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Dettol Unveils New Brand Ambassador For Dettol Cool Product

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Nigeria’s No 1 hygiene brand, Dettol has unveiled a refreshing partnership with international football star Taiwo Awoniyi, as the Dettol new brand ambassador for their popular Dettol Cool product line. 

The unveiling, which took place at a splashy event in Lagos recently, signifies Dettol’s commitment to associating itself with figures who embody the brand’s core values of freshness, vitality, and a healthy lifestyle.

Dettol Unveils New Brand Ambassador For Dettol Cool Product

Awoniyi, a rising star in the Nigerian football scene, currently plays for Nottingham Forest of the English Premier League and the Nigerian national team, Super Eagles

Known for his impressive skills, energetic playing style, reputation and hard work compiled with a long chain of achievements to his credits, Awoniyi perfectly aligns with the invigorating essence of Dettol Cool. 

A Perfect Match: Shared Values Drive the Partnership

Dettol’s Marketing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Tanzim Rezwan, expressed his delight at welcoming Awoniyi to the Dettol family. “Taiwo’s talent, dedication, and vibrant personality make him a perfect fit for Dettol Cool,” Rezwan remarked. “We believe his passion for the game and his commitment to maintaining peak physical condition resonate strongly with the values Dettol Cool represents.”

Rezwan further emphasized the brand’s belief in Awoniyi’s influence, particularly amongst Nigerian youth. “We are confident that together, we can inspire Nigerians, especially young people, to embrace good hygiene practices and live healthier lives. We look forward to a truly refreshing and impactful partnership with Taiwo,” he concluded.

Awoniyi’s Excitement:  Promoting Hygiene and Fitness

The Dettol new brand ambassador, Awoniyi, visibly enthusiastic about the collaboration, echoed Dettol’s sentiments. “I’m incredibly honored to be associated with a brand like Dettol Cool,” he declared. “As an athlete, staying cool, refreshed, and maintaining good hygiene are paramount to my performance. Dettol Cool perfectly complements my active lifestyle, and I’m excited to be a part of this journey, promoting healthy habits and hygiene practices alongside Dettol.”

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Aligning with a Winning Formula

Dettol’s decision to partner with Awoniyi is a smart move. 

Football is the most popular sport in Nigeria, transcending generations, and fans are everywhere. 

He is an emerging star and has played for teams such as Nottingham Forest and the Super Eagles, which has already made him a role model for many young Nigerians. 

Dettol wants to use his massive reach, especially among Nigeria’s youth, to continue to encourage good hygiene and wellness. 

Campaign Insights: A Refreshing Collaboration

Although the campaign details aren’t out yet, Dettol has hinted on looking forward to a wide range of interactive initiatives featuring the Dettol new brand ambassador, Taiwo Awoniyi, such as social media content, promotional events and maybe even exclusive co-branded merchandise. 

One can expect that as the Dettol new brand ambassador, Awoniyi will be promoting Dettol Cool on all fronts, by urging everyone to keep cool, achieve maximum cool and stay hygienic 24/7, and that goes for life on the field and off the field. 

The star power of Awoniyi and the strength of the Dettol Cool brand is the perfect collaboration, one that will hopefully ring the bell and set off waves throughout Nigeria. 

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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