and even more complex activities. Its capabilities is expected to evolve with advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics technology.

What is the purpose of introducing a humanoid robot?

The purpose is to create a versatile robot that can assist and augment human capabilities in various tasks, making it a valuable companion for individuals and potentially addressing labor shortages in specific industries.

How much will the Tesla Humanoid Robot cost?

The cost is not specified at this point, and it will likely depend on various factors such as manufacturing costs, technological advancements, and market demand. Elon Muskmentioned affordability as a consideration, but exact pricing details are yet to be announced.


Tesla’s venture into the realm of humanoid robotics, as envisioned by Elon Musk, marks a groundbreaking step towards a future where machines seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. The prospect of a non-human friend in the form of Tesla’s humanoid robot holds the promise of assisting us in various tasks, enhancing productivity, and potentially reshaping the way we interact with technology.


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