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Global Tech Layoffs: eBay Cuts 1,000 Jobs

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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According to statistics, about 1187 tech companies have laid off  up to 262,595 of its employees in 2023. eBay, an online marketplace leader has joined this Layoffs trend by announcing its plan to streamline operations. 

This layoff will result in a reduction of 9% of its full-time workforce which is approximately 1,000 Tech jobs. 

In this post, we’ll be seeing if this strategic decision helps the company navigate the shifting economy and its aim to optimise its cost structure for sustainable growth.

What Is The Reason For The Layoffs?

The pioneering e-commerce company eBay, established in 1995, has faced significant challenges amid industry evolution and tough competition. It currently employs around 12,000 people and holds a value of $21 billion.

This marks eBay’s second round of layoffs within a year. In February 2023, the company announced a 4% reduction in staff, totaling 500 people, citing a slowdown in consumer spending post- pandemic.

With increased competition from giants like Amazon and Walmart, eBay has experienced a decline in market share, prompting the divestment of certain business segments. As of September 30, eBay had 132 million active buyers, representing a 3% decrease from the previous year. 

eBay has faced criticism for operational shortcomings, including a $3 million settlement related to a  involving cyberstalking and extortion by former employees. 

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What Aim Does eBay Want To Achieve?

“The company aims to enhance flexibility in response to a challenging business environment” said CEO Jamie Iannone. The plan involves reducing reliance on contract workers and exploring alternative hiring strategies in the coming months.

Iannone acknowledged progress in their strategy but highlighted that overall costs and staff numbers have outpaced business growth. Therefore, organisational changes are underway to streamline teams, ensuring a smoother experience for customers globally.

In an official statement, eBay has encouraged U.S. employees to work remotely from January 24 onwards, ensuring privacy for ongoing discussions. Also, Job status updates will be communicated to the employees through Zoom meetings. 

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Which Other Companies Are on This Layoff Trend?

The recent trend of job layoffs in the tech industry, driven by economic uncertainties and changing market dynamics, is affecting both well-established companies and emerging startups. Here’s a glimpse of some major players facing workforce reductions:


The giant in e-commerce has let go of numerous employees across various divisions, including significant cuts in Twitch (35%) and Amazon Prime. This follows a period of rapid growth during the pandemic.

Google (Alphabet):

This tech giant has reportedly reduced its workforce by approximately 1,000 jobs, impacting core engineering and hardware teams, such as Pixel phones and Nest devices.


The software giant has implemented targeted layoffs, affecting around 11,158 employees in different departments.

Meta (Facebook):

Still grappling with the metaverse venture, the social media giant has downsized its workforce by approximately 10,000 employees to streamline operations.

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Other Non Tech Companies Also Feeling The Impact Include:


The bank is laying off 250 employees and closing branches, adapting to changing customer behavior.


The Spanish-language media network is reducing its workforce by 6%, reflecting challenges in the traditional media landscape.

While eBay’s actions align with this broader trend, it’s crucial to understand that the effects vary among companies and employees. Different sectors and positions may face varying degrees of vulnerability.

Also, companies often implement measures like hiring freezes or reskilling programs alongside layoffs to navigate challenging economic situations.

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Why did eBay decide to cut 1,000 jobs in its global tech division?

eBay decided to cut 1,000 jobs as part of a strategic restructuring plan aimed at optimizing its workforce and resources. The goal is to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and position the company for future growth in the rapidly evolving tech and e-commerce landscape.

How will these layoffs affect eBay’s overall business strategy?

By trimming its global tech workforce, eBay aims to allocate resources more effectively, invest in areas of growth, and adapt to changing market dynamics to stay competitive in the e-commerce industry.

How does eBay plan to support employees affected by the layoffs?

eBay provides support for affected employees through severance packages, career transition assistance, and outplacement services. The company may also offer resources to help employees explore new opportunities within or outside the organization.

Is eBay the only tech company undergoing layoffs?

eBay is not the only tech company to undergo layoffs, as workforce adjustments are common in the tech industry due to changing market dynamics, technological shifts, and strategic realignment.


eBay’s decision to cut 1,000 jobs amidst the global tech layoffs underscores the volatile nature of the technology industry. As companies continuously adapt to changing market dynamics and technological advancements, workforce restructuring becomes an inevitable part of survival and growth.



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