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How to pay NHIF Kenya via MPesa 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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NHIF account, also known as the National Hospital Insurance Fund account, is a government agency in Kenya that offers affordable and accessible medical insurance to all Kenyans. And paying NHIF contributions through MPesa is super convenient, but there are other methods of payment.

There are other payment methods available for NHIF contributions. Apart from MPesa, you can also pay through a bank deposit, an NHIF paybill, or through an employer deduction. Each method has its own process and requirements. We’ll be diving in on how to pay the NHIF account through the MPesa. 

How To Pay For NHIF Through MPesa

Step 1: Before you begin, make sure you have enough funds in your MPesa account. You can easily top up your MPesa account by visiting any MPesa agent or using the MPesa app on your phone. Having sufficient funds is crucial to completing the transaction smoothly. So, double-check your account balance before moving forward. Once you’ve confirmed that you have enough funds, you’re ready to proceed with the next steps. 

Step 2: To access the MPesa menu on your phone, simply dial *840# and press the call button. This will take you directly to the MPesa menu, where you can proceed with the payment process.

Step 3: Once you’re in the MPesa menu, you’ll need to select the “Pay Bill” option. You can do this by pressing the number on your keypad that corresponds to the “Pay Bill” option. Alternatively, you can choose the “Lipa na MPesa” option first and then select “Pay Bill.”.

Step 4: After selecting “Pay Bill,” you’ll be prompted to enter the NHIF Pay Bill Number. The NHIF Pay Bill Number is 200222. Simply enter this number using your keypad and press “OK” or “Send” to proceed.

Step 5: To continue with the NHIF payment via MPesa, you’ll need to enter your NHIF account number. This unique number is assigned to you by NHIF. If you don’t know your account number, you can find it by sending an SMS with the word “ID,” followed by a space, and your national ID number, to 21101.

Step 6: After entering your account number, you’ll be asked to enter the amount you want to pay. The minimum amount is Kshs. 150, and the maximum is Kshs. 140,000. Simply enter the desired amount and press “OK” or “Send.”.

Step 7: Once you’ve entered the amount, you’ll be prompted to enter your MPesa PIN. Just enter your PIN and press “OK” or “Send.” Your transaction will then be processed, and you’ll receive a confirmation message from MPesa and NHIF.

Step 8: Now, it’s time to check your NHIF account to confirm that the payment has been received. Simply send an SMS to 21101 with the word “ID,” followed by a space, and then your national ID number. In return, you’ll receive a message containing your account balance and the details of your last contribution.

By following these steps, you can easily pay NHIF via MPesa and stay updated on your account status. 

Why It’s Beneficial to Pay NHIF account via MPesa

Convenience: You can make the payment from anywhere, anytime, without visiting NHIF or a bank.

Speed: MPesa transactions are processed instantly, so your contributions are credited to your account right away.

Security: Only your MPesa PIN can authorize the transaction, ensuring it’s safe and protected.

Cost-effective: No extra charges! You only pay the contributed amount; there are no additional fees.

Paying NHIF contributions through MPesa is a quick, secure, and affordable way to stay covered by NHIF. With the convenience it offers, there’s no excuse for missing your contributions. Make sure to regularly check your NHIF account balance to ensure your payments are received and credited.

Remember, NHIF contributions are mandatory for employed Kenyans and voluntary for self-employed individuals. Failure to contribute may lead to penalties or the suspension of your medical insurance coverage. 

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