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South Africa’s LaunchBase, start-up Launches its new propTech Online Platform to Sweep the market

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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LaunchBase, a forward-thinking marketing and property technology (prop-tech) start-up, has designed an advanced software solution. The propTech allows off-plan property developments to be launched online to be reviewed by everyone.

Launchbase proptech launch

Launchbase Proptech launch: About LaunchBase

The company was founded by Brad Morgan and Dean Lederle. The company empowers developers to attain high pre-sale figures at an accelerated rate. Furthermore, it offers a unique platform that is tailored to meet property developers’ needs. The founders have jointly brought value to the firm, Lederle brings design and marketing experience, while Morgan possesses strong property development and marketing background. 

Launchbase Proptech launch: Offers And Benefits 

The propTech offers a wide range of features that makes the real estate business effective and productive. It equips property developers with the right tools for property listing, virtual property tours and analytics for property management. The platform ensures the process of estate business is simplified and enhanced to provide maximum satisfaction to clients. 

Lederle said: “With our extensive experience and expertise in the niche sector of off-plan property development marketing, we excel in crafting distinctive brand campaigns. Also, we leverage targeted digital marketing to drive users to our LaunchBase platform, guiding them seamlessly from initial interest to successful purchase.” 

The propTech platform is user-friendly and provides clients with options to choose from. The platform encourages transparent communication between buyers and developers. 

Morgan asserted: “The platform we’ve built provides a customer-centric online experience. It allows users to easily browse and engage with the range of apartments or homes in their own time. It also offers a wide range of features that assist clients in finding their desired units, and opens up transparent communication between buyers and developers. Finally, it facilitates secure reservation deposits. The platform’s interface allows developers to showcase their developments to potential buyers in the most accessible, user-friendly manner.”


LaunchBase has set a record for other companies in the estate-business industry. The innovative strength behind the startup will accelerate the company further as it fulfills its goals and missions. Consequently driving economic growth and creating a more versatile market for real-estate businesses. 

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