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20 Most Expensive Phones In The World |2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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What are the 20 most expensive phones in the world? In this modern world, smartphones are no longer only a way of communication but also a status symbol of a successful person with high income and wealth.

Due to the transition in technology and designs, a small percentage of smartphones have gone beyond the functional aspect, being created with gold and other precious stones and commanding an exorbitant price.

Grab your popcorn as we explore the world’s most expensive phones and what makes them worth the price.

The intersection of technology and opulence redefines luxury and smartphones are the crème de la crème of luxury. Today’s most expensive phones are less about functionality and more about good design and expensive materials.

From unique design and diamond-encrusted cases to luxury naming, exclusive packaging, and the image of a product with brand and status, luxury smartphones show that the capabilities of any gadget are limitless.

These outstanding attributes make them desirable, worthy of being desired and admired and even the most ideal manifestation of art and human creation.

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Most Expensive phones In the World

Below are some of the world’s most expensive phones and a symbol of wealth and luxury:

1. Apple Illuminati iPhone 6 S Pink Diamond

With a price of $48.5 million, it is known as the most expensive phone in the world. It is a rose-gold bezel-encrusted device from the iPhone 6.

This limited-edition phone is encrusted with a pink diamond and is a must-have collectable.

Apparently, the owner of this rare masterpiece is a royal in one of the Middle Eastern countries, and owning things such as this is only part of his opulence.

Falcon Supernova Iphone 6 Pink is just an icon of their opulent way of life, with its jets to the next destination, trips to exotic destinations and grandiose events with champagne and canapés.

2. Goldvish Eclipse

The Goldvish Eclipse is another one of the costliest mobile devices of recent times.

At such a price—$2.7 million each—this extravagant device looks expensive, including 18-karat white gold and 1,183 diamonds. Being made out of 18-karat white gold and spectacular diamonds, the Goldvish Eclipse is an inspiration for the ultimate luxury.

A tech entrepreneur who has amassed wealth through successful ventures and runs numerous businesses on various continents is the driving force behind this phone.

It becomes the very meaning of their success, an embodiment of their status as the best.

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3. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

This phone was released under the name ‘Diamond crypto Smartphone’, dedicating it to the crypto elite.

This high-end phone has a solid platinum body, weighs 130 grams, has more than 100 diamonds, and costs $1.33 million.

It is specifically aimed at the crypto-rich and features a platinum structure and over 100 dipped diamonds, making it a premium phone for status.

The owner of this respectable gadget is called “The Crypto Grapher”.A faceless figure of digital encryption and safety whose work is masked in their encrypted text.

4. The Rose-Colored iPhone 4 Diamond Edition

The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is a premium iPhone 4 known for its opulence. With a luxury price tag of $8 million, this device boasts a finger-wrapped rose gold bezel with 500 flawless diamond stones.

The Iris Gold Diamond iPhone 4—an iPhone 4 with a rose gold bezel and 500 flawless diamonds studded—is truly the epitome of luxury and style.

The owner of this device is a socialite with a voracious appetite for extreme luxury; paparazzi and ecstatic fans, who are so strongly opposed to the owner of the Diamond Crypto Smartphone, report on everything they do.

The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition becomes as indispensable as a line of pink lipsticks or a pair of bright pink heels on the red carpet and at select soirees.

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5. Vertu Signature Cobra

The Vertu Signature Cobra is a highly customized luxury phone with handwork by Boucheron that introduces luxury to phones.

At $310,000, this device is as golden as it gets, with an emerald snake body and diamond eyes.

The world’s first luxury mobile, made by Boucheron in France, is simply called the Vertu Signature Cobra. It is a cobra-shaped piece of solid gold adorned with emeralds and diamonds, and it is a true collector’s item.

It is used more as an accessory than a functional device.

6. Black Diamond VIPN Smart Phone.

The Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone has, among others, become famous for its stylish design and precious materials.

One of the most amazing mobile phones that includes a keypad made of black diamond and a platinum body priced at an unbelievable 300,000 dollars.

This device is owned by a business magnate who controls an empire that runs through several industrial sectors.

Far too methodical in their thinking and careful decision-making, the Black Diamond VIP Smart Phone is always at their side as a representation of their strength and power.

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7. Sirin Solarin

The Sirin Solarin is suited for an individual who is privacy-focused. The device can only be priced at $14,000 and the company has been able to employ military-grade encryption plus a diamond-like carbon coating.

A celebrity owns it, and the media closely observes their activities. Sirin Solarin catches all the high-profile events, like the Oscars and movie premiers, to guarantee that the client’s private meetings will stay private.

8. Goldvish Revolution

The Goldvish Revolution uses 18-karat gold. As one of the most expensive phones in the world, it weighs 59. 8 carats and comes with diamond and sapphire decorations for $488,150.

9. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas – The concept is based on the theme of the Las Vegas city. It is one of the rarefied gadgets priced at $1 million that combines a casing made of African Blackwood with black diamond crusting.

10. The iPhone 3G Kings button

The Kings button of the iPhone 3G is conspicuous in its excessive display. A $2.4 million home button perched atop this device is reminiscent of an opulent gadget superimposed on a medieval castle.

Even though iPhone model is now on the 15th in the series, the iPhone 3 is only so expensive due to the expensive diamond which is perched on the home button.

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11. La Million de la Nuit

 The ‘Le Million de la Nuit’ watch is designed with a white gold case and over 100 carats of diamonds.

The Le Million de la Nuit watch has a white gold case with more than 100 carats of diamonds. This luxury smartphone has been sold for $1. 3 million, which speaks volumes about conspicuous consumption.

12. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB 

The diamond-roofed iPhone 4 32GB has a rose gold metal casing adorned with more than 500 diamonds.

It costs $8 million, a fantastic sample demonstrating the combination of luxury and pre-eminence. It has to make list of the most expensive phones in the world.

13. Goldvish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique

One of Goldvish’s most amazing models is the Goldvish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique, with 120 carats of diamonds.

Available in Cherry Red and Protostar White and priced at $1. 3 million, this smartphone resonates with the notion that nothing is too extravagant.

The owner of the Goldvish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique heads a large multinational corporation whose every action is followed with interest by peers or potential rivals.

They include handling boardroom pressure and sweeping through the mergers and acquisition channels determined to take over with their eyes on the ultimate price.

To them, Goldvish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique is not only a phone but a symbol of success, a testimony to their status as a leader and epitome of success.

14. Savelli Champagne Diamonds

Savelli Champagne Diamonds is one of the most expensive phones and is decorated with a 15-carat rose gold case and 395 brilliant diamonds.

The price of this device is $250,000, which means that the owner is a person of style and high standards. This is a Savelli Champagne Diamond that creates trends to follow and imitates and its owner is a person with good taste in the luxury world.

Fashion deities…. Every woman in the magazines is listed as one, and they rule from the catwalks of Paris to the streets of New York, their fashion choices picked to pieces and recorded by reporters and fashion critic lovers.

It is not just another phone for them—it is not just another phone—it is a statement, an expression of their impeccable style and their incredible influence on the fashion and design industry.

15. Mobiado Grand Touch Executive Marble

The Mobiado Grand Touch Executive Marble breathes grace and style into digital gadgets. The Pearl Flip, priced at $6,000, has a solid marble back and is precision machined from one aluminium extrusion.

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16. Tonino Lamborghini, Alpha-One

Alpha-One is modelled after the iconic Italian automotive brand Tonino Lamborghini.

This luxury phone costs at $ 2,450 and comes with a handcrafted leather back in Italian leather as well as a high-performance processor.

17. Savelli Emerald Insane

The Savelli Emerald Insane is metal-carved and features 1,803 emeralds and 18-karat rose gold.

The price of this device is $250,000, which shows that it perfectly personifies luxurious products.

18. Vertu Signature Diamond

The Vertu Signature Diamond is crafted from solid 18k gold and features 7.2 carats of emerald and white diamonds.

This luxury smartphone is made using expensive materials and costs $88,000.

As one of the most expensive phones in the world, it is packed with timeless elegance and sophistication.

19. Ulysse Nardin watches: Chairman edition

The Ulysse Nardin Chairman features 22-karat gold and more than 3,000 diamonds, costing about $129. 000. 

20. Black diamond verizon iPhone 5s

 I know that the wise are supposed to leave you with the best for the last but I have thought to give you the second best as the last.

The Black Diamond concept Iphone 5 has a solid gold casing and black diamond. Costing 15. 3 million dollars, this is one of the most expensive phones in the world.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive phone in the world?

The Apple Illuminati iPhone 6 S Pink Diamond is the most expensive phone in the world. It is a rose-gold bezel-encrusted device from the iPhone 6.

Are all expensive phones always very sophisticated in their functionalities?

Not always. Some of the most expensive phones on the market today are less about functionality and more about good design and expensive materials.

How much is the Apple Illuminati iPhone 6 S Pink Diamond?

The Apple Illuminati iPhone 6 SN Pink Diamond costs $48.5 million


The luxury line of smartphones, specifically designed to highlight the gadget’s owners as the richest people in the world, sheds some light on how technology is intertwined with excessiveness.

Consumer electronics are no longer boring; they are made from rare gemstones or original handcrafted materials to such an extent that one cannot even call them mobile phones anymore.

This is the process of making them coveted and desirable. It provides the best luxury devices to so many clientele with unique personalities, and the best luxury devices cater nicely to every clientele.

Some may opt for utmost privacy by using encryption technology (The Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone); others may go for the fascination of having an extension of their very high-profile persona; or maybe for upholding style and fashion (The Vertu Signature Cobra).

Lingering in a store that sells such fancy gadgets would serve as a good entertainment for many people in the luxury market, even though they might never own one.

Therefore, it is highly probable that manufacturers of even more fantastic smartphones will continue exploring the concurrent trends of luxury and innovation.

For now, the foregoing top 20 most expensive phones in the world remain treasured pieces of luxury, making most people wish for the day when they can buy any of them and show the world that they own mobile phones worth millions of dollars.

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