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Tecno Phones on Loan in Kenya and Their Prices

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The need to stay connected is higher in today’s fast-moving world than ever. One needs a reliable smartphone for this purpose. Not everybody can afford to pay the full amount for buying a new phone. That is why the concept of Tecno phones on loan is getting more groundwork.

Tecno is one of the most popular smartphone brands, which gives a lot of options to those who need a new phone but would rather pay for it over some time.

This article, to be precise, shall concern the details of how one could acquire a Tecno phones on loan in Kenya, including which models are available and the prices.

Be it for work, school, or personal use, Tecno has varieties in store that best fit your needs and budget. You can have the latest technology at the tip of your fingers without having to break the bank if you buy on credit.

This article is, therefore, tailored specifically to Kenya. It is, however, important to note that such loan programs for Tecno phones may exist in other countries, say Uganda. We shall be on the lookout in this discussion for the same opportunities available in Uganda.

So, whether you are in Kenya looking to acquire a new Tecno phone or are otherwise intrigued by loan opportunities against the same, read through!

What are Tecno Phones on Loan?

Purchasing Tecno phones on loan allows the buyer to acquire a Tecno device and pay for it in installments over a stipulated time. They shall be required only to deposit the deposit amount and service the balance from the installments within a fixed period.

This is normally done with the collaboration of financiers, vendors, and majorly the mobile network companies, alongside Tecno. Credit terms, the tenure of the loan, and the rate of interest vary according to lenders and one’s credit score.

The loan service for the Tecno phones makes it a very cheap way for an individual to access a smartphone that they would not afford on a cash-paying basis, or have the cash to purchase one. The loan repayment plans are usually flexible to some extent and most individuals can consider a plan that can work out within the available budget.

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What are the Requirements/Eligibility Criteria to Get a Tecno Phone on Loan in Kenya?

The general requirements or eligibility criteria for you to qualify to get a Tecno phone on loan in Kenya are as follows:

  1. Age: At least 18 years and over
  1. ID: A form with a government photo ID. These can be a National ID, Passport, Driver’s license, among others
  1. Income: A stable income or proof of financial ability to service or repay the given loan.
  1. Credit Score: Show a good credit rating score or do not borrow any other loans.
  1. Deposit: This could be charged for the phone depending on the specific loan and model you agreed on.
  1. M-Pesa Line: Active M-Pesa borrower with the same phone line through which you are supposed to repay.
  1. Next of Kin: You may be required to provide a next of kin’s name and phone number.
  1. Residence: You must be a resident of Kenya.

Note: Some will change with the specific lender or financial institution, which has given the loan.

Where in Kenya Can You Get Tecno Phones on Loan?

There are so many places to find Tecno Phones on loan in Kenya. Here are some options:

  1. Mobile Service Providers: Most often, companies like Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom Kenya provide mobile phones on loan or as part of their installment plan. Check it out through their official websites or within their retail stores. 
  1. Financing Companies: Today, many financing companies and other types of mobile loan services, such as M-Kopa and Branch, issue Tecno phones on loans. The way to make the repayment is very flexible, providing daily or weekly ways to pay.
  1. Retail Stores: Most major electronics and mobile retail outlets, e.g. Jumia, Masoko, and Kilimall have Tecno phones sold on loan/installment payment terms. In most cases, they have this service through partnerships with financial institutions.
  1. Tecno Official Outlets: Tecno official outlets or their agents may have available options whereby customers can acquire phones on loan or under hire-purchase.
  1. Mobile Phone Financing Apps: Apps like Flexpay and Lipa Later offer financing options for mobile phones, including Tecno models, allowing you to pay in installments.

Make sure you compare rates and repayment terms set by these mobile phone financing deals.

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How to Get a Tecno Phone on Loan in Kenya

Below are the steps of being able to get a Tecno phone on loan in Kenya.

  1. Choose the lender: Identify lenders who offer Tecno phones on loans; they could be Safaricom, M-Kopa, or even Watu Credit among other financing companies in the data.
  1. Check eligibility: Go through the set eligibility by the lender in terms of age, minimum income, and operating credit scores.
  1. Select a phone: Choose the particular model of the Tecno phone that you would love to purchase on loan.
  1. Apply for the loan: Hand in your application to the lender, attaching necessary documents like ID, proof of your income, and M-Pesa details.
  1. Receive approval: You will get approved for the loan, and the lender will disburse the funds further for the purchase of the phone.
  1. Receive the phone: Receive the Tecno phone directly from the store of the lender or through delivery.
  1. Repay the loan: Repayment is done regularly as agreed upon usually by using M-Pesa.

Note: For the case of other lenders, the condition varies and for this reason, please make sure you read the terms and conditions for application.

Below are popular Tecno phones that you can get in Kenya on loan and prices

1. Tecno Camon 20 (128GB/4GB)

Price: 11,000.00KSh

Tecno Phones on Loan

The Tecno Camon 20 is a low-budget phone with outstanding specs, considering it comes with 128 GB storage and 4 GB RAM for most light uses, including normal browsing and social media. 

Then, of course, the thoughtful camera system with a high-resolution primary sensor and AI features helps.

With a price tag of 11,000.00 KSh, this phone is an excellent option for those seeking a reliable device without breaking the bank.

2. Tecno Camon 20 Pro (256GB/8GB)

Price: 14,000.00KSh

Tecno Phones on Loan

Tecno Camon 20 Pro—this variant is better than the plain Camon 20, with more spacious storage of 256GB and better RAM of 8GB. You’ll have an improved fluid performance, increased space for your documents, and better multitasking.

The Pro variant probably possesses an improved camera and fast charging. At 14,000.00 KSh, it is a proper bang for the buck while remaining beneath that limit.

3. Tecno Spark 10 Pro (256GB)

Price: 12,000.00KSh

Tecno Phones on Loan

The Tecno Spark 10 Pro rolls out with an impressively large 256GB storage. By weighing heavily in this area, even the RAM capacity is unmentioned. The niche target people would possibly be looking to get huge storage capacity for all their files, pictures, and videos.

It’s very competitive, yet relatively mid-priced at 12,000.00 KSh. The series of Spark is known to focus on battery life as well as camera specification, thereby great for any person looking for a tool to work with during their daily operations.

4. Tecno Phantom V Fold

Price: 56,000.00KSh

Tecno Phones on Loan

Costing 56,000.00 KSh, the Tecno Phantom V Fold is a high-end smartphone with a foldable 7.85-inch AMOLED display, up to 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage. 

It has basic attributes like a 50-megapixel main camera, a 5000mAh large battery, and quick charging, and will be ideal for any person looking to purchase a high-end and at the same time a stylish device with substantial memory capacity.

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5. Tecno Phantom X2

Price: 30,000.00KSh

Tecno Phones on Loan

Tecno Phantom X2: The Phantom X2 will be a mid-range to high-end device, adding to the price range of about 30,000.00 KSh. It has a large AMOLED display, a multi-camera setup, and a massive battery.  

The Phantom series is quite synonymous with performance and great camera quality simultaneously, so this device could be regarded as the all-in-one solution for people who require experience and entertainment together. 

6. Tecno Camon 19 Pro

Price: 7,800.00KSh

Tecno Phones on Loan

Tecno Camon 19 Pro comes as a very pocket-friendly device with incredible specs; the phone has a highly rated camera and a large battery, besides being sleek in design.

It does support everyday running and generally provides good value for the price.

7. Tecno Camon 19 Neo

Price: 7,100.00KSh

Tecno Phones on Loan

Tecno Camon 19 Neo is a pocket-friendly phone and very well specced, with a whopping 6.8-inch display, a 48MP camera setup, and a powerful MediaTek Helio G85 processor inside it. 

Coupled with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, this device surely offers huge value for 7,100.00 KSh.

This phone belongs to the series known for camera performance; a suitable device, therefore, when looking for reliability in the daily and photographic aspects of use.

8. Tecno Spark 10 Pro (128GB)

Price: 10,800KSh

Tecno Phones on Loan

The Tecno Spark 10 Pro can offer abundant storage of up to 128GB for people who need more space for their files, photos, and videos.

Selling at 10,800 KSh, the likely target of this phone is the user who is after storage and performance. From a name that pulls all the focus to battery life and camera capabilities, the Spark series, this unit could be dependable for ideal use on any day.

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Tecno Phones on Loan in Uganda?

Several outlets in Uganda also offer financing, so one does not have to wait for long to get the Tecno phone of their choice. 

This is an extensive examination of all the alternatives that you can be able to choose from in the selection of the best that will suit you depending on factors like needs and budget.

1. Tecno Camon 20 Premier 

Price: 41,273 UGX

Tecno Phones on Loan

The Tecno Camon 20 Premier is a top-range smartphone that is available in Uganda at prices starting from 41,273UGX. 

With an advanced camera system and huge 6.7-inch display and a high-performance processor, the device is fit for anyone who is looking for a premium device to take pictures, play games, and watch content.

Enjoy clear photos, uninterrupted performance, and a long-lasting battery life. Honestly, the phone bridges the gap between those who want a flagship device but really cannot afford one.

2. Tecno Phantom X

Price: 292,520UGX

Tecno Phones on Loan

The Tecno Phantom X is a flagship phone that will be selling in Uganda for UGX 292,520. It sports a large 6.7-inch AMOLED display, up to 12GB RAM, and is powered by a fast MediaTek Helio G95 processor.

Ideal for heavy users who need a device that can keep up with their lifestyles, thanks to the advanced camera system and large 4700mAh battery. Delight in seamless performance, clear images, and a rich feel with the Tecno Phantom X.

 3. Tecno Spark 20 Plus

 Price: 207,202UGX

Tecno Phones on Loan

The mid-range Tecno Spark 20 Plus can now be got in Uganda at 207,202UGX. Some of the features include a huge 6.8-inch display, a quad-camera setup, and a powerful MediaTek Helio G85 processor. 

Given this, one finds the Tecno Spark 20 Plus a very efficient gadget for its day-to-day use, photography, and entertainment owing to the big storage size and long battery life. Enjoy clear photos, outstanding performance, and beautiful design with the Tecno Spark 20 Plus.

4. Tecno Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition 

Price: 304,708UGX

Tecno Phones on Loan

The Tecno Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition is the latest lineup of special, elegant smartphones now available in Uganda—a price that reads 304,708UGX. With a stunning design inspired by the famous artist Mondrian, the device comes accompanied by a large 6.8-inch display, a 64MP camera setup, and a strong processor from MediaTek, Helio G96.

Enjoy clear images, flawless performance, and long battery life. An irresistible special edition phone for users who have nothing in common with the crowd.

5. Tecno Spark 20

Price: 112,133UGX

Tecno Phones on Loan

The Tecno Spark 20 is an entry-level smartphone that is retailing at Ugx 112,133 in Uganda. It comes with a huge 6.8-inch display, a quad-camera setup, and a powerful MediaTek Helio G85 processor.

Sufficiently enriched with huge storage and a long-life battery, the phone can assist one in tackling daily chores, clicking pictures, and helping with entertainment. This Tecno Spark 20 is fully endowed in terms of flawlessness in performance and style versus price.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Getting Tecno Phones on Loan?

For many people, acquiring a Tecno phone on loan can be amicable. This, however, comes with its pros and cons. Below is a more defined look.


  1. Affordability of the Tecno phone: Receiving a Tecno phone on loan allows getting a device without being too costly when buying one, which is beyond the budget.
  1. Flexibility: Most of the loan options have flexible repayment plans that will fit well with your finances.
  1. Access to the Latest Technology: You can acquire the latest Tecno phone models using a loan, with all the advanced features and technology.
  1. Build Credit: Timely servicing of your loan can help establish credit or improve your existing credit score.


  1. Debt Obligation: Lending exactly means you have committed to returning the amount with the extra interest charged.
  1. Interest Charges: Loans usually attract some interest rates, which makes the phone more costly than it is.
  1. Risk of Default: If one is not careful in paying the loan installments in good time, there are very negative credit implications and possible legal action.
  1. Limited Ownership: Until the full completion of the loan payment, the phone may not be necessarily yours, and the lender may have the right to repossess it at any time. In that case, you can find equity is very low or depreciating just like that.

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What Are Some of the Factors You Need to Consider Before Applying for Tecno Phones on Loan?

Applying for a loan to purchase a Tecno phone will be a very convenient policy that will see you owning a gadget without the hustle of paying full price for it in one go. The arguments that should be taken into account in any considerations regarding such a move are the following:

  1. Cost: In most phone loans, a deposit is paid first, then monthly installments. Look at the end amount of the phone with interest and costs in comparison to purchasing it outright. It may prove more prudent to save for the phone.
  1. Eligibility: Check for the eligibility criteria of the loan provider through whom he is obtaining the loan. This may include minimum earnings, and credit score checks, among others.
  1. Loan terms: Very carefully go through the terms of the loan, including the interest rate, duration of the loan, and possible penalties arising from late repayments.
  1. Alternatives: Check out some of the alternatives: for example, if you can save for that long, or you can buy the item used. You may also want to see if your carrier offers financing for the phones.

Sufficient research should be carried out before making a Tecno phone loan application to take note of all the above factors in mind. This way, the loan can be easily manageable and suitable within your financial position.

Final Thoughts

Tecno phones on loan offer the chance to most in Kenya and Uganda to own the latest mobile gadgets affordably. With its large range of well-designed models, our customers enjoy the best technology without stretching their budget. There are flexible payment plans for you to own a Tecno phone. Don’t be caught out of the loop, make sure you are in touch with the latest trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range of Tecno phones in Kenya on loan?

The prices of Tecno phones in Kenya depend so much on the model and the size of storage; hence, they vary from about 7,000 KSh for the newest- the Tecno Camon 19 Neo- to over 56,000 KSh for the Tecno Phantom V Fold.

Can I buy a Tecno phone with no credit check?

While a few lenders in Kenya offer no-credit-check loans for Tecno phones, interest rates tend to be higher and terms stiffer compared to traditional products.

What is the typical repayment loan term for a Tecno Phone Loan in Kenya?

Repayment periods generally are between 3 to 12 months, depending on a lender’s terms as well as the loan product.

Can I upgrade my Tecno phone now and clear the loan later?

Some of the financiers in Kenya may allow a top-up of cash to enable the upgrade of the Tecno phone, where one had started repaying the loan, of course, considering the repayment history.



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