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How to Unlock M-shwari Loan Limit in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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With the help of Safaricom and the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), M-Shwari, a ground-breaking mobile banking platform, has completely changed how Kenyans have easy access to loans and it is imperative to know how to unlock the Mshwari Loan limit. 

M-Shwari makes it simple for people to obtain loans straight from their mobile devices, enabling them to quickly and effectively satisfy their financial demands. This post will walk you through the easy process of checking your loan limit if you’re wondering what your M-Shwari loan limit is and how much you can borrow.

You can save money with M-Shwari by using its regular or locked savings account. This implies that you can save some of the money you plan to use in the future using the account as a bank account.

You can also unlock your borrowing limit to take out a loan and pay it back within the allotted time. M-Shwari extends a Ksh. 100–Ksh. 50,000 loan limit to its valued clients. The amount you can access is determined by a number of things.

Every three months, M-Shwari reviews how often you use comparable services to calculate your next loan limit.

Having said that, it’s critical to comprehend the parameters to unlock the M-Shwari loan limit.

Understanding M-Shwari Loan Limits

M-Shwari provides a flexible lending arrangement based on your usage of the service and financial habits.

The M-Shwari loan limit is the most you can borrow given moment.

When you first activate M-Shwari, Safaricom sets a minimal loan limit for you. However, over time, based on your M-Pesa transaction history and repayment habits, you can increase your loan limit.

If you satisfy the requirements, you can apply for a loan between Ksh 100 and Ksh 50,000.

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Can One Hack M-Shwari Limit?

M-Shwari Loan Limit is impervious to hacking. The service evaluates your creditworthiness and decides when to release the funds to you based on an algorithm.

You can, however, utilize a variety of strategies to increase your M-Shwari limit.

Perhaps you are also curious.

“Merely because I have been using M-Pesa responsibly and participating in various financial activities, why is my M-Shwari loan limit showing as zero?”

Why is your M-Shwari Loan Limit Zero?

1. Credit History

Your credit history is a major determinant of your M-Shwari loan limit.

In the event that your credit history is nonexistent or very bad, the system can set your loan limit to zero.

Credit scores are used by M-Shwari to evaluate a user’s creditworthiness based on their payment history, transaction history, and spending habits.

2. Low Savings

M-Shwari promotes regular saving among its users, and having more money in savings might raise your loan limit.

Your eligibility for a loan may be impacted if you have little to no savings.

A regular savings routine boosts your chances of loan approval and shows financial responsibility.

3. Inactivity

Your loan limit may be set to zero if your M-Shwari account has been inactive for an extended length of time.

The system learns more about your financial behavior and modifies your loan limit based on consistent use and transactions.

4. Unpaid M-Shwari Loans

Your loan limit may be lowered or suspended if you have not paid back prior M-Shwari loans on schedule.

Keeping up or expanding your borrowing capacity requires responsible debt management.

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Tips to Unlock Your M-Shwari Loan Limit

You may access extra funds and raise your M-Shwari loan limit by using a few different techniques and tricks.

The following are some of the most effective methods for raising your M-Shwari loan limit:

1. Build a Positive Transaction History

A history of sound financial behavior is the cornerstone for raising your M-Shwari loan limit.

Make sure you always conduct transactions, including savings, mobile loans, and repayments, through M-Shwari.

Having a good balance, making timely repayments, and making regular deposits will all help to create a positive transaction history.

2. Increase your M-Shwari Savings

There is also a savings account option offered by M-Shwari. Making regular deposits into your M-Shwari savings account demonstrates your sound money management.

By doing this, you may raise your loan limit and establish your credibility.

3. Use M-Shwari for Various Transactions

Users that participate in a variety of financial activities on the platform are rewarded by M-Shwari.

Make use of the service for purposes other than borrowing, like bill payment, money transfers, and savings.

This shows that you are devoted to the platform and actively involved, which may raise your loan limit.

4. Timely Loan Repayments

It’s critical to make sure you return debts you’ve taken out through M-Shwari as soon as possible.

Not only can late payments lower your credit score, but they can also make it more difficult for your loan limit to be raised. To ensure you don’t forget the loan repayment deadlines, set reminders.

5. Frequent Use and Activity

The amount of money you can borrow depends on how often you make purchases.

Loan limits are more likely to be gradually increased for users who are involved and active.

Your consistent usage of the platform indicates that you are a dependable and involved user, which may have an impact on the decision to increase your limit.

6. Utilize Other Safaricom Services

The way you use other Safaricom services, such as buying airtime, might also have an impact on your overall financial picture. To demonstrate your financial responsibility, take part in a range of financial activities.

7. Contact M-Shwari Support

It could be worthwhile to contact M-Shwari customer service if you have been using the platform properly for a long time and haven’t noticed a rise in your loan limit.

They can give you information about the status of your account and pointers on how to increase your chances of getting a larger loan limit.

Factors Mshwari Considers To Unlock New Loan Limits

To provide you a greater credit limit, M-Shwari critically evaluates the following factors:

1. How Often You Transact in Your M-Shwari Account

The amount of money that flows through your M-Shwari is crucial in figuring out how much you are able to borrow from them.

To unlock your loan limit, M-Shwari looks at how often transactions are made in both your regular M-Shwari account and your locked savings account.

In addition, one of the main components in enabling your M-Shwari loan limit is the total amount you transfer between these accounts.

It’s crucial to maintain a consistent transaction history in your M-Shwari in light of this. To improve your chances of getting a greater credit limit, save regularly in your regular savings accounts and lock them in.

2. How Frequent You Use Your M-pesa

Another important component in unlocking your M-Shwari loan limit is how frequently you transact through M-pesa.

You must regularly transmit payments through M-pesa, withdraw money from M-pesa, and add funds to your M-Shwari account in order to raise your loan limit.

You will have a greater chance of obtaining a larger loan limit the next time M-Shwari evaluates your account if you regularly use M-pesa services.

3. How Regular You Use Safaricom Services

Your chances of being able to unlock the limit increase when you use Safaricom’s voice and data services. In light of this, you ought to make sure your SIM card is always operational. Regularly use voice and data calling services, and your M-Shwari loan limit will increase.

4. How Fast You Repay Your Loan

It’s likely that you would like to secure a second loan from M-Shwari after receiving the first one. It is important for you to be aware that M-Shwari maintains track of your compliance with payment deadlines.

You can get a bigger credit limit if you arrive on time. To increase your chances of being eligible for a higher loan limit, it is crucial that you return your loan on time.

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How to Check Your M-Shwari Loan Limit

Step 1: Accessing M-Shwari Menu

Make sure that the phone number is connected to an active M-Pesa account before you start. To access the M-Pesa menu on your phone, dial *234# or go to your phone’s sim toolbox. From the menu, choose “M-Shwari,” then input your M-Pesa PIN when requested.

Step 2: Checking Loan Limit

Once you are in the M-Shwari menu, click on the “Loans” option. Next, select “Check Loan Limit” from the list of available loan services. By doing this step, M-Shwari will assess your account and give you the details of your existing loan limit.

Step 3: Loan Limit Confirmation

M-Shwari will send you a message verifying your eligibility and the maximum loan amount you can access once you request to check your loan limit. Information including your loan limit, length of payback, and applicable interest rates will be included in the message. To make sure you are aware of the terms and circumstances pertaining to your M-Shwari loan, it is imperative that you carefully go over this material.

Step 4: Managing Your Loan

You can apply for a loan within the permitted limit if you’re happy with the loan amount offered and would want to borrow money. To begin the loan application process, just adhere to the directions on the M-Shwari menu. It is imperative that you review and accept the terms and conditions prior to approving your loan request.

How to Increase Your M-Shwari Loan Limit

1. Build a Positive Credit History

A good credit history is one of the most important requirements for raising your M-Shwari loan limit. This entails making prudent loan purchases and timely loan repayment. Repayment of loans on time shows M-Shwari that you are a creditworthy and responsible borrower. You can increase your chances of receiving a larger loan limit down the road by making sure that your payback requirements are met on a regular basis.

2. Regular M-Pesa Transactions

Regular M-Pesa transactions may also be a factor in your limit being raised. Make sure you utilize your M-Pesa account often for a variety of transactions, including payments, withdrawals, and deposits. A steady transaction history shows off your financial activities and can help M-Shwari determine whether you qualify for a loan.

3. Maintain Sufficient Savings

Your savings amount is a significant determinant of your loan limit according to M-Shwari. As a result, it’s advantageous to keep your M-Shwari account balance healthy. Your ability to manage larger loan amounts and your financial discipline are demonstrated by the consistent savings and deposits you make into your M-Shwari account. To improve your chances of receiving a higher loan limit, try to accumulate a sizable savings amount over time.

4. Utilize Available Loan Facilities

Regularly using M-Shwari’s loan facilities is necessary to increase your credit limit. M-Shwari can determine that you are capable of handling larger borrowing amounts if you exhibit responsible borrowing behavior, such as making loan repayments on time and regularly use the loan services that are accessible. You can improve your chances of a bigger loan amount by using the resources that are available to you and managing your current debts appropriately.

5. Request a Loan Limit Review

You can ask M-Shwari for a loan limit review if you think you’re ready for a higher loan limit after completing the above procedures. Enter *234# to bring up the M-Shwari menu on your phone. Then, go to the “Loans” section and choose the “Request Loan Limit Increase” option. To ascertain whether you are eligible for a greater loan limit, M-Shwari will review your account history and financial activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the duration required to raise the M-Shwari loan limit?

Increasing your M-Shwari loan limit may take a variety of times. It is contingent upon variables such as your loan payback history, savings habits, and transaction history. If you participate in constructive financial activities on a regular basis for a few months, your loan limit may be raised.

Should my credit history improve, is it possible for me to raise my M-Shwari limit?

It is possible to raise your M-Shwari limit despite having a bad credit history. Through consistent use of M-Pesa services, consistent savings with M-Shwari, prompt repayment of any outstanding loans, and creditworthiness clearing, you can progressively improve your creditworthiness and raise your loan limit.

Does increasing your M-Shwari savings translate into a bigger loan limit?

Your loan limit is positively impacted by consistent savings with M-Shwari, but this isn’t the only element taken into account. Important factors also include your general transaction history, how you repay loans, and how you use other Safaricom services.

What occurs if I consistently fail to make loan repayments?

Your credit score may suffer if you consistently miss loan installments. To keep or expand your borrowing capacity, it’s critical to appropriately manage your debt and make your repayments on schedule.


You must actively use the platform and practice persistent financial responsibility in order to unlock your M-Shwari loan limit.

You will have a better chance of obtaining larger loan amounts when you need them if you adhere to the advice provided in this book.

To unlock, keep in mind that responsible financial behavior, prompt loan repayments, varied usage, and upholding a positive transaction history are essential components.

By handling your M-Shwari account with caution, you can open the door to greater empowerment and financial security.

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