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Latest List of Free Channels on DStv in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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What’s your game plan when your DStv subscription runs out and your go-to TV shows are suddenly out of reach? Switch to free DStv channels!

Aside from their cheap subscription packages, DStv offers customers a decoder with multiple free viewing options.

So whether you are low on cash to renew your subscription or you simply want to explore additional content without committing to a full subscription, you should explore the free channels on DStv. 

This blog post will unravel the free channels you can watch and how to access them. 

DStv Packages and Prices

Before we go into the free channels, let’s have an overview of DStv packages and prices. With over 175 channels, DStv offers multiple entertainment options.

From faith-based stations to news, movies, and beyond, you’ll find a blend of local and international content to enjoy. What’s even more enticing is the flexibility to tailor your viewing experience according to your budget and preferences. 

Whether you opt for the budget-friendly package offering 45 channels or the premium package granting access to the full spectrum, DStv ensures there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore the available options and the channels they bring to your screen.

DStv Padi

This is an affordable bundle that is accessible to all. There is one HD channel among its 45 channels. Highlights of the package include Nigerian television programs on Africa Magic and free-to-air networks. 

Kids’ networks, movie channels, and instructional channels are also available. For those who love sports, Blitz also offers the greatest sports news. News from around the world and locally is also accessible. 

Price: N2,950 per month 

DStv Yanga 

It is one of the cheapest bouquets available on DStv. Some of the most significant networks in the nation are available on Yanga, including M-Net Movies and Africa Magic Epic. 

Choose from more than 85 channels, including 7 HD stations, featuring business, kids, local and international music, movies, and news. 

Price: N4,200 per month

DStv Confam 

For those who can afford it, this is one of the most exquisite bouquets. It has more than 105 channels, ten of which are HD stations. It features lifestyle, music, documentaries, and family-friendly entertainment. 

Fans of sports can watch the Europa League, La Liga, and Serie A. There are also a ton more plays, music videos, and films for kids available. 

Price: N7,400 per month

DStv Compact 

More than 130 channels, including 20 HD channels, are available at this boutique. Among the notable premium channels are MTV, SuperSport 9, SuperSport 8, and SuperSport 7. 

For fans of movies and entertainment, this bundle is the greatest and most reasonably priced. Notably, every kids’ and educational channel is accessible. Also, you may watch WWE whenever you want. 

Price: N12,500 per month 

DStv Compact Plus 

Compact Plus is made to offer a variety of programs to its consumers. It is the least expensive method of getting on almost all sports networks. 

DStv Compact
Source: DStv Official Website

Among other things, the package contains AM Showcase, news, commerce, and documentaries that have won awards. Thirty HD stations are among the more than 145 channels it provides.

Price: N19,800 per month 

DStv Premium 

With more than 160 channels, including 38 HD channels, this is the ideal bouquet for you if you enjoy viewing a variety of entertainment programs throughout the globe. 

Of all the packages in the nation, this one has the most channels. These networks offer a wide variety of content, including news, documentaries, sports, kids, TV series, and endless movies. 

Price – N29,500 per month 

Free Channels on DStv Nigeria

No subscription? No problem. Below is the full list of free channels on DStv that we have found just for you. 

  • AIT (African Independent Television)
  • CCTV 4
  • CCTV News
  • Channels TV
  • Dish on TV – Channel 100
  • Inspiration TV
  • Islam
  • Kingdom TV
  • LTV (Lagos Television)
  • MiTV
  • NTA (Nigeria Television Authority)
  • NHK
  • People’s Weather – Channel 180
  • Silverbird TV
  • SuperSport Play – Channel 238
  • TV Mundial
  • VOOV TV – Channel 196

How to Access Free Channels on DStv

Having a list of free channels is awesome, but not knowing how to access them is like having a chocolate cake but no fork! Let’s make sure you know how to tune in to those channels and enjoy all the entertainment they offer

  1. Using the remote, press the “Menu” button.
  2. Then choose “Advanced Options.”
  3. Select “Installation of Dish.”
  4. Enter “9949” as the pin.
  5. Then choose “Network Configuration.”
  6. Select “Network 2 Setup,” leaving “Network 1 Setup (Home)” unaltered.
  7. Select “Enabled” under Signal Setup and adjust frequency for FEC, polarization, frequency, and symbol settings.
  8. Once you accept these changes, the “Dish Installation” menu will appear.
  9. Choosing “Scan All Networks” will start the scanning procedure.
  10. Once finished, go to the “Bouquet Options” menu by pressing the “TV button” on your remote.
  11. Choose “Public PAS7/10” to view the free-to-air channels that are accessible.


In conclusion, having access to a variety of free channels on DStv is fantastic, but knowing how to tune in is key to unlocking their full potential. 

Whether it’s catching up on the latest news, enjoying entertaining shows, or diving into educational content, exploring these channels adds value to your viewing experience. 

So, don’t hesitate to dive in, explore, and make the most of the free content available to you. Happy watching!


How do I get all channels on DStv for free?

Accessing all DStv channels without paying for all of them is not officially possible or recommended. DStv is a paid subscription service, and all channels within their bouquets are encrypted and require a valid subscription with the relevant package to be viewed. 

If you’re interested in accessing a wide range of channels and content, consider subscribing to packages like DStv Compact Plus, which offers a variety of entertainment options, including sports, documentaries, and more.

Can I reduce my DStv package?

You can downgrade your DStv package once a month on the day your subscription payment is due. To do this, you can log onto Self Service through the DStv website or mobile app and request to schedule the downgrade. 

This allows you to adjust your subscription to a package that better suits your budget or viewing preferences. Whether you’re looking to scale back on channels or explore different package options, DStv provides flexibility for subscribers to customize their viewing experience.

Is NTA a free channel on DStv?

Yes, NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) is available as a free-to-air channel on DStv and GOtv. This means that you can access NTA without needing a paid subscription. However, please note that while some channels, like NTA, are free-to-air, most channels on DStv require a subscription to view.

Which DStv package shows all football matches?

The DStv Compact Plus package is known for offering extensive sports coverage, including football matches. 

It includes access to the UEFA Champions League, top international football leagues, the UFC, and more. With DStv Compact Plus, you can enjoy a wide range of football content along with other entertainment options.

What is DStv FreeView?

DStv FreeView is a service provided by DStv Frequency that allows certain channels on their platform to remain active for one month after your paid bouquet subscription expires.

This means that even if your subscription lapses, you can still access a selection of channels for a limited time without needing to pay for them separately.

Can I get DStv without a decoder?

Yes, you can access DStv content without a traditional decoder through DStv Stream. DStv Stream allows customers to subscribe and enjoy DStv content anywhere without the need for a physical decoder. 

The DStv Stream app is where you can access all the content for your subscribed package, providing flexibility and convenience for viewers on the go.


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