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Nigerian Government Begins the 2024 Robotics Competition for Students

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The robotics competition organized by the Federal Government for students is such a fantastic opportunity for them to not only have fun but also learn and showcase their skills.

It’s great to see the government’s commitment to nurturing excellence in science and providing educational opportunities in artificial intelligence.

Minister of Education’s Reaction To the Robotics Competition 

Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, recognized and appreciated the mentors and teachers who are dedicated to shaping the next generation of innovators and coders. Their commitment is truly commendable.

The workshop, called the First Lego League National Challenge in Robotics, Coding, and Artificial Intelligence, sounds super exciting. The theme chosen is “Masterpiece.” It’s intriguing and makes one wonder what kind of amazing creations and ideas the students will come up with. 

Mr. Mammam is of the opinion that mentors, teachers, principals, and organisers deserve all the commendation for their tireless work behind the scenes. Their guidance and inspiration are instrumental in helping young minds qualify for the competition.

He further stated that their commitment to nurturing the next generation of innovators and coders is crucial for the continuous technological advancement of our society. In today’s ever-evolving landscape of education, events like the First Lego League play a pivotal role. They serve as a testament to our dedication to fostering creativity, critical thinking, innovation, and technological and digital literacy among our youth.

It’s truly wonderful to see the impact these events have in shaping the minds of our future leaders. He said “It is heartening to witness the dedication and passion displayed by the young minds who have embraced the challenge of robotics with such enthusiasm.

“The theme undoubtedly holds the promise of shaping future leaders and innovators. The intricate connection between Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and our daily lives is more apparent than ever.

Effect of the Competition on Students’ Academic Journey 

The minister also mentioned that integrating robotics education into the curriculum not only enhances students’ academic journey but also equips them with the essential skills needed to thrive in our increasingly digital world.

This integration will make robotics education accessible to every learner, giving them the opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s incredible how this will expose them to the intricacies and possibilities of AI.

Moreover, Prof Mammam went on to extend his appreciation to the Coderina Education and Technology Foundation for their initiative in establishing a scholarship scheme for the top three performing teams in their first year of university.

This kind of support and recognition is truly commendable and will undoubtedly inspire more students to pursue their passion for robotics and technology.

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The National coordinator of the event, Olajide Ademola-Ajayi said that the competition had representation from all unity schools and numerous other schools across Nigeria.

The fact that this competition is going to take place in all six geopolitical zones is truly remarkable.

He said “ He was thrilled to learn that the winner of the competition will not only receive medals but also have the opportunity to represent Nigeria in international championships held in the US, Australia, Norway, and Brazil. That’s an incredible chance for the talented students to showcase their skills on a global stage.”

With 56 schools participating in two different programs, the event must have been buzzing with energy and excitement. It’s inspiring to see students coming together to demonstrate their technical skills and creativity. By working together to solve real-world problems, they are paving the way for the next generation of leaders in STEM fields.

Great praises to everyone involved in organizing such a remarkable event at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja. It’s events like these that truly shape the future and empower young minds. 

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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