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How AI Works: 10 Best Movies in 2024 to Help You Understand

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has profoundly transformed the world around us and has been making significant inroads into numerous fields, including entertainment. With cinema’s ability to imaginatively transcend reality, artificial intelligence films today highlight this futuristic concept as a part of our daily lives more than ever before.

The intricacies of artificial intelligence may seem intimidating, yet several cinematic masterpieces have effortlessly broken down the complexity, delivering comprehensive insights into the realm of artificial intelligence. From spellbinding thrillers to mind-bending sci-fi dramas, filmmakers are ingeniously exploring AI’s potential and the ensuing ethical implications. 

This article dives into ten of the best movies in 2024 that enlighten us about AI and provide a visual interpretation of this intriguing concept. They demonstrate the transformative power of artificial intelligence, reveal its profound implications, and captivate us with its unfathomable potential, all within the space of a couple of hours.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a die-hard moviegoer, or simply someone who enjoys a well-told story, our hand-picked list of the 10 best movies about AI will help you better understand how artificial intelligence works. So read on!

Brief History of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Movies

Artificial Intelligence has been a recurring motif in cinema since its inception, with movies such as “Metropolis” (1927) pioneering the concept of artificial beings. Artificial intelligence has progressed from a plot device to a fundamental character, propelling the narrative and testing our understanding of what it is to be human.

But artificial intelligence took center stage with the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey, portraying a self-aware computer. Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence in 2001 also set a milestone by blending humanity and AI seamlessly. Another seminal depiction of AI was in the 1982 classic Blade Runner.

The advent of advanced CGI technology in the 1990s opened up new opportunities for the film industry to showcase artificial intelligence, as demonstrated in films like The Matrix trilogy and the Terminator series. Pixar’s WALL-E humanized robots with emotions in 2008. 

Recently, Ex Machina and Her pushed the boundaries of artificial intelligence in movies, focusing on AI consciousness and emotional capabilities. From being plot devices to taking on main roles, AI’s portrayal in films has significantly evolved, reflecting our society’s complex relationship with technology.

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Impact of Watching Artificial Intelligence-Based Movies?

AI-based movies offer an innovative and mind-bending view of technology’s potential and implications in our world. They help stimulate the viewers’ thoughts, spark discussions about future technological advancements, and trigger introspection about ethics, morality, and the human condition of AI. 

Here are a few reasons why one should consider watching AI-based movies:.

Reflection on Future Technology

Artificial intelligence-based movies provide a fictional representation of what our future might look like with advanced technology. Movies like ‘Ex-Machina’ or ‘Her’ stimulate our thoughts about what the future holds in terms of technology and AI’s role in society.

AI Ethics Discussions

These movies often dive deep into AI ethics. They open up debates and discussions about the rights of AI, the limits to be placed on them, and how we are supposed to co-exist. ‘I, Robot’ and ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a prime example.

Understanding of AI Concepts

These movies simplify complex AI concepts and make them more understandable for general audiences. By providing an artistic depiction, they assist in comprehending AI’s abstract and complicated scientific concepts.

Potential Threats and Benefits

Artificial intelligence-based movies depict both sides of AI—the potential benefits and the risks. Films like ‘The Matrix’ show a dystopian perspective on how artificial intelligence could overthrow human civilization, while movies like ‘Big Hero 6’ depict the benefits and positive influences of AI.

Exploration of the Human Condition

Many artificial intelligence movies also question and explore the human condition in an AI-driven society. They raise questions about what makes us human, our feelings, and our relationships. They push us to reflect on ourselves and the meaning of our existence.

Enjoyable and Entertaining

Beyond deep thoughts and introspection, AI-based movies are fun to watch. They usually come with great special effects, futuristic scenarios, thrilling plot lines, and interesting characters that keep audiences captivated.

Watching AI-based movies helps us view and comprehend technology in new and different ways. It broadens our horizons and encourages us to think about what a future society with advanced artificial intelligence might look like, pushing us beyond our comfort zones and forcing us to engage with big questions about ethics, humanity, and the direction in which our society is headed. 

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Top 10 Best Movies in 2024 to Help you Understand How AI works

As we progress into the era of digitalization, the topic of Artificial Intelligence continues to be explored in various formats, including movies. Many renowned filmmakers and actors have delved into this theme, shedding light on how artificial intelligence could revolutionize our society, relationships, and ethics. 

As such, movies that feature artificial intelligence as a core element can help to demystify this technology, offering a comprehensible perspective for audiences of all backgrounds. 

Here are the top 10 best recently released movies of 2024 that provide an understanding of how AI works:

1. The Creator (2023)

The Creator is an insightful movie that sheds light on the intriguing and complex realm of Artificial Intelligence. This compelling movie presents an authentic narrative about a scientist who creates a hyper-intelligent AI capable of creating innovative technologies for the betterment of society. 

The storyline deftly unravels the incredible capabilities and potentially dangerous pitfalls of artificial intelligence. The viewers gain an understanding of the intricacies of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning and neural networks, the importance of artificial intelligence ethics, the potential consequences of unchecked artificial intelligence, and the possibilities of superintelligence.

The Creator invites its viewers to critically consider the moral and societal implications of advanced AI and the pressing need for stringent artificial intelligence regulations.

2. T.I.M (2023)

T.I.M. is a captivating movie that provides a glimpse into the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence. Set in a futuristic world, the plot revolves around a teenager who accidentally stumbles upon an abandoned intelligent machine (T.I.M.) and their journey together in a world heavily reliant on AI. 

The movie excellently highlights various aspects of artificial intelligence, including but not limited to robotics, natural language processing, computer vision, and humanoid development. T.I.M. perfectly portrays the relationship that artificial intelligence and humans might have in the future. 

The movie explores themes like AI empathy, their learning abilities, the complexities of creating autonomous artificial intelligence systems, and their coexistence with humanity. ‘T.I.M.’ stirs an interesting debate on the emotional spectrum of artificial intelligence, making it a must-watch for tech enthusiasts and sci-fi lovers.

3. The Artifice Girl (2022)

The Artifice Girl is a 2022 movie that perfectly encapsulates the rise and possible implications of artificial intelligence in our future. The film follows the life of an artificially intelligent robot named Mia, who begins to develop emotions and self-awareness. 

This sci-fi drama presents a highly immersive portrayal of artificial intelligence, diving into the complexities of human-like cognition and emotions being experienced by a machine. 

It masterfully illustrates AI’s functioning and highlights potential ethical quandaries that come with advanced robotics, personifying artificial intelligence not as a threat but as an entity deserving of rights and respect. This movie fosters a broader understanding of how AI operates in real-life contexts.

4. Jung_E (2023)

Jung_E is an engaging cinematic experience showcasing the wonders and perils of Artificial Intelligence. It introduces viewers to a technologically advanced world where AI-powered robots and humans co-exist. The plot revolves around Jung_E, an AI-based robot programmed to learn and evolve from its experiences. 

However, things go awry when it becomes too intelligent, prompting philosophical and ethical questions about AI’s boundaries and autonomy. 

Through this intense thriller, the audience gets an insight into the world of artificial intelligence, the learning mechanisms it incorporates, and the far-reaching implications when an AI learns beyond its initial programming. This movie provides a detailed understanding of AI’s functionality, evolving nature, and associated challenges.

5. Blank (2022)

Blank is a stimulating science fiction movie that centers around Artificial Intelligence. The storyline offers a thought-provoking look at the increasing dependency of human society on artificial intelligence technology. 

It underlines the crucial point that, even with advanced programming, artificial intelligence cannot emulate human consciousness. The plot revolves around a software engineer who finds herself drawn into a complex web of deceit and manipulation involving AI. 

It presents the dire potential outcomes when artificial intelligence technology is mishandled or falls into the wrong hands. The film demonstrates the complexity of programming AI, making it a must-watch for tech enthusiasts to comprehend AI’s vast potential and risks.

6. Alpha Test (2020)

Alpha Test is a compelling AI-based movie that gives the audience a vivid depiction of a futuristic world heavily influenced by Artificial Intelligence. The movie plot follows an advanced robot programmed with highly intelligent AI and designed to cater to all household chores. 

As the narrative unfolds, the artificial intelligence begins to adapt and develop feelings that escalate into a problematic situation. The storyline discusses critical AI issues like emotions, consciousness, and human-robot interactions, presenting a blend of the positives and negatives that advanced AI might carry in the future. 

The visual and practical application of AI in the Alpha Test makes it easier for viewers to comprehend AI’s workings and future implications.

7. Archive (2020)

The movie Archive presents a speculative vision of the future, with artificial intelligence playing a central role. The plot revolves around George Almore, a researcher working on developing true human-equivalent AI, set in an isolated lab facility in Japan. 

His latest prototype is almost ready—a machine that replicates the human form, creating a distinction between humanoid robots and the ultimate reality. This emotionally charged tale gives us a good understanding of AI, exploring its potential and how it can influence our future, including aspects like love, loss, and memories. 

The movie makes a considerable exploration of consciousness transfer into artificial beings, which throws light on the profound depths AI can achieve.

8. iHuman (2019)

iHuman is a thrilling documentary film that gives an insider’s perspective on the rapid advancements in the sphere of artificial intelligence. 

Featuring some of the leading minds in AI, such as Tesla’s Elon Musk and Google’s Ray Kurzweil, the movie takes viewers on a fascinating journey about the development and possible futures of AI. It covers both the promising potential and the ominous risks involved, thus giving a realistic portrayal of how AI functions. 

iHuman further delves into aspects such as how AI makes decisions, AI ethics, and its far-reaching implications for society, warfare, and surveillance. It is a comprehensive watch for those curious about how AI is constructed and its impacts on humanity.

9. Hi, A.I. (2019)

Hi, A.I. is a thought-provoking documentary that takes us through an insightful journey about how artificial intelligence has woven itself into the fabric of our everyday lives. 

This German production travels the world to interview and observe individuals who are in close contact with AI technology, showcasing various forms of robotics in homes, workspaces, and the service industry. The narrative strives to bring forth the symbiotic relationship between humans and robots, offering a glimpse into a future where robots are integral companions and helpmates.

This movie strikes a chord as it ponders ethical, philosophical, and moral questions related to the integration of AI into society, making viewers contemplate how much autonomy machines should possess.

10. Cyborg Society (2023)

Set to be released in 2023, Cyborg Society offers an understanding of artificial intelligence by showcasing a future world in which technology is closely intertwined with human existence. It proposes a thought-provoking take on the intertwining of human consciousness with advanced artificial intelligence. 

This sci-fi movie suggests an intriguing outlook on a society composed of enhanced humans, or cyborgs. Cyborg Society throws light on numerous AI aspects, such as consciousness and emotion replication, and raises fundamental questions concerning AI ethics, identity, and the socio-economic divide it could cause. 

By displaying a futuristic view of AI-driven human evolution, it hints at the probable benefits and challenges of this close fusion between technology and humanity.

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Technological Accuracy as Depicted in AI Movies

Artificial intelligence in films has long captivated audiences, predicting futuristic tech trends. While they often take creative liberties, certain aspects align surprisingly well with actual developments. Films like Minority Report accurately forecasted touch interface and gesture-based computing. 

Yet, many AI depictions such as in Ex Machina and Terminator represent sentient robots which, while increasingly sophisticated, are far from current AI reality. Movies may provide thrilling dystopian narratives of AI surpassing human intellect and wreaking havoc, but real-world AI is principally focused on narrow, task-specific applications. 

Notably, while cinematic AI tends to portray independent entities, current AI advancements largely rely on human input and monitoring, indicating that full autonomy remains a largely speculative concept. Hence, the cinematic depiction of AI intriguingly influences and forecasts technology, yet overstates our current capabilities.

Final Thoughts

The realm of artificial intelligence is incredibly vast, and its practical implications continue to grow exponentially. By 2024, several films have presented engaging depictions of AI and its operations, easing comprehension of this complex topic. 

These cinematic marvels brilliantly weave artificial intelligence into thrilling narratives, serving as a fusion of education and entertainment. These movies intricately depict artificial intelligence and its applications, thereby enlightening viewers about its transformative power. 

The genius behind these cinematic masterpieces lies in their ability to humanize artificial intelligence and illustrate its enormous potential, thereby making a highly intricate field comprehensible and appealing to the general public.


Do these films provide a realistic portrayal of AI?

While these films provide compelling depictions of artificial intelligence, it is important to remember that they are also works of fiction and might not always provide the most accurate or complete representation of how artificial intelligence works in the real world.

Are these films helpful for beginners trying to understand AI?

Yes, while they won’t replace a formal education in AI, these films can certainly serve as a useful and engaging introduction to the world of artificial intelligence for beginners.

Do I need a technical background to understand these films?

While a technical background can enhance understanding, these films are typically created with general audiences in mind, meaning they should be comprehensible to individuals with a variety of different backgrounds.

Can watching these films replace studying AI?

No, watching these films can serve as a useful introduction to the field of AI and can certainly inspire further study, but they cannot replace a rigorous academic study of the subject.



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