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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Link NIN to Bank Account

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In an era of digital transactions and increased security, integrating your National Identification Number (NIN) into your bank account has become a vital step. This detailed article seeks to demystify the process by explaining why it’s necessary and providing a step-by-step breakdown of how to link NIN to a bank account.

As financial institutions comply with legal requirements to improve client identity and security, linking your NIN to your bank account has emerged as a critical step. Your NIN, a unique identifying number provided by the government, is an important factor in ensuring accurate and reliable identification.

In this article, we will go over the practical methods for linking your NIN to your bank account. Whether you’re a seasoned digital user or are new to these processes, this comprehensive guide will bring you through the necessary steps in an easy-to-understand manner. 

From accessing the appropriate channels to submitting the necessary information, we’ll make sure you understand every step. Let’s dive in!

Why is Linking NIN to your Bank Account Important?

Linking your NIN to your bank account is critical for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are to improve security, streamline processes, and promote financial inclusion.

Before we begin, let’s explain why tying your NIN to your bank account is so important:

1. Identity Verification

Prevention of Fraud: Linking your NIN ensures that the bank has a verified identity associated with your account, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities like identity theft or unauthorized access.

2. Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has directed all banks to guarantee that customers’ NINs are connected to their accounts. Noncompliance may result in limitations on certain banking services.

3. Improving Security

Linking your NIN to your bank account provides an added degree of security to your financial transactions, lowering the danger of identity theft and unlawful access.

4. Smooth Transactions

Once your NIN is linked to your account, you’ll have constant access to banking services such as online transactions, withdrawals, and fund transfers.

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In response to a recent regulation from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), bank customers around the country are expected to link their National Identification Number (NIN) to their accounts. 

The CBN circular, dated December 1st, 2023, emphasizes the need for this connectivity, particularly for Tier 1 accounts that require valid identification or proof of address. While some banks have set a deadline of February 29, 2024, others have yet to announce one.

To help people with this process, these are the processes that link NIN to bank accounts:

Before you Start:

  • Make sure you have your NIN ready.
  • Locate the dedicated SMS code for your bank. Unfortunately, no single code applies to all banks. To find your bank’s code, refer to their mobile app or website or contact your bank’s customer service hotline.

The SMS linking process:

  1. Launch your messaging app and create a new message.
  1. Enter the following format in the message body (replace placeholders with your information):
  1. Some banks use “BVN“, while others use “NIN”. Use the word that your bank specifies in their SMS code instructions.
  1. Enter your 11-digit National Insurance Number.
  1. Make sure the information you entered is correct. Typos might cause the connecting process to fail.
  1. Send the SMS to your bank’s dedicated code.

Within a few minutes of joining successfully, you should receive a confirmation SMS from your bank. The notice will normally state that your NIN has been associated with your account.

Before you Start:

  • Ensure that your PC or smartphone
  •  has a reliable internet connection.
  • Go to your bank’s official website and find the internet banking login page.
  • Prepare your login credentials (username and password) before attempting to access your online banking account.
  • Locate your NIN so you can easily reach it.

The Internet Banking NIN Linking Process

  1. Login: Login to your bank’s internet banking platform using your web browser or a mobile banking app. Enter your login information and log in securely.
  1. Locate the NIN Linking Option: Once logged in, use the menus and options provided by your bank’s Internet banking platform. The exact placement of the NIN connecting option may differ depending on your bank. 
  1. Start the Linking Process: Once you’ve found the NIN linking option, select it to begin the process. This could include pressing a button or picking the right menu item.
  1. Enter your NIN: In the designated field, carefully input your 11-digit NIN. Before you proceed, double-check for mistakes.
  1. Submit and Verify: After you’ve submitted all of the essential information, double-check it to ensure accuracy. Click the “Submit” button or follow the on-screen directions to finish the connection process.
  1. Confirmation: After successfully linking, you should see a confirmation message on your internet banking platform. This may be followed by a confirmation email or SMS, depending on your bank’s contact channels.

You can link NIN to your bank account by sending an email. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Compose an email: Compose an email to your bank’s customer support email address or your specialized account officer’s address (if available). This information can be found on the bank’s website or in your bank statements.

2. Subject line: Make it clear what your email is about. Consider “NIN Linking Request – [Your Account Name].

3. Email’s body: Make a courteous request in the email body to link your NIN to your bank account. Include the following details:

  • Your full name (as shown on your bank account)
  • Your bank account number.
  • Your NIN number.
  • While not all banks demand it, sending a clear copy of your NIN slip or card can speed up the procedure.

4. Send an email: Send the email after you have examined the information to ensure its accuracy.

While going to your bank branch is still a possibility for connecting your NIN to your bank account, it is not the most recommended technique. It might be time-consuming and require waiting in queues.

If you opt to visit your bank in person, you normally need to perform the following:

  • Find out what documentation you require. It normally entails a photocopy of your NIN slip and a written note containing your account number, phone number, NIN, and created Virtual NIN.
  • Visit your bank location and get a customer service number.
  • Inform the customer care operator that you wish to link your NIN with your bank account.
  • They will most likely need the previously specified documents, as well as a valid ID for verification.
  • Once they have received everything, they will link your NIN to your account.

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How to Check if Your Bank Account is Linked to Your NIN

There is no universally acknowledged method for determining whether your NIN is linked to your account in Nigeria. However, most banks offer several means for confirming the linkage. Here are some general options:

  • Mobile Banking App/Internet Banking: Many banks let you verify the NIN account link via their mobile app or Internet banking platform. Look for a BVN/NIN section with options for checking the linked status.
  • SMS Banking: Certain banks verify via SMS. Check your bank’s website or contact them to check whether they offer a dedicated SMS code for NIN linkage verification. You’ll most likely send a text message with a particular code, your account number, and your NIN.
  • Customer Service: You can always reach out to your bank’s customer service department via phone or in person at one of their branches. A customer service representative can check the status of your NIN linkage.

For the most recent instructions on NIN linkage verification, please visit your bank’s website or contact them directly.

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Tips and Considerations 

Here are some tips and considerations to take when linking your NIN to your bank account:


  • Official Channels: Only link your NIN through your bank’s official website or mobile app. Avoid using third-party websites or links received through text messages or emails. These could be phishing attempts aimed at stealing your information.
  • Confidentiality: Keep your NIN confidential. Do not share it with anyone, including friends, family, or strangers. Banks and legitimate institutions will never ask you to disclose your NIN via unsolicited channels.


  • Account Details: Have your valid National Identification Number (NIN) and your bank account details ready. This may include your account number, debit card information, or any other details requested by your bank.
  • Verification: Be prepared to verify your identity through a one-time PIN (OTP) or other verification methods used by your bank.

General Tips

  • Linking to Own Account: Ensure you are linking your NIN to your account. Do not link it to someone else’s account.
  • Contact Your Bank: If you encounter any difficulties during the linking process, contact your bank’s customer service department for assistance.

By following these tips, you can ensure a secure and smooth process when linking your NIN to your bank account.

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Troubleshooting: What to Do if You Encounter Issues  

Linking your NIN to your bank account is an important step to ensure regulatory compliance and enhanced security for your finances. However, encountering issues during this process can be frustrating. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

1. Ensure Accuracy

Double-check that your NIN information is accurate and matches your bank records exactly. Even a minor typo or misspelling can cause the linkage to fail.

2. Temporary Bank Issues

Consider the possibility of temporary glitches with the bank’s system. Trying again later might resolve the issue. You can also contact your bank to confirm if they are experiencing any ongoing maintenance or technical difficulties.

3. Bank Support

If the problem persists, reach out to your bank’s customer support for further assistance. They have the expertise to investigate the issue and provide specific guidance tailored to your situation. Their contact information can be found on your bank’s website or mobile app.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve any issues you encounter while linking your NIN to your bank account.

Final Thoughts

Linking your NIN to your bank account is an important step towards financial stability. This detailed tutorial outlines the necessary steps for successfully linking your National Identification Number to your bank account. 

By following the guidelines on how to link NIN to a bank account, you maintain regulatory compliance and increase the security of your financial transactions. Taking the time to complete this process protects your identity and makes for a more secure banking experience. 

Stay educated and proactive to ensure a smooth integration of your NIN with your bank account, resulting in a safer and more efficient financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it necessary to link NIN to a bank account?

According to Nigerian government directives, it is mandatory.

Can I link my NIN to several bank accounts?

If you have many bank accounts, you can link your NIN to them all.

What Happens If I Do Not Link My NIN to My Bank Account?

If you fail to link your NIN to your bank account, you may face limits or limitations on your financial services.

Is there a deadline for linking the NIN to a bank account?

While timeframes can vary, it is best to finish the connection process as soon as possible to avoid any trouble.

Can I link my NIN to my bank account online?

Some banks may provide online platforms or mobile apps for NIN linking, however, it is recommended that you visit a branch for help to ensure correctness and security.



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