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Ojoma Ochoa, CcHub’s New MD on Popularizing Emerging Tech

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Nigeria’s foremost tech hub, CcHub, has embarked on a new chapter with the appointment of Ojoma Ochai as its Managing Director. A self-proclaimed “CcHub fangirl,” Ochai brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for emerging technologies to the role, aiming to propel the hub and its startups into the forefront of digital innovation.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing CChub’s new MD, Ochai, and her vision for emerging tech.

What is CcHub?

Africa’s foremost technology innovation hub, Co-creation Hub (CCHub), has a mission to drive the application of science, technology, and social capital for economic prosperity throughout the continent.

In 2010, it embarked on its journey as Nigeria’s premier innovation centre, dedicated to pushing the fusion of social capital and technology for economic advancement in the country. 

Since then, CCHub has extended its footprint to six cities, including Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria, Ijebu-Ode, Kigali in Rwanda, Nairobi in Kenya, and Windhoek in Namibia, creating a tangible impact across Africa.

It is committed to identifying and nurturing innovative solutions to social challenges in Africa, thereby collaborating closely with stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, the government, and the private sector.

CCHub’s main goal is also to construct a robust innovation ecosystem characterized by a well-established network, fostered strategic partnerships, and practical industry expertise. 

This ecosystem is designed to empower entrepreneurs and innovators, enabling them to craft thoughtful, relevant, and scalable solutions for the challenges faced in the region.

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Who is the New Manager Of CcHub?

CcHUB proudly announced the appointment of Ojoma Ochai as its new managing director in December 2023. This strategic move comes after the commendable transition of former CEO Bosun Tijani, who now serves as the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy in Nigeria.

Ochai, previously the Managing Partner at CcHUB’s Creative Economy Practice, has played a crucial role in shaping Nigeria’s growing creative industries. Her leadership and expertise in fostering innovative solutions within the creative economy have been vital to the success of the practice.

Beyond her contributions to CcHUB, Ochai serves on the board of Trust, an organisation founded by Jay Z and Jack Dorsey, CEO of Block Inc. and co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. This organisation is dedicated to supporting bitcoin development in Africa and markets.

Chairperson of the CcHUB Board, Funke Opeke, expressed delight in having Ochai as the new MD, emphasising her commitment to achieving social change through innovation and creativity, which aligns with CcHUB’s mission. Opeke acknowledged Ochai’s impressive track record and strategic leadership as essential for continuing CcHUB’s mission of contributing to Africa’s prosperity through innovation.

With Ojoma Ochai as Managing Director, CcHUB is poised for growth, aiming to strengthen partnerships with a diverse range of collaborators, expand its pan-African footprint, and deepen its impact in supporting the continent’s innovation ecosystem.

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What Is Ochai’s Vision for Emerging Tech?

Ojoma Ochai’s plan for the future of emerging tech at CcHub encompasses several crucial elements, like:

Accessible Innovation:

Ochai envisions democratising technologies like AI, blockchain, and the metaverse, making them available to a broader audience in Africa. This mirrors CcHub’s commitment to employing technology for societal benefit and economic progress.

Engagement over Observation:

She advocates for Africa to actively engage in the evolving landscape of emerging tech, promoting contributions through research, talent development, and the creation of innovative applications tailored to African contexts.

Creative Industry Focus:

Ochai’s backing of startups like Nollydata and Orange VFX underscores her interest in integrating emerging tech into creative sectors like Nollywood and visual effects. This could lead to fresh storytelling formats and improved productions.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange:

She emphasizes open platforms and communities, thereby encouraging collaboration and learning among developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Initiatives like the “Emerging Tech Summit” play a pivotal role in fostering this exchange.

Nigeria and Africa as Global Tech Leaders:

Ochai’s main vision is to position Nigeria and Africa as influential figures in the global development and application of emerging technologies. CcHub, under her guidance, strives to be a catalyst for this transformative journey.

In summary, Ochai’s vision for emerging tech at CcHub revolves around inclusivity, active participation, creative applications, collaboration, and the ultimate goal of establishing Africa as a leader in this era of transformation.

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What are Ojoma Ochoa’s key priorities in popularizing emerging tech at CcHub?

Ojoma Ochoa is focused on fostering innovation, supporting startups, and creating an environment that accelerates the adoption of emerging technologies. She aims to position CcHub as a catalyst for technological advancements in Africa.

How does CcHub plan to support startups and tech-driven initiatives under Ojoma Ochoa’s leadership?

CcHub, led by Ojoma Ochoa, plans to provide a conducive environment for startups by offering mentorship, access to resources, and fostering collaborations. The goal is to empower these ventures and contribute to the growth of the African tech ecosystem.

What role does Ojoma Ochoa see CcHub playing in the popularization of emerging technologies across Africa?

Ojoma Ochoa envisions CcHub as a driving force in popularizing emerging technologies by creating awareness, facilitating partnerships, and actively supporting initiatives that leverage these technologies for societal impact.

How does Ojoma Ochoa plan to engage with the broader tech community to achieve CcHub’s goals?

Ojoma Ochoa intends to foster collaborations with the broader tech community, including industry leaders, government agencies, and educational institutions. Through strategic partnerships, she aims to create a unified approach towards advancing technology in Africa.


Ojoma Ochoa’s appointment as the Managing Director of CcHub marks a significant stride in the quest to popularize emerging technologies in Nigeria and beyond. With her proven track record and visionary leadership, Ochoa brings a wealth of experience to the forefront of the tech innovation landscape.


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