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Zenka Loan Limit

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Since dipping its feet in the waters of Kenya fintech, Zenka has proven one thing: there’s no need to endure lengthy queues or tedious paperwork. Financial freedom is just a few taps away.

Source: Zenka Kenya Facebook Page

You probably have read about how to download the Zenka loan app and how to access Zenka funds in our previous articles. 

However, did you know that you can increase your Zenka loan limit to borrow more money when needed? Surprisingly, most people aren’t aware of this possibility. But fear not, increasing your loan limit is easier than you might think.

We have written this article just for you. Let’s get started on this journey of improving Zenka loan limit in a few steps.

What is Zenka and How Does it Work?

Zenka Digital Limited is a prominent player in Kenya’s fintech space.  Since its launch in October 2018, it has transformed the borrowing experience through its user-friendly mobile application. It now boasts a staggering one million active users as of its last count in 2022.

At its core, Zenka specializes in providing instant mobile loans to individuals across Kenya through its intuitive mobile app. This accessible app ensures that users can address their financial needs easily and conveniently.

Using Zenka is hassle-free and users can get access to funds in a seamless process that can be completed within a few minutes. Start by downloading the Zenka mobile app from the Google Play Store, creating an account, and completing the loan application process—all within minutes.

Once approved, funds are disbursed directly to your mobile money account.

Zenka Loan Limit

There is flexibility to meet different budgetary needs while borrowing from Zenka. Zenka usually offers a Ksh 500 minimum loan amount, which might be a lifesaver for unforeseen costs or situations. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum loan amount extends up to Ksh 30,000, or even Ksh 100,000 for select applicants.

Your eligibility and the chosen application method largely dictate the loan amount you can access. Through the Zenka USSD code or SMS, users can secure loans ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 10,000. 

For those opting for the Zenka loan application, amounts between Ksh 500 and Ksh 30,000 (or potentially up to Ksh 80,000) are available, subject to approval and individual circumstances.

How to Check Your Zenka Loan Limit

Source: Zenka Kenya Facebook Page

You can simply confirm your loan limit by logging into your Zenka loan account. Once you log in, if you have a loan limit, it will be displayed. In case it’s not updated, the app will advise you to check on the loan limit later.

Increasing Your Loan Limit with Zenka

Zenka guarantees that you can increase your loan limit when you opt for their services. Increasing your loan limit with Zenka can be as simple as maintaining a good credit score. making timely repayments or leveraging referral bonuses. 

Source: Zenka Kenya Facebook Page

But there is a lot more you can do to improve your chances. By following a few simple steps, you can increase their Zenka loan limit, 

  1. Maintain a good credit score

At the top of the list is having a good credit standing. Like other apps and traditional banks, Zenka checks your credit to ascertain your eligibility.

The point here is that your credit score plays a crucial role in determining your loan limit. Maintaining a clean credit record proves your reliability and improves your chances of getting a bigger loan.

  1. Borrow regularly from Zenka

While this may sound like Zenka wants to keep you financially dependent on them, it is one of the ways to improve your chances of borrowing more. 

Consistent borrowing from Zenka showcases responsible financial behavior and contributes to building a favorable credit profile. In the same vein, timely repayment of loans helps to establish trust and credibility with the company.

  1. Make timely repayments

Loan apps appreciate it when you pay your loans on time, and one of the ways they encourage this behavior is by increasing your loan limit. And Zenka upholds this practice!

Repaying loans on time shows financial discipline in addition to having a positive credit score impact. It’s essential to honor repayment schedules to strengthen your borrowing capacity.

  1. Keep your account active

Remain active on the Zenka loan app. Even if you have no pending loans, regularly log into your account to keep it active. This signals that you are still a customer and are willing to use their services. 

On the contrary, avoid uninstalling or deleting the app to maintain an active account status.

  1. Refer friends to Zenka

Build trust with Zenka by referring friends to Zenka. You not only earn bonuses but also contribute to expanding your loan limit. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that enhances your borrowing potential while helping others access financial assistance.

  1. Request a higher limit

Yes, you can request a higher loan limit with the loan app. Sometimes, you don’t know the potentiality of getting a loan increment until you ask. 

So don’t hesitate to communicate with Zenka regarding your loan limit requirements. While it may not be guaranteed, requesting a higher limit demonstrates confidence in your repayment capabilities.

  1. Prioritize Mpesa Transactions

You may not know, but Zenka uses your MPesa transactions to evaluate your financial behavior and eligibility for increased borrowing.

Our advice, frequently use Mpesa transactions for a chance to boost your loan limit with Zenka.

  1. Maintain the same mobile device

To maintain a stable borrowing profile, use the same device for all Zenka transactions. This is to ensure that your borrowing profile is stable over time. Sometimes a change of device  can disrupt the loan limit evaluation process

  1. Demonstrate steady income

Zenka prioritizes a healthy cash flow and a good way to demonstrate this is by having a steady income stream. It does two things: it enhances your credibility as a borrower and reassures Zenka of your repayment capacity. 

So before applying for that loan, go ahead and provide evidence of consistent earnings to improve your chances of securing higher loan amounts.

  1. Exercise patience

Sometimes, it is not that you are not doing the right thing, you just have to wait to see the effect. Increasing your loan limit is a gradual process that requires patience.

By adhering to the outlined steps, you can expect to see incremental improvements in your borrowing capacity over time.


In conclusion, increasing your Zenka loan limit is within reach. While some might unlock more borrowing power in their first attempt,  others might have to take the proactive steps outlined in the article. 

By adhering to these basic steps, you might gain more financial flexibility and obtain the money you need at the exact moment you require it. 


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