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Tookeez, a Moroccan Fintech Startup Secures $1.5 Million Funding from Azur Innovation Fund

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Morocco’s Tookeez, a startup using blockchain technology to enhance the ecosystem of loyalty programs, has raised $1.5 million from the Azur Innovation Fund, a public-private seed capital fund located in Casablanca. 


With the money, the startup wants to grow into Morocco and the MENA area. Additionally, the money will be used to develop the blockchain technology system’s technical infrastructure. Tookeez intends to reach 4 million active members by 2028 by expanding into additional African nations by 2026.

What Tookeez Does 

A universal system called Tookeez collects loyalty points from multiple brands into a single wallet. Because this wallet makes it possible to conduct transactions across a large network of stores and brands, the platform serves as an additional revenue stream.

With Tookeez, brands can offer their customers a simple and instant way to pay with their points in a diverse network, all while preserving the unique identity of their programs. 

Founded by Hicham Amadi and his two sisters, Wiam and Siham Elmejjad, tookeez changes the ecosystem of the royalty program and does away with the problems related to conversions of loyalty points.

The startup gives users of various loyalty programs the ability to accrue points in each and convert them whenever they see fit among a large network of partners.

Tookeez provides a variety of fintech services. By offering digital payment options, they enable consumers to conduct safe and practical online transactions. Tookeez also provides financial management tools, which assist people and companies in managing budgets, keeping track of spending, and learning more about their financial situation. 

Tookeez Aims and Goals

The goal of Tookeez’s financial management tools is to assist both individuals and companies in managing their money wisely. They provide tools like financial insights, budget management, and expense tracking. 

To keep track of their financial activities, users can input their income and expenses, categorize transactions, set budget goals, and receive notifications. The tools help users reach their financial objectives and make educated decisions by giving them a clear picture of spending trends. 

President Of Azur Innovation Fund Speaks About The Company 

Acknowledging that Tookeez is redefining the customer loyalty ecosystem, Azur expressed its pride in working with them. The president of Azur Innovation Fund, Adnane Filali, stated, “Today, tookeez embodies this vision perfectly. Our ambition is to support entrepreneurs who have a significant impact on the world.”

The CEO of tookeez, Siham Elmejjad, added, “We are humbled by the trust of our investors.” This fundraising represents an important turning point in our growth. By 2028, we want to have 4 million active members. to establish the business as a genuine financial and economic inclusion ecosystem for our continent.


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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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