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Multichoice Appoints Zappia as the New Chairman of Showmax

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Having held several executive positions in Sky, it’s safe to say that Andrea Zappia is just what Showmax needs! The seasoned executives’ appointment as the new chairman of Showmax is not just a business transition – it’s a story of Showmax’s next chapter.

With this strategic move, Multichoice is signaling a fresh era for Showmax, bringing not only a change in leadership but also a promise of innovation and captivating content. In this piece, we’ll be reviewing the events that led to this new change and the packages this new leader seems to have for our screen.

Who Is Zappia?

Andrea Zappia is a seasoned Italian media executive with great experience in the European telecommunication industry. He began his professional journey at the multinational company Procter & Gamble. From the experience he acquired, he took on the role of Global Sales and Marketing Director for the prestigious brands, Ferrari and Maserati.

Zappia later became the Vice President for Marketing and Product Development worldwide at Fila. In 2011, he assumed the role of CEO at Sky Italia. His leadership journey continued to unfold, and by 2018, he became the Chief Executive Officer for Continental Europe. This position meant overseeing not only Sky’s Italian operations but also those in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

Zappia remained in this role until 2020 when he was appointed Sky’s Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for New Markets and Businesses. This shift marked a new chapter in his career, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to turning Sky’s vision into reality.

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When Was Zappia Appointed The Lead Role?

In January 2024, Andrea Zappia assumed the role of Chairman at Showmax, signaling a proud moment for the streaming service. He was backed by the support of Comcast. Zappia’s leadership promises to elevate Showmax to new heights, positioning it as the main streaming service in Africa. 

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How Did Zappia Become The New Chairman Of Showmax?

Andrea Zappia’s recent appointment as the new chairman of Showmax holds immense significance, especially considering the key developments in Showmax’s path. 

 In March 2023, MultiChoice signed a crucial alliance with Comcast, the parent company of Sky, acquiring a substantial 30% stake in Showmax. This strategic partnership opens doors for Showmax, offering access to Comcast’s extensive content library and technological prowess. 

This collaboration also gives Showmax an edge as it endeavors to compete with international streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. MultiChoice currently commands over 60% of Showmax and this partnership with Comcast acts as a balancing force, holding the right to expand its stake. 

Andrea Zappia is convinced that this will act as a catalyst for achieving significant milestones. Zappia is determined to leverage the strategic guidance, oversight, and combined expertise stemming from the partnership with Comcast. His vision includes working closely with the Showmax team to craft and implement growth strategies. This involves a targeted approach to expand Showmax’s content library, attract new subscribers, and firmly establish its dominance as the premier streaming platform in Africa.

 With this new leadership and strategic alliance, Showmax sets its sails for a compelling and competitive future in the dynamic world of streaming.

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What You Should Expect From Showmax In the Coming Days

Calvo Mawela, the CEO of MultiChoice Group, happily welcomed Andrea Zappia to his new role as the chairman of Showmax. He expressed his excitement about Zappia joining them, citing his extensive experience and successful track record in the streaming industry as the ideal qualities to lead Showmax into its next phase of growth.

According to Calvo, Zappia’s leadership comes at a crucial time as Showmax aims to achieve a remarkable milestone of generating $1 billion in revenue over the next five years. In a recent discussion with investors, Calvo highlighted Showmax’s strategic relaunch on Monday, backed by Comcast’s support and advanced technology.

Despite already operating in 50 African countries, Showmax aims to seize new opportunities, particularly in expanding its audience, with a focus on popular categories like football and local shows. This move aligns with the growing trend of young and tech-savvy Africans turning to their smartphones for various services, spanning from banking to entertainment.

The new Showmax will now operate on the Peacock streaming platform and feature the English Premier League as part of its offerings. This strategic move reflects Showmax’s commitment to delivering diverse and interesting content to its audience. Multichoice also anticipates using this renewed Showmax to boost revenue following recent financial setbacks. The group posted a net loss of 1.32 billion rand ($72.4 million) for the six months ending September 30, 2023, marking the third consecutive semi-annual loss.

The company attributes these challenges to foreign exchange difficulties in Nigeria and persistent power outages in South Africa. The appointment of Andrea Zappia and the relaunch of Showmax stand as pillars of Multichoice’s broader strategy to overcome these setbacks and steer toward a more prosperous future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What changes or improvements can we expect with Zappia as the new Chairman of Showmax?

With Zappia at the helm, we can anticipate a focus on innovative content strategies, user experience enhancements, and potential partnerships that align with the evolving landscape of the streaming industry.

How will Zappia contribute to the growth and success of Showmax in the coming years?

Zappia’s strategic insights and industry knowledge are expected to play a crucial role in steering Showmax toward sustained growth.

What does this appointment mean for current Showmax subscribers?

Current Showmax subscribers can look forward to potential improvements in content curation, user interface, and overall streaming experience.


The appointment of Zappia as the new Chairman of Showmax marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Multichoice’s streaming platform. Zappia brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the media and entertainment industry, making him a formidable leader to steer Showmax towards new heights.



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