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Latest Update on How to Get your Zenith Bank Sort Code, Swift Code, and IBAN Code for International Transactions

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Sending and receiving money internationally can be difficult if you don’t have the correct Zenith Bank codes. When transferring funds from a Zenith Bank account outside of Nigeria, you will require particular identifiers such as the Zenith Bank SWIFT code, sort code, and IBAN.

This article provides important Zenith Bank information for customers, allowing for seamless cross-border money transfers. It describes the purpose of each code and number, their function in facilitating payments, and how to find branch-specific information for Zenith Bank locations in Nigeria.

With the correct Zenith Bank Swift code, Zenith Bank Sort code, and Zenith Bank IBAN for your Zenith Bank account, you’ll be able to easily send or receive money overseas. Continue reading to learn about the banking codes required for international transactions through your Zenith account.

What is the Zenith Bank Sort Code?

In Nigeria, each bank branch is assigned a unique 9-digit number known as a sort code. This code identifies which Zenith Bank location your account is associated with.

A Zenith Bank sort code’s first three digits will always be 057. This 057 prefix is the same at all Zenith Bank branches in Nigeria.

The last six digits identify the branch where your account is registered. These geographical numbers differ between branches because they represent a unique code for each Zenith Bank office address.

For instance, if your Zenith Bank account sort code is 0570020005. The first three digits (057) indicate it’s a Zenith Bank account while the last six digits (0020005) indicate the branch location where your account was started.

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What is the Zenith Bank Swift Code?

In the field of international banking, a Swift code (also known as a BIC code) serves as a distinct identity for banks and financial institutions. This code is crucial to ensuring that money flows smoothly and securely across borders. 

When you begin an international money transfer, your bank uses the recipient’s Swift code to determine the precise destination of the funds – the specific bank, branch, or even location.

Zenith Bank is one of Nigeria’s leading commercial banks. The following are the important details of their swift code:

  • The swift code for Zenith Bank is ZEIBNGLA013.
  • Zenith Bank is identified by its first four letters, ZEIB.
  • NG represents Nigeria, the country where the bank is located.
  • LA displays the location as Lagos, which is Zenith Bank’s head office.
  • The last three digits, 013, designate the specific branch, in this case, the main office.

How to Use Zenith Bank’s Swift Code

When sending an international wire transfer to Zenith Bank, give your bank their quick code. This guarantees that the funds reach the appropriate Zenith Bank branch in Nigeria.

You may also track the status of a payment using Zenith Bank’s swift code. Some internet tools allow you to check if a transaction has been executed by searching for the swift code and reference number.

Zenith Bank SWIFTPay

Zenith Bank provides a sophisticated technology known as SWIFTPay to help businesses streamline international payments. This solution allows businesses to begin and send payment instructions directly from their existing accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Consider your ERP software to be the hub for managing your company’s finances, such as invoicing, payroll, and costs. SWIFTPay interfaces effortlessly with this system, allowing you to create payment files specifying who and how much to pay.

SWIFTPay enables businesses to focus on what is most important: running their core activities.

Zenith Bank SwiftNet System

Zenith Bank’s SWIFTNet supports two main payment methods for corporates who want to pay their beneficiaries via the SWIFT network: FIN and FileAct Services.

The FIN Services

The FIN service enables banks to securely exchange individual payment messages with their corporate customers via SWIFT.

Zenith Bank’s international wire transfer service enables the use of MT101 messages. MT101 is a common SWIFT message type that contains information about a single cross-border payment instruction.

Some important prerequisites for a firm to use the FIN service

  • Register with SWIFT to acquire a unique identifier code.
  • Join SCORE for standard message formats.
  • Sign an arrangement with Zenith Bank for the exchange of financial messages.
  • Create an encryption key (RMA) with Zenith Bank for safe transmissions.

After setting up, the company can generate MT101 messages for foreign beneficiary payments using its accounting software. These messages are safely routed over the SWIFT network, which checks their format before passing them to Zenith Bank. 

Zenith Bank implements the payment instructions and sends the company an MT940 account statement at the end of each cycle that includes all SWIFT payments. This electronic statement allows the company to automatically reconcile payments in its accounting system.

The FileAct Service

The FileAct service allows enterprises to securely transmit large amounts of payment data to their banking partners, such as Zenith Bank. It is especially advantageous for firms that process numerous payments at the same time, rather than just one. The process involves two main file types:

  1. Payment file (Pain001): Created by the company’s accounting or payment software (ERP), this file completely specifies payment details such as payee information, quantities, and so on.
  1. Response file (Pain002): Once Zenith Bank receives the payment file, it will generate a response file (Pain002) to confirm whether the payments were accepted or rejected. These files follow the ISO 20022 standard format, resulting in structured and reliable payment information. 

To use FileAct, a company must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Register with SWIFT, the secure file transfer network.
  • Membership in SCORE, an association that develops payment file format standards.
  • Signing an arrangement with Zenith Bank to utilize the service.

After the initial setup, the company can transfer its payment file to Zenith Bank over the SWIFT network. Zenith Bank will analyze the file upon receipt and approve or decline payments as appropriate. Accepted payments will be processed, with Zenith Bank providing a response file in return.

Zenith Bank transmits an account statement (MT940 file) to the company via SWIFT at the end of each month or set period. This enables automatic reconciliation and matching of payments against statements within their ERP system.

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What is the Zenith Bank IBAN Code?

International bank account number. It’s a standardized numbered system for identifying bank accounts. The European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS) has introduced the IBAN as part of its efforts to promote financial uniformity throughout Europe.

Zenith Bank does not employ IBANs exclusively in Nigeria; they are currently accepted by all European banks and other institutions that deal with international money transfers.

Zenith Bank employs its IIBAN to perform one or more of the following:

  • Transferring funds internationally
  • Bill and salary payments
  • Receiving funds from other banks, corporations, and individuals.
  • Checking account balance, credit limit, etc.
  • Obtaining an Account Statement

The first four digits of the IBAN (account number) are two letters and four numbers that represent your country’s ISO country code, followed by your specific bank’s BIC (Bank Identifier Code).

Meanwhile, the last three digits are unique to your transaction and cannot be changed or misused, adding further protection.

Steps on How to Get Your Zenith Bank Sort Code, Swift Code, and IBAN Code for International Transactions

As previously indicated, conducting international transactions necessitates the use of certain codes to facilitate seamless and correct payment transfers. Zenith Bank customers must get key codes such as the Sort Code, Swift Code, and IBAN Code. These codes make cross-border transactions more secure and efficient. 

The processes for obtaining these codes for international transactions are outlined below.

How to Get Your Zenith Bank Sort Code

Here’s a simple guide on how to find your Zenith Bank sort code:

1. Check your cheque book 

The sort code is displayed on your Zenith Bank cheque book. Look at the bottom of a checkbook, which is normally on the left side. Typically, the sort code is nine digits long.

2. Go to Zenith Bank’s website.

If you don’t have a checkbook, you can go to Zenith Bank’s official website. They frequently offer a branch locator tool, in which you can search for your bank by providing your location or branch name. Once you’ve located your branch, the sort code should be displayed with other branch information.

3. Reach out to customer service.

If you are still unable to locate the sort code, please contact Zenith Bank customer support. They should be able to help you by giving you the sort code for your branch.

4. Go to Your Branch

If everything else fails, go to your nearest Zenith Bank branch and ask a staff member for assistance. They will be able to provide you with your branch’s sort code.

Also, remember that the sort code is used for a variety of banking activities, so have it accessible whenever you need to transfer funds or set up direct deposits.

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How to Get Your Zenith Bank Swift Code

There are two basic methods of obtaining your Zenith Bank SWIFT code for international transfers:

1. Locate it on your account statement.

Zenith Bank’s account statements normally include your SWIFT code. Examine the parts that contain bank details or account information. The code may be labeled “SWIFT code” or “BIC code” (Bank Identifier Code, which is functionally equal to SWIFT code).

2. Visit your Zenith Bank branch.

If your statement is unavailable or retrieving the code is difficult, contact any Zenith Bank branch. A customer service agent can easily assist you in obtaining your SWIFT code. They may ask for your account number or identity for verification purposes.

How to Get Your Zenith Bank IBAN Code

There are two ways to find your Zenith Bank IBAN code:

1. Online Banking 

If you utilize Zenith Bank’s online banking service, your IBAN code may be shown on your account dashboard or online statement. Look for it somewhere near your account details.

2. Mobile Application

Similar to internet banking, the Zenith Bank mobile app may display your IBAN code. Look around the parts where your account information or statement is shown.

3. Contact the Zenith Bank.

If you don’t feel comfortable accessing internet platforms or your app doesn’t display the IBAN, you can contact Zenith Bank directly. Here are your choices:

  • Contact Customer Services: Zenith Bank’s customer service line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call them and ask for your IBAN code. Keep your account information ready for verification purposes.
  • Visit a Branch: You can discover your IBAN code by visiting any Zenith Bank branch and asking a customer service representative. They’ll probably ask for your account information to verify your identification.

Remember that your IBAN code is unique to your account and is needed for foreign payments. Do not share it with someone you don’t trust.

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Tips for Secure International Transactions

When conducting international transactions with Zenith Bank, such as purchasing goods online or moving funds abroad, it is critical to emphasize security to secure your finances and personal data. Here are a few basic tips to keep your overseas transactions safe and secure.

  • Double-Check Recipient Details: Firstly, before transferring money worldwide, ensure that you have the correct recipient’s information, such as their bank account number, name, and address.
  • Use Secure methods: When doing foreign transactions, always use trustworthy and secure methods, such as internet banking, smartphone apps, or in-person at a bank.
  • Be wary of phishing scams: Keep an eye out for unusual emails or messages requesting your banking information. Zenith Bank will never ask for your personal information via email or text.
  • Keep Your Credentials Safe: Never share your online banking login information, PIN, or password with anybody. Keep them safe and change them frequently.
  • Monitor your Account: Check your bank statements regularly to ensure that no fraudulent transactions have occurred. If you discover anything suspicious, notify Zenith Bank immediately.
  • Stay Informed: Finally, stay up-to-date on the newest security measures and recommendations for conducting safe international transactions. Zenith Bank may provide updates or resources via its website or customer service.

By following these simple guidelines and understanding Zenith Bank’s protocols, you can ensure secure international transactions and peace of mind while sending money overseas.

Final Thoughts

Understanding Zenith Bank’s sort code, Swift code, and IBAN code is critical for conducting successful international transactions. The sort code identifies the specific branch, the Swift code allows for global transfers, and the IBAN code ensures correctness in European transactions. 

Therefore, customers who keep these codes ready can traverse financial transactions more easily, whether they are sending or receiving payments worldwide. Keeping up with these codes improves productivity and eliminates errors in global financial transactions with Zenith Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zenith Bank’s Swift Code for International Transactions?

Zenith Bank’s Swift code is a combination of letters that uniquely identifies the bank for international transfers. For Zenith Bank Nigeria, the Swift code is ZEIBNGLA. 

How can I obtain my SWIFT code?

The SWIFT code can be accessed on a bank’s website, on your bank statement, or by conducting an online search. 

Can I use my Zenith Bank account for international transactions?

Yes, you can use your Zenith Bank account for international transactions by providing the necessary details, such as the Swift code, account number, and other required information, to the sender or recipient.



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