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Top 21 Market Research Firms & Companies (2024)

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In the ever-evolving business environment, evolving market research, buyer behavior, and competitive dynamics are key to success. Market research firms are supposed to be there to offer useful insights that help companies make informed decisions. 

As we approach 2024, the importance of top market research firms in the market is growing, with these companies playing a key role in shaping techniques in many industries.

Partnerships with major market research firms are important for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. These agencies have deep knowledge of market dynamics and can provide customized responses tailored to a commercial corporation’s exact needs. 

In this article, we will discover the top 21 market research firms and companies in 2024. These best market research companies have been decided entirely based on their popularity, track record, and the modern solutions they provide. 

So, if you are equipped to delve into market research and find top market research companies that could help expand your industry agency, keep reading!

What is a Market Research Firm?

A market research company is a specialized organization that collects, analyzes, and interprets market, service, or product records and past, present, and client capabilities for that service or product.

These businesses use numerous methodologies such as surveys, recognition businesses, and statistical analysis to obtain and interpret facts. 

The primary goal of Market Research Agencies is to offer insight into consumer behaviour, market trends, and competitive analysis to help organizations make informed decisions about their marketing techniques, product development, and business plans. 

Businesses of all sizes in various industries should consider using a Market Research Agency to understand their audience better, verify market viability for a new service or product, or measure the impact in their advertising and marketing efforts.

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What Are The Types of Market Research Companies 

Market research companies can be large groups of companies, small business enterprises, or corporations focused on precise products.

These groups are usually categorized based on the customers they absorb, rather than primarily on the market studies they conduct.

  1. Syndicated Market Research Firm: Such agencies deal with market imperatives and prepare reports accordingly. These research reports are intended for the open market rather than specific agencies.
  1. Custom Market Research Firm: Such firms offer a customized basis for evaluating the market per the consumers’ wishes.
  1. Specialized Market Research Firm: This category includes a corporation that focuses on one point of difference. Such firms intensively evaluate consumer requirements, such as conducting market feasibility studies for a soon-to-be-launched pilot product.
  1. Online Market Research Firm: These firms are considered beneficial for online marketers, bloggers, and online e-commerce portals. They join the website manufacturers/owners with their desired customers and in addition, do online evaluations at the same time.

This online ranking allows website owners to reach the top of the SERPs, understand the essence of their online producers, and thus improve their existing product footprints. Brands, for example, are based on “properties” representing top websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Market Research Agencies?

Engagement with market research firms can noticeably expand your business venture in the direction of your huge desires due to some of the key benefits:

1. They will provide a deep and accurate view of the client’s behavior and competencies

Understanding your customers is essential to a successful sales agency technique.

Market intelligence businesses have the capacity and facilities to closely monitor customer behavior and alternatives to provide you with the right insights that could impact your product development, marketing and advertising strategies, and daily outreach to business companies.

2. They help you notice and influence your competition

Understanding who your competition is and what they are talking about is important.

Market study groups can conduct excessive competitive critiques to help you identify your opposition’s strengths and weaknesses and find alternatives to differentiate your business company.

3. They will help you understand the dangers and opportunities in the market

Market research organizations can look at the best market opportunities, monetary functions, and regulatory environment and offer valuable insights into risks and functionality opportunities.

This proactive technique lets your business stay ahead of the curve and make well-informed strategic decisions.

4. They can validate your business ideas before you bring them to market

Testing your products or services before launching them can protect your business from costly mistakes.

The pleasure of market research companies with product opinions, surveys, and company records will give you a clear picture of how your product is promoted.

5. They will help you improve your marketing and advertising techniques

Based on their deep market knowledge and client talent, market research groups enable you to refine your marketing and advertising strategies to ensure your message is targeted and powerful and maximizes your return on investment.

6. They will provide correct information and business statistics

Market research firms often capture business ventures and can offer valuable insights regarding a particular business venture in the long run.

The right quarterly records can provide your business with strategic advantages and help you navigate specific challenges and opportunities in your business enterprise.

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What Services Do Market Research Companies Offer?

Market research firms provide various services to help businesses understand their target markets and make informed choices. Here are some unusual deals they offer:

1. Analysis of consumer behavior

Market research companies provide in-depth evaluation of patron performance using qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

This includes engaging in surveys, focused corporations, or intensive interviews to recognize customer alternatives, needs, and buying behavior, enabling groups to create services or products that consider these insights.

2. Competitive analysis

These companies provide specific reviews on the aggressive environment of a particular industry or market. They use tools including SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, or PESTLE evaluations to recognize competitors’ strengths and techniques, pinpoint market gaps, and find opportunities for their customers to exploit the aggressive aspect.

3. Market segmentation

Market research companies provide market segmentation offerings that categorize a large target market into subgroups of consumers who share common desires and priorities.

This is done through demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation, allowing for targeted advertising strategies that could increase effectiveness and return on funding.

4. Product testing

This service is about assessing the viability of new products or services before they reach the market. Market research companies facilitate product review through strategies such as beta testing, business attention, and consumer experience research, providing agencies with valuable feedback and insights to make critical improvements.

Market research companies are often tasked with identifying and analyzing current and future market developments.

Using several record analysis techniques and industry know-how, they predict upcoming buyer behaviour, generation, or regulatory adjustments, helping businesses stay ahead and subsequently adapt their techniques.

6. Brand perception study

These studies the behavior of companies to understand how clients and the wider market perceive the emblem.

This includes sentiment analysis, social media listening, and surveys that provide insights into brand popularity, buyer pride, and areas for improvement.

What Are the Top 21 Market Research Firms & Companies in 2024

Here are the top 21 market research firms and companies in 2024:

  • Ipsos
  • Edelman DXI
  • Gartner
  • Antedote
  • Kantar Group
  • Forrester Research
  • NielsenIQ
  • McKinsey & Company
  • The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Bain & Company
  • Accenture
  • PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  • Deloitte
  • EY (Ernst & Young)
  • Kline & Company
  • MarketResearch.com
  • Euromonitor International
  • Statista
  • Technavio
  • Zion Market Research

1. Ipsos

Market Research Firms

Imagine having a large community of friends and coworkers scattered around the world, all eager to voice their criticism of something that tickles their fancy. That’s Ipsos

This market research firm conducts surveys, online surveys, and intensive interviews with people from all walks of life, in all corners of the industry.

They then sift through this mountain of information to discern customer choices, public awareness of products and societal issues, or even anticipate future trends. 

Think of Ipsos because it is the last ear-to-the-floor buddy that offers groups invaluable insights to make record-based decisions and refine prevailing techniques.

2. Edelman DXI

Top market research firms

In the world of market research, Edelman DXI acts as a bridge between businesses and their stakeholders – clients, employees, investors, and everyone else who has their interests. 

They use market research methods to understand how these companies understand the organization’s popularity, emblem values ​​, and typical behavior. 

Based on these insights, Edelman DXI develops communication techniques and public relations campaigns that drive consent and loyalty.  Think of them as reputation architects, carefully crafting an effective corporate image that resonates with their audience.

3. Gartner

Top market research companies

Navigating the ever-evolving world of the era can be daunting. Gartner is like your trusty Sherpa, guiding organizations through the treacherous terrain of software programs, hardware, and new trends. 

It uses a team of experienced analysts to conduct surveys, examine statistics, or even create hype cycles anticipating which technologies are on the rise and which might be on the decline.  

Armed with Gartner’s insights, businesses could make informed investment decisions, ensure their operations run smoothly, and leverage brand-new technological advancements to stay ahead of the competition.  

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4. Antedote

Market Research Agencies

Antedote goes beyond “what” human beings buy. They dig deeper and explore the fascinating “why” behind client behavior. 

Using a unique method called “cultural ethnography”, they study people in their herbal environment, analyze their interactions with products and brands, and discover the underlying motivations, emotions, and cultural influences that shape their choices. 

Think of them as desire detectives, piecing together the puzzle of client behavior to help organizations create merchandise and advertising and marketing campaigns that instantly speak to people’s hearts and minds.

5. Kantar Group

Best market research companies

In the significant world of market research records, the Kantar Group reigns supreme. They have a powerful arsenal of tools and strategies to collect huge data sets on client behavior. 

From tracking what people buy in grocery stores to reading their viewing behavior on streaming systems, Kantar leaves no stone unturned. This amount of records allows them to perceive trends, discover hidden patterns, or even increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns with absolute precision. 

Kantar equips corporations with the information and insights they need to make strategic decisions and optimize their advertising and marketing efforts for maximum impact. 

6. Forrester Research

Market Research Firms

Forrester Research acts as a visionary looking into the crystal ball of eras and customer trends. 

They employ a team of researchers and analysts who use current methodologies to predict how manufacturing will evolve and how buyer behavior will change in the coming years. Based on these predictions, they develop complete strategies and plans that help businesses prepare for destiny.  

Think of them as the architects of tomorrow, guiding companies in building a solid foundation for success in an ever-changing marketplace. 

7. NielsenIQ

Top market research firms

Imagine an agency that has its finger on the pulse of what people buy, from everyday necessities to modern tech gadgets. NielsenIQ holds this electricity. 

They use advanced equipment and record evaluation to recognize reader behavior in a careful element. This includes everything from what products fly off the shelves to why unique brands resonate with human beings and what kind of spending they are willing to spend. 

This goldmine of insights allows agencies to create merchandise that directly satisfies customer wants and develop targeted marketing techniques that hit the mark. 

8. McKinsey & Company

Top market research companies

Think of McKinsey & Company as the ultimate problem-solving squad for businesses. They don’t just stop at research. 

They leverage their deep understanding of various industries and couple it with data analysis to tackle complex business challenges, from skyrocketing sales to streamlining operations. 

Imagine them as business consultants on steroids, wielding the power of research to craft winning strategies that propel businesses forward.

9. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Market Research Agencies

Similar to McKinsey, BCG is a consulting powerhouse that leverages market research as a core weapon in its arsenal. 

They excel at identifying new avenues for growth and crafting winning strategies that propel businesses to the forefront. Imagine them as a team of detectives, uncovering hidden gems in market trends and consumer needs. 

Armed with this knowledge, they empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on untapped potential.

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10. Bain & Company

Best market research companies

Bain & Company is another heavyweight in the consulting ring, wielding market research to advise businesses on their most pressing concerns. 

They’re renowned for their expertise in marketing, strategy, and operational efficiency. 

Think of them as dedicated business coaches, using research to pinpoint areas for improvement and develop winning game plans that optimize performance and propel success.

11. Accenture

Market Research Firms

Accenture prides itself on being a technology-driven business that provides a full suite of offerings, including market research. 

They use the most modern era and information evaluation to equip companies with deep expertise of their customers and the markets they operate in. 

Think of them as a business enterprise that combines the power of studios with the latest technological advancements to offer companies a holistic view of their market landscape and enable them to make fact-based decisions.

12. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Top market research firms

PwC is a multinational professional services firm that offers a diverse range of services, including market research. 

They boast an extensive network of professionals who work together to help companies gather valuable insights, research properties, and uncover valuable insights about their target markets.

Think of them as one-time savings for agencies looking to identify their markets with unprecedented clarity. 

This comprehensive approach enables them to make informed choices that drive them to deliver long-term.

13. Deloitte

Top market research companies

Imagine a well-equipped detective organization dedicated to uncovering market secrets and techniques. This is Deloitte in the world of market studies.  

It is a sprawling company with a comprehensive set of tools that provides a wide range of services, from traditional surveys and focus groups to up-to-date analysis and in-depth competitive intelligence.  

Their knowledge serves leading companies in various industries and helps them navigate the complexities of their markets and make strategic choices primarily based on detailed client information and competitive insights. 

14. EY (Ernst & Young)

Market Research Agencies

Another titan of the industry, EY doesn’t shy away from getting their hands dirty in the world of market research. 

They leverage their vast experience to help businesses not only assess customer needs and identify emerging trends but also craft winning strategies that capitalize on those insights.  

Think of them as market detectives, meticulously piecing together clues from various sources – surveys, interviews, social media analysis – to paint a clear picture of the market landscape.  

Their clientele spans a broad spectrum, from established players looking to refine their positioning to innovative startups seeking to disrupt the status quo.

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Best market research companies

In healthcare and lifestyle sciences, IQVIA would be a leading research partner.  They have carved a niche in collecting real global records of patients, treatment outcomes, and medical procedures.  

Think of them as medical market sleuths, using sophisticated research strategies to delve into the complex workings of the medical machine and understand how new products or services can best integrate and benefit patients.  

Their insights go beyond primary market trends to provide vital statistics on drug effectiveness, drug admission fees, and universal healthcare dynamics. 

16. Kline & Company

Market Research Firms

Unlike the broad scopes of some firms, Kline & Company functions with a laser focus. These market research specialists become walking encyclopedias within their chosen industries- chemicals, materials, or energy.  

Their expertise lies in providing in-depth analysis and insightful forecasts tailored to the specific nuances of their chosen field.  

Suppose you need a comprehensive understanding of a particular market, from key players and trends to challenges and opportunities. In that case, Kline & Company can be your trusted guide, offering a level of detail unmatched by generalist firms.  

17. MarketResearch.com

Top market research firms

Think of MarketResearch.com as a treasure trove of market reviews, a well-stocked library at your fingertips.  

Businesses can browse and purchase reviews on various topics, from current consumer trends in a specific demographic to the fateful landscape of a selected era.  This online platform provides a convenient opportunity to engage in self-study from scratch.  

Imagine the time and wealth saved by gaining access to pre-prepared reviews from several professional research companies. These reviews allow you to use valuable market insights without the hassle and fees of comprehensive research.  

18. Euromonitor International

Top market research companies

For corporations with global ambitions, Euromonitor International serves as your passport to the world of market intelligence.  

They specialize in presenting statistics and evaluating customer behaviour, financial trends, and the business environment in many countries. 

Think of them as a team of intrepid market researchers venturing into international territory to gather valuable information.  

Their reports equip companies with the information needed to navigate the complexities of foreign markets, from patrons’ professional options and cultural nuances to identifying opportunities for expansion and capacity-demanding situations.  

19. Statista

Market Research Agencies

Imagine a giant library full of books on everything under the sun, from how many smartphones people use to what type of cheese they like. Statista is like a librarian who has carefully prepared all these records. 

They gather facts from surveys, agency reviews, and other sources, and then analyze them to create tables, graphs, and reports.

Businesses pay Statista for this information so they can better understand their clients. 

It’s like having a cheat sheet for what people want and need, helping groups make smarter decisions about their services and products.

20. Technavio

Best market research companies

Technavio is like a detective in global business. They specialize in identifying what’s coming next, especially in the technology industry. 

They use a mix of information and real-world assessments to predict properties and anticipate how markets will grow. Imagine you are a company developing a brand-new fitness tracker. 

Technavio can research how many people are curious about wearable tech, what features they consider essential, and how much they’re willing to spend. With this information, you can create a product that people need to buy. 

21. Zion Market Survey

Market Research Firms

Zion Market Survey is like a guide to the business world. This company helps businesses navigate new markets and industries. It collects statistics on everything from demographics (such as age and income) to purchasing options. 

They then use that information to create reports informing the groups about the size of the market, who the opposition is, and what the capacity risks and rewards are likely to be. 

So, if you are an employer considering expanding into a brand new market, such as selling electric motors in Africa, Zion Market Research can provide the information you need to decide if the concept is an excellent one.

It’s vital to note that the pleasant marketplace studies organization for you may rely upon your precise wishes and finances.

Some firms focus on certain industries or study methodologies, while others offer a wider range of services. Be sure to do your studies and compare specific firms earlier than you decide.

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What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Market Research Company?

Choosing the right marketplace studies company may be critical for purchasing valuable insights to inform your enterprise choices. Here are some key elements to consider:

1. Expertise and Capabilities

  • Industry Experience: Does the company have a proven tune document for your unique industry or niche? Understanding your market nuances is crucial for effective research.
  • Methodology: Does the company provide several research methodologies (surveys, focus corporations, etc.) to fit your needs and research objectives? 
  • Data Quality and Analysis: How does the agency ensure statistics accuracy and reliability? Look for robust great control measures and robust analytical capabilities to translate facts into actionable insights.

2. Project Management and Communication

  • Communication Style: Does the company communicate and frequently in the course of the studies technique?  This is important for preserving your knowledge and alignment.
  • Project Management: Does the employer have a properly described challenge control process to make certain timelines and budgets are met?
  • Team Experience: What is the enjoyment level of the crew assigned to your task? Look for researchers with applicable understanding.

3. Cost and Value

  • Budget: Get charges from several groups and make certain their pricing structure aligns together with your price range. 
  • Value Proposition: Beyond value, consider the value the business enterprise brings. Look for a partner who could translate findings into actionable pointers.

4. Additional Considerations

  • Reputation: Research the enterprise’s reputation online and amongst enterprise friends. 
  • Flexibility: Does the employer adapt their approach to your specific desires and be willing to modify the study plan as wanted?

By cautiously considering those elements, you could choose a market studies organization that will become a precious accomplice in your quest for insightful records to power better enterprise decisions.

Final Thoughts 

Our list of the top 21 market research firms and companies in 2024 features great enterprise market research agencies. These top market research companies are pioneers in providing valuable insights and strategic management to organizations across the arena. 

Whether you’re looking for a web market research organization or a great market research business tailored to your specific wants, our comprehensive manual will highlight the business leaders. 

Be positive to speak your mind in comments and follow us on Facebook at Silicon Africa, Instagram at Siliconafricatech, and Twitter at @siliconafritech for more updates and insights!


How do I choose the right market research agency for my needs?

The perfect market research organization for you may depend on your specific wants and budget. Consider the elements that include entertaining the employer and your business, the research you need, and the scale and scope of your commercial enterprise.

How much does it cost to hire a market research agency?

The cost of hiring a market research organization can vary depending on the size and scope of your business. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars for a typical commercial venture.

Are there any proprietary market research tools?

Yes, some online market research tools can be supplied with the help of their own companies. These tools can be of exceptional benefit to small organizations or tasks with a limited rate range. However, they will now be unable to provide the same insight and information as professional market research organizations.

What are some of the modern trends in market research?

Market research is constantly evolving. Some of the cutting-edge features include the use of big data, artificial intelligence, and social media analytics. These new technologies allow market research companies to gather and study information more effectively and efficiently than ever before.



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