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Kuda USSD Code for Airtime, Transfer, & Mobile Banking

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Need Kuda USSD code for airtime purchases, money transfers, or mobile banking? Well, it has no specific USSD functionality like some of its other peers within Nigeria.

It is beyond doubt that, since entering into Nigeria’s banking sector, Kuda has made banking very easy. You can transfer money, receive money, save, withdraw, and pay bills, buy airtime, among a host of others, all from the comfort of your home, without waiting in the queue or visiting the bank with Kuda.

Kuda microfinance bank is no different from other regular commercial banks because of what the Kuda app does, as every other commercial mobile banking app does.

Since Kuda Microfinance Bank has an app just like every other bank, doing operations is no different from what others do. We have curated this article to show you precisely everything you need to know about the Kuda bank USSD code.

Whether it is the USSD code for Kuda or Kuda bank USSD transfer code, this information will let you in on all there is about the services given by Kuda USSD. Let’s get started!

What is the Kuda USSD Code?

Kuda USSD Code

Talking about the Kuda Bank USSD code, there is no doubt that Kuda Bank has yet to have a unique USSD code for transactions like money transfers from Kuda to other accounts, purchase of airtime, etc.

The available Kuda transfer code is not a USSD code that will let one transfer his money from Kuda Bank to other banks but rather to transfer from different banks to Kuda.

These codes are known as the Kuda bank transfer code because they are the only codes that work with Kuda bank and they are recommended for accounting funding by Kuda.

That said, we will look at the Kuda bank USSD transfer code for transfers from other banks to Kuda.

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What are the Features of the Kuda USSD Code?

Kuda Bank puts all your banking needs at your fingertips on your smartphone. Their user-friendly app makes it possible to perform the following—although they do not have a USSD code:

  1. Open an account with such ease.
  2. Send and Receive Money.
  3. Pay Bills Easily.
  4. Airtime Balance top-up.
  5. Check Account Balance.
  6. View Transaction History.
  7. Manage your Kuda Visa Card.
  8. Apply for Loans—upon checking one’s eligibility.
  9. Invest Your Money—this may depend on availability.
  10. Set Budgeting Goals.
  11. Enjoy Tons of Security Features.
  12. Seek assistance from customer support at any moment in time.

With the Kuda app, refreshingly simple finance management is easy. This is a very powerful device; it simplifies any complexity of everyday banking tasks and enables users to make informed decisions across finance.

The Comprehensive List of Kuda Bank USSD Codes


As Kuda Bank currently doesn’t offer its own USSD codes for general account management you can leverage codes from other banks to perform Kuda USSD transfers on your Kuda account.

Transaction  USSD Code 
Gtbank to Kuda Transfer *737*50*Amount*416#
UBA to Kuda Transfer *919*4*Kuda Bank Account Number*Amount#
First Bank to Kuda Transfer *894*Amount*Kuda Bank Account Number#
Zenith to Kuda Transfer *966*Amount*Kuda Account Number#
Wema Bank to Kuda Transfer*945*Kuda Bank Account Number*Amount#
Access Bank to Kuda Transfer *901*Amount*Kuda Bank Account Number#

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How to Activate Kuda USSD Code

Since there is no USSD code for Kuda Bank, there is no activation process. Follow these easy steps to get on board with Kuda Bank:

  1. Download the Kuda App from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  1. Click “Sign up” and fill out your details to open an account.
  1. Verify your identity with any government-issued ID and at least one biometric data.
  1. Create a password, set up your security questions, and thus get your account fully set up.
  1. Fund your account by way of debit cards, bank transfers, or any other means you may wish to use.
  1. Start enjoying all that Kuda Bank offers: easy fund transfers, bill payments, buying of airtime—all from one app.

Note that Kuda Bank is a mobile-only bank. Everything is done on this app, so you are not going to be bombing USSD codes left and right.

Kuda Bank USSD Code Usage

As Kuda Bank itself does not have any specific code for regular activities about transfers, balance checks, and deposits; however, here are a few ways USSD can be used with Kuda:

1. Cardless Payment

Kuda makes USSD possible for making payments at Point-of-Sale terminals. Do this by applying a function known as “Pay With USSD” on the Kuda app. You launch it on the app and keep using a USSD code provided to confirm the transaction.

2. Receive Money From Other Banks

Although Kuda does not have an independent USSD code for transfers, as we said earlier, some other banks in Nigeria still make it possible to send money to Kuda accounts from their USSD. 

For example, First Bank and Wema Bank have USSD options to send money to Kuda accounts. You will need the sender’s bank’s particular code and your Kuda account number for this.

For almost all other banking operations, you should use the Kuda app for more functionality and to make your life easier.

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How to Block Kuda USSD Code 

Since Kuda Bank does not have a USSD code, there is no USSD code to block. However, in case your phone goes missing or you feel somebody has stolen it, you may want to block your account to keep your money safe. To block your account using the Kuda App:

1. Open the Kuda app, then press More. 

2. Tap Account Details.

3. Tap Block Account.

You can also restrict your account at any time in the event of suspicious activities on your account from our Self Help Page. This will limit every transaction from airtime, and bill payments to transfers and cardless debits. Here’s How To Do This:

1. Go to selfhelp.kuda.com

2. Tap Block My Account.

3. Sign in to your Kuda account.

4. Tap on the account you wish to block. 

5. Tap Continue

6. Tap Block Account.

How to Unblock Kuda USSD Code 

There is no particular USSD code to unblock. If you desire to unblock your Kuda account, take these steps:  

1. Open the Kuda app 

2. Tap the menu icon 

3. Tap “Settings” 

4 Scroll down and tap “Security” 

5. Tap “Unblock Account” 

6. Confirm you want to unlock your account

Note that the unblocking of your Kuda Account or Card would return access to all transactions, online and offline. You could contact Kuda Bank customer support in case of any difficulties or problems.

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How to Upgrade My Kuda Account Using USSD Code

Sadly, Kuda does not upgrade accounts via USSD codes. Currently, the USSD service is available only for basic functionality, such as balance checks and transfers.

To upgrade your Kuda account, you will need to verify through the Kuda app. Follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Kuda app and then select Increase Your Limit. 

2. Tap Verify Me.

3. Tap the ID selection dropdown menu.

4. Tap the kind of ID you have.

5. Tap Next.

6. Tap Next again

7. Enter your ID number.

8. Done

9. Click Okay to be taken back to your Kuda dashboard.

After that, Kuda will verify your ID in less than a week and notify you when they are through.

How to Pay Back Kuda Loan With USSD Code

Presently, Kuda doesn’t support their loan repayment with the USSD code. Their loan repayment process is mainly carried out from their app.

You can, however, easily repay your Kuda loan through the Kuda app. Here’s how: Assuming you already have the Kuda app downloaded, and you are logged in, follow these steps:

1. Open the Kuda app.

2. Go to the “Loans” section. This may differ significantly based on the version of the software. 

3. Find your specific loan; you’ll find a “Pay” or “Repay” button next to it.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the repayment using your available balance.

In case of challenges with the app or inquiries about repayment options, customers can contact Kuda’s customer support through their app or their website.

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How to Borrow Money From Kuda Using USSD Code

Kuda Bank does not provide any kind of borrowing using the USSD code. Anyone, however, can lend money to Kuda Bank via the Kuda app. You can follow these simple steps to apply for a Kuda Bank loan:

  1. Open the Kuda app. Go to your borrowed account.
  2. Click on “borrow”,
  3. Then “Get your Overdraft.”
  4. Input the amount of money you want to borrow and click “done.”
  5. Check your transaction pin, face ID, or fingerprint.
  6. Click “okay”.
  7. Your request will be received by Kuda Bank once you follow the steps mentioned above.

Their approval process is quite incredibly fast, and one will get a notification within a very short period on whether approved or not.

What are the Advantages of Kuda Bank USSD Code

Although Kuda Bank does not have a USSD code, the Kuda app offers several advantages:

  1. Convenience: Easy access to your account to transact anywhere, anytime rids you of the necessity of being bonded to a physical bank or specific banking hours. You can manage your finances whenever it suits you. 
  1. Speed: Fast and right-now transactions rid one of the need to wait in long lines or wait for specific banking hours to get transactions done. Get instant gratification with quick transactions.
  1. Security: Be assured that security features will be of the best quality and inclusions of the following:

-Biometric login either fingerprint or facial recognition for safe and secure access to the app

-Two-factor authentication adds security features

-Data encryption and secure servers care well for your data.

  1. Financial Inclusion: Open up areas where there is no physical existence of a bank, hence becoming an inclusive financial tool.
  1. Customer Support: Get assistance on any matter at any time,

 -In-app support for lightning-quick answers

 -Phone support to get individualized help

 -Email support to fire off easy inquiries

  1. No Surprise Fees: Use transparent fees with no surprise or unexpected hidden charges. Know exactly what you’re paying for. 
  1. User-friendly: An intuitive design makes ease of movement around the app, making banking simple and hassle-free.

Even though it doesn’t have a USSD code, Kuda Bank’s app makes provisions for convenient, secure, and feature-rich banking.

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What are the Security Measures for Kuda Bank USSD Code

Since Kuda Bank operates on a mobile app, most of its security measures are focused on keeping your information and finances safe within that application. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Biometric Login: Log in using your fingerprint or facial recognition for truly safe and easy access.
  1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): A second layer of security in which an important differing code will be sent to your phone or email for execution.
  1. Highly Encrypted Data: You’re protected with strong encryption of overall personal transactions and information.
  1. Secure Servers: Your information is stored and processed on robust servers, which come along with top-of-the-line protection against unauthorized access.
  1. Regular Security Updates: This app gets updated very frequently regarding patching vulnerabilities to maintain your information with the latest security patches.
  1. Robust Password Protection: Kuda has put in place a good password policy coupled with hashing, so even if there’s a breach, you won’t easily get your password.
  1. Automatic Logout: If you don’t use the app for a certain period, the app logs out by itself so that unauthorized next steps would not occur in case of leaving your phone somewhere.
  1. Secure Card Management: Have the ability to lock a card directly in the app and promptly report lost or stolen cards.
  1. Real-time Transaction Monitoring: Kuda monitors transactions for suspicious activity to aid the prevention of fraud.
  1. Industry Standard Compliance: Kuda complies with stringent security measures, such as PCI-DSS and GDPR, to ensure tight security measures.

Even without the USSD code, into its mobile app, Kuda has infused it with a wide array of safety features that ensure every experience related to banking is safe and secure.

Common Issues and Solutions  

As Kuda Bank does not have a USSD code, the common issues and solutions are related to the mobile app:

1. Login Issues

Problems that involve signing in come with issues of either a problem while signing in or forgetting the password. An incorrect entity logged in or opened would require one to reset the password using the “Forgot Password” link.

2. Failed Transactions

Check that the details of your transaction are correct and try again.

3. App Errors

Log off and on again to the application, and if not, at worst, the device itself.

4. Lockout

 Reset the password using the “Forgot Password” feature or contact customer support

5. Card Issues

Contact Kuda Bank Customer Support if the card was stolen or declared missing._

Order a replacement card to be posted to you, or cancel and have another one posted.

Final Thoughts 

Kuda Bank’s mobile banking software provides an easy and safe method to manage your money. The bank does not have a USSD code, but instead with the developed app, it is easy to top up airtime, transfer funds with ease, and access mobile banking services.

With Kuda Bank, one does not have issues with fast, secure transactions, budgeting tools, or financial inclusion. If you ever need to seek clarification on anything, the customer support team is always available.

Kindly share your experiences in the comments section using Kuda Bank!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Kuda Bank USSD code?

For now, Kuda Bank is yet to have a USSD code that will perform transactions like transfers, buying of airtime, bill payments, etc. That simply means Kuda Bank is without a USSD code yet.

What is the Kuda bank USSD code for balance inquiry?

This is the only way to check your Kuda Bank account balance: by logging in to your Kuda Account and seeing your balance on the app. For now, there’s no USSD code to check the balance on Kuda Bank.

Can I transfer money to Kuda using the USSD code?

Not. You cannot use the Kuda USSD code to transfer or send money. This is because Kuda has yet to have a USSD code that can perform such transactions.

What is Kuda Bank USSD Code For Airtime?

Currently, Kuda Bank does not have a USSD code to buy airtime from them. If you are to buy from the bank at the moment, you will be required to do so from their app.


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