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CBN Governor Salary in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Have you ever wondered how much the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) earns? It’s a common question, considering the crucial role this individual plays in shaping the nation’s economy. As the head of the CBN, the Governor shoulders the responsibility of overseeing monetary policy and maintaining price stability.

Naturally, such a critical position comes with significant compensation. However, the exact salary and benefits of the current governor, Mr. Olayemi Cardoso (appointed in 2023), are not publicly disclosed. Despite this, estimates suggest that the governor’s compensation package is quite substantial.

CBN Governor, Yemi Cardoso

This article delves further into the governor’s responsibilities, explores salary estimates, and sheds light on any additional benefits associated with the position. So, keep reading to gain a deeper understanding of this crucial role in Nigeria’s economic landscape.


The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), established in 1958, serves as the backbone of the nation’s financial system. As the apex regulatory authority, the CBN is entrusted with ensuring price stability and promoting sustainable economic growth. Additionally, the bank strives to maintain full employment within the Nigerian workforce. At the helm of this critical institution lies the CBN Governor, a pivotal figure responsible for overseeing monetary policy and ensuring the bank fulfills its mandates.

The CBN Governor: Leading Nigeria’s Financial System

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor holds a position of immense importance within the nation’s financial landscape. Established in 1958, the CBN is tasked with safeguarding price stability and fostering sustainable economic growth, while also striving for full employment. The Governor acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the bank, nominated by the President and approved by the Senate.

Shouldering the Weight of Responsibility:

The Governor wears many hats, overseeing various crucial tasks:

  • Crafting and implementing monetary policy: This involves influencing the availability and cost of money and credit within the economy, ultimately aiming to stimulate growth and employment.
  • Issuing legal tender: The Governor supervises the entire process of printing banknotes and minting coins, ensuring the smooth circulation of Nigerian currency.
  • Supporting the government financially: The CBN acts as the Federal Government’s banker and advisor, providing temporary financial aid to meet short-term needs.
  • Maintaining a robust financial system: The Governor safeguards the stability and efficiency of Nigeria’s banking sector by regulating various institutions, issuing licenses, and enforcing strict standards.
  • Leading the CBN Board of Directors: As Chairman, the Governor guides the Board’s decisions on policies impacting the monetary, banking, and financial systems.
  • Representing Nigeria on the global stage: The governor champions Nigeria’s economic interests in international forums like the IMF, World Bank, and African Development Bank.

Such extensive influence naturally translates to substantial compensation, though specific details regarding the governor’s salary and benefits remain undisclosed. This article will continue to explore the compensation package associated with this critical role.

Meet Mr. Olayemi Cardoso: Leading the CBN with Expertise

Mr. Olayemi Cardoso stands as the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), steering the nation’s banking and financial sectors. Appointed in 2023 by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, he brings a wealth of experience to the table, boasting over 25 years in the finance and economics realms. Mr. Cardoso officially assumed his role on October 5, 2023.

Mr. Cardoso’s journey began on July 10, 1957, in Lagos, Nigeria. Prior to his CBN appointment, he served as the Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget for the Lagos State Government, playing a vital role in transforming Lagos into Africa’s megacity and Nigeria’s thriving commercial hub. He also boasts an impressive private sector career spanning banking, stockbroking, and consulting. Additionally, he held the position of Chairman of the Citibank Nigeria Board, where his expertise contributed to the company’s growth, strong corporate governance, and financial stability.

Mr. Cardoso’s extensive portfolio extends beyond the business world. He actively participated in various influential organizations, including the Cities Alliance’s Africa Think Tank Group, the MRS Oil board, and the EFInA chairmanship. He also dedicated his time to the advisory board of the Lagos Business School and the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance. Moreover, he served as an Executive Lead at the Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Association and co-founded the Ehingbeti Summit, a prominent Lagos State economic think tank.

President Tinubu appointed Mr. Cardoso as CBN Governor on September 15, 2023, for a five-year term, subject to Senate confirmation, which he successfully received on September 23rd, 2023.

Academical Qualifications

Mr. Cardoso acquired his foundational education at St. Gregory’s College and Corona School in Lagos. He further pursued his academic journey at Aston University in the UK, where he earned a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Managerial and Administrative Studies in 1980. His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS), where he graduated in 2005, receiving the esteemed Michael Romer Memorial Scholarship.

Guiding Nigeria’s Economic Landscape

Mr. Cardoso’s primary responsibility lies in crafting and implementing monetary and fiscal policies that foster economic growth and stability in Nigeria. Under his leadership, the CBN aims to:

  • Combat inflation: bringing down inflation rates remains a key focus.
  • Stabilize the naira: Ensuring the stability of Nigeria’s currency is crucial.
  • Diversify the economy beyond oil: reducing reliance on oil revenue is a critical objective.
  • Promote financial inclusion: Expanding access to financial services for all Nigerians is another key priority.

Mr. Cardoso’s decisions and policies significantly impact Nigeria’s economic and financial landscape. As we continue through this exploration, we will delve deeper into the compensation associated with this pivotal role.

The CBN Governor’s Compensation: Balancing Responsibility and Market Rates

The CBN Governor plays a critical role in steering Nigeria’s economic stability and growth. While the exact details of their salary and benefits remain confidential, reliable news reports suggest a monthly salary of #2,480,212, totaling #29,762,544 annually. This figure falls short compared to central bank governors in other major economies.

Beyond the base salary, the governor receives various allowances and benefits, including housing, furniture, leave, a vehicle (every four years), medical care, and security. Upon leaving office, they are entitled to a severance package with a lump sum payment of 300% of their annual salary, along with pension and medical insurance benefits.

This compensation package reflects the significant responsibility of the role while acknowledging market standards within Nigeria’s economic context.

Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) Governor’s Salary and Benefits Overview:

The role of the CBN Governor holds immense significance in maintaining economic stability and fostering growth within Nigeria. While the salary and benefits are substantial, they remain modest compared to their counterparts in other major economies.

Salary Details:
According to reputable news reports, the CBN Governor receives a monthly salary of ₦2,480,212, equivalent to an annual salary of ₦29,762,544. Additionally, the governor receives various allowances and benefits, including a leave allowance, a housing allowance, and a furniture allowance. Every four years, the Governor is entitled to a vehicle allowance covering the cost of a new car. Moreover, medical and security benefits are provided as part of the compensation package.

Severance Package:
Upon leaving office, the CBN Governor is entitled to a severance package, which includes a lump sum payment equal to 300% of the annual salary, along with pension and medical insurance benefits.

Breakdown of Salary and Allowances:

  1. Basic Salary: Determined by the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), the annual basic salary exceeds ₦29 million and is subject to taxation and deductions like pension contributions.
  2. Allowances:
  • Housing Allowance: Approximately ₦9 million annually for maintaining an official residence.
  • Transport Allowance: Around ₦8 million annually for vehicle maintenance, fuel, and driver’s salary.
  • Domestic Staff Allowance: Approximately ₦3.6 million annually for household helpers, cleaners, and security.
  • Utility Allowance: Roughly ₦3.4 million annually covering expenses like electricity, water, telephone, and Internet services.
  • Entertainment Allowance: About ₦2.8 million annually for hosting official guests and events, along with other fringe benefits like medical insurance, annual leave, and pension.

Comparison of the CBN Governor’s Salary with Other Public Officials:

The CBN Governor’s salary stands out significantly compared to other prominent government figures in Nigeria. As the pinnacle of the country’s monetary and financial policies, the CBN Governor shoulders immense responsibilities. This warrants a substantial compensation package reflective of the role’s importance and complexity.

CBN Governor’s Salary in Perspective

Reports indicate that the current CBN Governor, Mr. Olayemi Cardoso, commands an annual salary exceeding ₦80 million, encompassing basic pay alongside allowances such as housing and transportation. This stands in stark contrast to the compensation of other high-ranking officials. Nigeria’s President earns approximately ₦65 million annually, and members of the National Assembly, including Senators and House of Representatives members, receive between ₦9 and 20 million per year.

Significance of CBN Governor’s Compensation

The substantial salary afforded to the CBN Governor far surpasses that of nearly every other public sector position in Nigeria. The remuneration is designed to attract top-tier talent and compensate individuals for navigating the job’s intricacies. The CBN Governor’s pivotal tasks include regulating the banking system, managing inflation, stabilizing the currency, and fostering economic growth. Such responsibilities necessitate a highly qualified candidate with extensive expertise in banking, finance, and economics.

Importance of the CBN Governor’s Role

However, other government officials, like legislators and the President, are vital to Nigeria’s governance. The CBN Governor’s role is crucial too. They direct the financial system and policies, guiding the country towards economic stability and prosperity. With such responsibilities, the annual salary of ₦80 million is fitting compensation for shaping Nigeria’s economic trajectory.

FAQs about the CBN Governor’s Salary

  1. What is the salary of the CBN Governor?
  • The salary of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor is ₦80 million annually.
  1. How does the CBN Governor’s salary compare to other government officials in Nigeria?
  • The CBN Governor’s salary stands out significantly compared to the earnings of other prominent government figures in Nigeria.
  1. Why is the CBN Governor’s salary substantial?
  • The CBN Governor shoulders immense responsibilities as the pinnacle of the country’s monetary and financial policies, warranting a substantial compensation package.
  1. What responsibilities does the CBN Governor have that justify the salary?
  • The CBN Governor is responsible for regulating the country’s banking system, managing inflation, stabilizing the national currency, and fostering economic growth.
  1. Is the CBN Governor’s salary strategically designed to attract top-tier talent?
  • Yes, the remuneration is strategically designed to attract top-tier talent to the critical role and adequately compensate individuals for navigating the intricacies of the job.
  1. How often is the salary of the CBN Governor reviewed or adjusted?
  • The frequency of salary reviews or adjustments for the CBN Governor may vary based on government policies and economic conditions.
  1. Are there additional benefits or perks associated with the CBN Governor’s role?
  • Apart from the annual salary, the CBN Governor may receive additional benefits or perks typical of high-level government positions, although specific details may vary.
  1. Does the CBN Governor’s salary reflect the importance and complexity of the role?
  • Yes, the substantial compensation package for the CBN Governor reflects the importance and complexity of the role in shaping Nigeria’s economic landscape.


So, here’s the breakdown of salary and compensation for Nigeria’s most powerful economist. While some may find the CBN Governor’s salary excessive, it’s undeniable that steering the massive ship of the Central Bank of Nigeria is challenging. With over 5,000 employees and duties including shaping monetary policy, ensuring price stability, and regulating the banking system, the CBN Governor’s role is demanding.

Although the job perks are attractive, the responsibility to promote sustainable economic growth rests on Olayemi Cardoso’s shoulders. Before criticizing the CBN’s policies or actions, consider the challenging decisions made by the person at the helm, who represents all Nigerians.

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