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A Closer look at the New Showmax: What we Like and What we Think Could be Better

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In today’s fast-paced digital age, the demand for convenient and diverse entertainment options has never been higher. Showmax emerges as a leading contender in the realm of video-on-demand services, offering a comprehensive platform tailored to meet the diverse tastes and preferences of modern consumers.


Showmax distinguishes itself as an ad-free streaming service, prioritizing uninterrupted viewing experiences for its users. Boasting an extensive library, Showmax delivers a captivating assortment of content, ranging from blockbuster movies to acclaimed series, thought-provoking documentaries, captivating Showmax Originals, engaging kids’ shows, and even live Premier League games, catering to a broad spectrum of interests.

New showmax streaming service

The New Showmax and What it Offers

The new Showmax boasts a sleek user interface, a significant improvement over the clunkiness of the original platform. Finding content is easy thanks to the user-friendly search bar and clear categorization on the homepage.

Users are also treated to a diverse library, including content from major studios like Universal, Warner Bros, and HBO.

DStv, the satellite TV service owned by Showmax’s parent company, MultiChoice, previously bundled sports channels into their main subscription, causing frustration for many users.

The new Showmax addresses this by offering two mobile-only subscription options: one solely for the Premier League and another combining the league with general entertainment content.

Despite already boasting a vast content library thanks to its parent company, MultiChoice, the new Showmax further expands its offerings. The platform will see a 150% increase, or 1,300 hours, in African originals.

Additionally, a partnership with Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Sky grants access to a collection of international classics from these renowned studios.

We were excited to find popular series like “The Sopranos” and “The Wire” available on the platform, shows missing from Netflix’s library.

Furthermore, Showmax already boasts established reality hits like “Big Brother Naija” and “Real Housewives of Lagos,” further enriching the already expansive content library of Showmax 2.0.

The New Showmax Pricing

Showmax’s premium plan, which includes a bundle of entertainment on all devices and the EPL on mobile, costs $8 across most African markets.

In South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, the price goes as low as $5, presenting an attractive offer compared to Netflix’s standard plans with ads, which begin at $7 in most African markets.

Additionally, MultiChoice’s Moment payment gateway simplifies the process by offering various payment options, including banks, mobile money providers, and retailers.

  • Showmax’s premium plan offers a bundle of entertainment across devices and mobile access to the EPL for $8 in most African markets.
  • In South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, this plan drops to a competitive $5.
  • Compared to Netflix’s standard plans with ads, which begin at $7 in most African markets, Showmax presents an attractive value proposition.
  • MultiChoice’s Moment payment gateway simplifies the process by offering various payment options, including banks, mobile money providers, and retailers.

Showmax Premier League Mobile lets you live stream every Premier League match, along with highlights, behind-the-scenes content, talk shows, interviews, and more.

The New Showmax Offering New Streaming Services

Overall, the new Showmax offers a streamlined user experience with a significantly expanded content library. However, the limited sports selection and mobile-centric launch plans might be drawbacks for some users.

We hope Showmax will address these limitations in future updates to further enhance the user experience.

While the new Showmax boasts an improved interface and expanded library, one notable omission is the lack of 4K quality across all launch plans.

This caught our attention, especially considering MultiChoice’s announcement of hosting the platform on the Peacock platform, known for its 4K offerings.

It appears users will have to wait for 4K capabilities, as the current maximum streaming quality is capped at 1080p, with HD available only for a select few movies.

The lack of complete content libraries from partner studios is another point to consider. While Showmax 2.0 features content from its parent companies, NBCUniversal and Sky, it doesn’t currently offer all titles from these broadcasters.

This was evident in the absence of popular shows like “The Office,” despite NBCUniversal acquiring the licensing rights in 2019. Showmax has acknowledged this, stating that additional titles will be added gradually.

Nonetheless, users might find the waiting period frustrating, especially for shows they were eagerly anticipating.

Having explored the new Showmax, we can confidently say it represents an improvement over its predecessor. While we encountered some limitations, as outlined above, the platform also boasts several positive features.

Whether the new Showmax can truly challenge Netflix’s dominance in the African market remains to be seen. Ultimately, the verdict lies with the customers who gained access to the platform on February 12th.

Showmax 2.0 FAQs

What’s new with Showmax?

Showmax launched a revamped platform in February 2024, offering a sleeker interface, expanded content library, and features like the Showmax Premier League Mobile for live football streaming.

What are the benefits of the new Showmax?

  • User-friendly interface with easy search and categorization.
  • Increased content library, including 150% more African originals and international classics from NBCUniversal and Sky.
  • Showmax Premier League Mobile for live football streaming, highlights, and more.
  • Competitive pricing plans, starting at $5 in some regions.

Are there any limitations to the new Showmax?

  • Limited sports selection beyond the Premier League (La Liga, PSL, Serie A, NBA, IPL cricket not currently available).
  • Most launch plans are mobile-centric, with only the entertainment bundle available on all devices.
  • No 4K streaming quality yet, with 1080p being the maximum for most content.
  • Not all titles from partner studios like NBCUniversal and Sky are available yet.

When will these limitations be addressed?

Showmax has not announced a timeline for adding more sports leagues, expanding device compatibility for all plans, or offering 4K streaming. They have stated that additional titles from partner studios will be added gradually.

Is the new Showmax worth it?

Whether the new Showmax is worth it depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re a big fan of the Premier League and enjoy mobile streaming, Showmax Premier League Mobile might be a good option. However, if you prefer a wider variety of sports or prioritize watching content on larger screens, you might want to consider other streaming services.

We recommend visiting the Showmax website to explore their different plans and content offerings to see if they align with your needs.


New Showmax is sleek, user-friendly, and content-rich, making it a strong competitor in Africa. It has limitations, like a few sports options and mostly mobile plans, but its interface, diverse content, and competitive prices make it attractive.

Will it dethrone Netflix?

It depends on addressing user feedback, expanding content, and offering a seamless experience across all devices. As the streaming service hits full gear, we’re excited to see how users embrace the new Showmax and contribute to its evolution in the streaming landscape.

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