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Helb Portal: how to log in to your Helb Account

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In today’s digital age, managing your finances has never been easier, thanks to online platforms like the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) Portal. This platform is designed to streamline the loan application process and provide students with easy access to loan information.

The HELB Portal is also a vital tool for those seeking financial assistance for their education. 

In this piece, we’ll walk you through the steps to log in to your HELB account, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

What is HELB?

HELB is a financial institution dedicated to assisting students in financing their educational pursuits through loan offerings. Whether you’re enrolling in a university or a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution, the uncertainty surrounding tuition fees can be daunting.

For students whose parents may not have the financial means to support their tertiary education, navigating this journey can be arduous and disheartening, particularly after investing significant effort in secondary studies. 

However, HELB steps in to alleviate these concerns by providing financial assistance, ensuring that you can afford to pursue your academic goals.

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How to create a Helb account on the Helb Portal

If you’re applying for a loan from HELB for the first time, you need to create an account before you can apply. 

This account is where both government-sponsored and self-sponsored students can get funding for their studies, no matter where they’re studying. 

Once you have an account, you can apply for a loan and check its status after it’s been given to you.

Here’s how you do it:

1.Make sure you’re connected to the internet and open your web browser, like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, or any other you like.

2. Go to the Higher Education Loans Board website at www.helb.co.ke.

3. Click on “Products” in the menu at the top.

4. Choose the type of loan you need:

  •  “Undergraduate Loan” if you’re a new student.
  •  “Jielimishe Loan” if you’re working and studying.
  •  “TVET loans” if you’re going to a technical or vocational school.

5. After selecting the loan type, you’ll be taken to the student portal.

6. Scroll down and click on “Apply Now” to start the registration process.

7. On the menu, hover over “User Registration” and select “Applicant Registration” if you’re a student.

8. Follow the instructions to create your account:

  •  Enter your National Identification card number and your First Name as written on your ID card, then click “Validate.”
  • Fill in your personal information, including your phone number, email address, and choose a password.

9. Make sure to remember your email and password because you’ll need them whenever you use the HELB website.

10. Check all the details you’ve entered and click “Sign Up” to finish creating your account.

11. You’ll see a message congratulating you and telling you to check your email for the next steps which is the account activation.

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How to activate your Helb Account after Creation

After you’ve finished signing up, the next step is activating your HELB account, which is really important. 

Without activating it, you won’t be able to use your account. This activation process is like a double-check to make sure that the email address and phone number you provided are real and belong to you.

To start the activation, you need to go to your email inbox either on your phone or computer. Look for an email from the Higher Education Loans Board. Once you find it, open the email and you’ll see a link inside. Click on that link, and it will take you to a page where you can activate your account.

When you’re on the activation page, you’ll receive a code on your phone. This code is sent to the phone number you provided during registration. Check your messages on your phone to find this code. Then, type the code into the box on the website and click on the “PROCEED” button.

Once you’ve done that, congratulations! Your HELB account is now activated and ready to use. You can start using it to apply for different financial products like loans and bursaries offered by the organisation.

How to Log in to Your Helb Account

To access your Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) account, you must navigate to the HELB website and utilise the login feature. 

The HELB website serves as a central hub for managing your loan-related activities, including application submissions, checking loan statuses, making payments, and accessing important documents and information.

Upon reaching the HELB website, you will be greeted with a homepage displaying various options and services provided by the organisation. 

Look for the login or sign-in section, usually positioned prominently on the homepage or accessible through a designated tab or link in the navigation menu.

Once you have located the login section, you will be prompted to enter your credentials. This typically involves providing your username or email address associated with your HELB account and your password. 

Ensure that you enter this information accurately to avoid login issues. If you have forgotten your password, there is usually an option to reset it by following the provided instructions, which may involve receiving a password reset link via email or SMS.

After entering your credentials, click on the login or submit button to proceed. 

If the information provided is correct, you will be granted access to your HELB account dashboard, where you can view your loan details, update personal information, submit applications, and perform other necessary tasks related to your loan obligations.

It’s essential to keep your login credentials secure and avoid sharing them with anyone to prevent unauthorised access to your HELB account. 

Also, ensure that you log out of your account after completing your session, especially if you are using a shared or public computer, to maintain the security of your personal information.

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How to recover your forgotten Helb Account Password

If you’ve forgotten your Helb account password, don’t worry. Here’s what you can do to get back into your account:

  • Visit the Helb website and click on “Forgot Password.”
  • Enter your email address on the next page.
  • You’ll receive an email with a new password and instructions on how to create a new one.

It’s important to remember that the Higher Education Loans Board works with local and international organisations to support eligible members. This means even diaspora students can get Helb loans for studying abroad. 

Just keep in mind that you can only have one account with Helb, so make sure to keep track of your login details. If you’re still having trouble accessing your account, you can always reach out to the Helb team for assistance.

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List of Helb Loan Products For Non- salaried Applicants

Below, you’ll find a concise list of various loan options available, catering to different educational levels and constituencies. Whether you’re a first-time undergraduate student, seeking vocational training, or applying for specialized funds like the Afya Elimu Fund or scholarships like the Visa Oshwal Scholarship, we’re here to assist you in your educational journey.

The Loan product available for non-salaried applicants on the helb portal are:

  • First-time college students applying for loans.  
  • College students applying for loans for their second year or beyond.  
  • Review and appeal process for college student loans.  
  • Loan application forms for Embu constituency residents.  
  • Loan application forms for Tinderet constituency residents.  
  • Loan application forms for Naivasha constituency residents.  
  • Loan application forms for Igembe constituency residents.  
  • Loan application forms for Karachuonyo constituency residents.  
  • Loan application forms for Awendo constituency residents.  
  • Loans for vocational training institutions.  
  • Loans for vocational training institutions for students beyond their first year.  
  • Applying for additional loans under the Afya Elimu Fund.  
  • First-time and additional loan applications for the Afya Elimu Fund for healthcare students.  
  • Scholarship opportunities provided by Visa Oshwal.

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Loan Products for Salaried Applicants on Helb Portal

If you’re a working individual seeking financial assistance for education or training purposes, various loan products and scholarships are available to help you achieve your goals. 

Below are the loan products available to you on the Helb Portal:

  • For undergraduates who are employed and receive regular paychecks, there are alternative loan options to support your educational needs.”
  • If you’ve completed your undergraduate studies and are now pursuing a postgraduate degree while working, there are specialised loan options designed for individuals in similar situations.
  • Individuals advancing their education beyond undergraduate studies can explore postgraduate scholarships to alleviate financial burdens.
  • Civil servants looking to further their education or undergo training can access the Training Revolving Fund (TRF) for financial support.”
  • Employees of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) interested in obtaining financial assistance through loans can utilise the KRA Staff Loan Application Form.

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HELB Portal Customer Care Service

If you need help from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), you can reach them at the Student Service Centre located on the first floor of Mezzanine One (M1) at Anniversary Towers. 

You can also contact them through their Contact Centre or Customer Experience Centre on the ground floor of Anniversary Towers. 

Their phone number is 0711052000, and you can email them at contactcentre@helb.co.ke. You can also find the contact details for other regional offices on their website.


What is HELB?

HELB stands for Higher Education Loans Board. It’s a financial institution dedicated to assisting students in financing their educational pursuits through loan offerings.

Who can benefit from HELB loans?

Both government-sponsored and self-sponsored students can benefit from HELB loans, regardless of where they are studying, whether at a university or a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution.

How do I activate my HELB account after creating it?

After signing up for a HELB account, you need to activate it by clicking on the activation link sent to your email. Follow the instructions provided, including entering the activation code sent to your phone.

How do I log in to my HELB account?

To log in to your HELB account, visit the HELB website, enter your username or email address and password, then click on the login or submit button to access your account dashboard.

What should I do if I forget my HELB account password?

If you forget your HELB account password, you can reset it by visiting the HELB website and following the “Forgot Password” instructions. You’ll receive an email with a new password and instructions on how to create a new one.

What loan products are available on the HELB portal for non-salaried applicants?

Non-salaried applicants can access various loan options on the HELB portal, including loans for college students, vocational training institutions, specialized funds like the Afya Elimu Fund, and scholarships like the Visa Oshwal Scholarship.

What loan products are available on the HELB portal for salaried applicants?

Salaried applicants can access alternative loan options, postgraduate loans, postgraduate scholarships, and specialised loans such as the Training Revolving Fund (TRF) for civil servants and the KRA Staff Loan Application Form for Kenya Revenue Authority employees.


Accessing your HELB account through the online portal is a convenient and efficient way to manage your loan obligations. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this article and implementing security best practices, you can navigate the HELB Portal with confidence and peace of mind. Remember to regularly monitor your account for updates, repayments, and important notifications to stay informed about your loan status.


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