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Top 10 Highest Gift Cards in Nigeria 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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If you want to sell gift cards online in Nigeria, it’s smart to know the highest gift cards in Nigeria and which ones are the most valuable.

According to a recent survey, 41% of Americans have chosen gift cards as holiday presents for 11 years. Giving gifts is a way to show appreciation and love, but finding the perfect gift can be stressful.

That’s where gift cards come in handy. You need to know where the person likes to shop or what they enjoy doing. Gift cards give them the freedom to choose what they want.

When deciding which gift card to buy or sell, it’s essential to consider the ones with good resale value, especially in Nigeria.

Whether you’re buying, giving, or receiving a gift card, knowing the highest gift cards to sell can be helpful. 

In this article, we’ll recommend the top 10 highest gift cards to sell in Nigeria.

What are Gift cards?

Gift cards are prepaid cards typically issued by retailers, businesses, or financial institutions. 

They are loaded with a specific monetary value. They can be used as an alternative form of payment for purchases at the issuing retailer or for services provided by the issuing business. 

Gift cards come in physical form, resembling credit or debit cards, or in digital format, often as electronic codes that can be redeemed online or via mobile apps. 

They are commonly used for gifting purposes, allowing recipients to choose their desired items or experiences within the specified monetary limit.

Gift cards have been around for about 20 years and are still popular. They’re like cash substitutes that you can use at specific stores or places.

Companies sometimes give out gift cards as rewards or gifts, and stores use them in promotions to get people to shop there. Many folks also buy gift cards as presents because they’re easy to give and people like having options.

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What are the Top 10 Highest Gift Cards in Nigeria?

1.Apple or iTunes Gift Card

An iTunes or Apple gift card is essentially a prepaid amount of money you can use specifically within Apple’s ecosystem, mainly its iTunes store. 

This store sells a wide range of digital content, including music, movies, apps, and more, all compatible with Apple devices. 

Also, Apple Store gift cards can be used to buy various products and services both online and in physical Apple stores.

Previously, Apple and iTunes operated as separate entities, but they have since merged into what is now known as Apple Universal. 

This integration means that Apple Universal gift cards can be used interchangeably across iTunes, Apple Music and for purchasing Apple hardware and accessories.

Acquiring Apple gift cards is quite convenient in Nigeria, given the popularity of Apple products and services in the country. 

Currently, the market value of Apple gift cards in Nigeria fluctuates, with selling rates ranging up to 700 Naira per dollar and buying rates up to 920 Naira per dollar.

2. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are versatile tools for purchasing digital content, such as movies, music, and goods, from the Amazon website itself.

Their value fluctuates based on factors like the type of card, where it was obtained, and the time of year. Rates are typically higher during periods of increased Amazon activity, like the end of the year. 

Understanding the nuances of different types of receipts is crucial when dealing with Amazon gift cards. 

Cash receipts, for instance, can fetch up to 85% of the card’s stated value when selling them. 

This discrepancy in value underscores the importance of discerning between various receipt types to maximize the return on these cards. 

Whether used for personal purchases or resale, navigating the intricacies of Amazon gift cards necessitates awareness of these factors to make informed decisions regarding their acquisition and utilization. Its current rate is around 740/$.

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3. Google Play gift cards

Google Play gift cards are like virtual vouchers that allow you to access a wide range of digital content. 

With these cards, you can buy apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows from the Google Play store, an online marketplace.

These gift cards come in two forms: physical cards that you can purchase from stores and digital ones that are delivered directly to your email. Depending on where you buy or sell them, you might get back around 85% of the card’s original value.

To make the most of your Google Play gift card, it’s wise to stay informed about current exchange rates.

If you plan to sell your Google Play gift card, it’s a good idea to monitor the rates, as the amount you can get for it can vary over time. 

Regularly checking ensures you get the best deal when exchanging your card for cash or other goods. The current rate of Google Play gift cards is 990/$.

4. Steam Gift Cards

Steam gift cards and wallet codes  are convenient tools for purchasing games and software on the Steam platform, which is widely popular among gamers. 

They function as digital currency, allowing users to add funds to their Steam accounts or gift them to others.

The demand for Steam gift cards is particularly high in regions like Nigeria and Ghana, where gaming enthusiasts abound. 

This demand is driven by the popularity of gaming culture and the widespread use of Steam as a primary gaming platform.

In Nigeria, for example, the current exchange rate for a $100 Steam gift card is around 800 naira per dollar. Individuals looking to sell Steam cards can expect to receive approximately 80,000 naira for a $100 card.

Steam gift cards are a convenient and versatile option for gamers to access their favourite games and content. They also provide opportunities for gifting and trading within gaming communities. The current rate of the Steam gift cards is around $1140/$.

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5. Razer Gold Gift Card

A Razer Gold gift card is like a special digital money designed specifically for gamers. 

It acts as a virtual currency that you can use to buy all sorts of games and other digital content online, similar to how you use money on platforms like Steam. 

Instead of letting an unused Razer Gold gift card collect dust or tossing it away, you can sell it to someone who would appreciate its value.

These gift cards, created by the company Razer, function as virtual credits that can be redeemed for purchasing digital products available on the Razer platform. 

With a selection of over 2,000 games and entertainment options accessible through Razer, these gift cards offer gamers a convenient and versatile payment method.

In Nigeria, a $100 Razer Gold gift card typically costs between 70,000 and 100,000 Naira, while a $200 Razer Gold gift card is commonly priced around 200,000 Naira. 

It’s worth noting that the selling price of Razer Gold gift cards can fluctuate depending on various factors, such as location, whether the card is physical or electronic, and the current demand in the market.

6. eBay Gift Card:

An eBay gift card is like having money to spend on a wide variety of stuff online.It is also one of the most expensive gift cards in Nigeria.

You can use it to buy all sorts of things, from electronics and toys to fashion items and home goods. 

It’s super handy because you can also use it to pay for items on eBay.com when you’re using PayPal to checkout. 

So, if you see something you like on eBay, you can use your gift card to help pay for it, either covering the whole cost or just a part.

These gift cards are trendy because they’re used by people who sell things online and buy large quantities. That’s why they’re highly sought after in Nigeria

They’re so in demand that you can even sell them for cash and get back up to 85% of the card’s value. So, if you have an eBay gift card you won’t use, you can sell it and get most of your money back. The current rate of eBays gift card is about 965/$.

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7. Sephora Gift Cards

Sephora gift cards is one of the highest gift cards in Nigeria that serve as a form of currency specifically for purchasing items from Sephora stores, functioning similarly to Google Play cards for digital purchases. 

They share comparable worth with Nordstrom gift cards because they emphasise beauty-related merchandise.

In Nigeria, the prevailing exchange rate for a $100 Sephora card is approximately 65,000 to 75,000 Naira. This implies that individuals can sell their Sephora cards for Naira within Nigeria. 

Also, the opportunity to trade Sephora gift cards for cedi exists in Ghana, expanding the avenues for exchange and commerce.

This highlights the adaptable and internationally recognized value of Sephora gift cards, enabling individuals across different regions to use their worth for various transactions and purposes. The current rate of Sephora cards is around 930/$.

8. American Express AMEX Gift Card

An American Express (Amex) gift card is also among Nigeria’s highest-rated gift cards. It operates similarly to other gift cards but is issued by the financial services company AMEX

It holds a predetermined monetary value and can be used for purchases wherever AMEX is accepted. Its versatility sets it apart from typical gift cards. 

Unlike some gift cards tied to specific brands or stores, an Amex gift card can be used across various platforms and retailers that accept American Express as a payment method. 

This means you’re not limited to a single store or website; you can shop at multiple places using the same card. 

Whether online shopping, dining out, or other transactions, you’re good to go as long as the vendor accepts AMEX.

This flexibility makes Amex gift cards a convenient and practical option for gifting or personal use. Its current rate is around 820/$.

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9. Nordstrom Gift cards

Nordstrom is a high-end American retailer known for its wide selection of luxury goods, including clothing and shoes, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, and fragrances. 

What began as a humble shoe store has become a comprehensive destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking premium quality and style.

The Nordstrom gift card functions as a convenient prepaid card that allows you to shop at Nordstrom’s physical stores or online platform without the need for cash. 

It’s a versatile option for gifting or personal use, allowing recipients to choose from many upscale products to suit their tastes and preferences.

As of June 2023, in Nigeria, a $100 Nordstrom gift card typically costs 65,000 to 95,000 Naira, offering shoppers in the region a means to access the luxury offerings of Nordstrom’s esteemed brand.

10. Nike Gift cards

Nike is a prominent American multinational renowned for its diverse range of products, including footwear, clothing, accessories, and equipment, distributed worldwide. 

Nike gift cards serve as convenient alternatives to cash, allowing recipients to access funds designated for purchasing Nike merchandise. 

These cards are preloaded with monetary value, providing shoppers with flexibility and convenience in acquiring desired items from Nike’s extensive product lineup.

Whether it’s the latest sneakers, trendy apparel, or cutting-edge sports gear, Nike gift cards empower individuals to choose from various options tailored to their preferences and needs. 

These cards offer seamless transactions and hassle-free shopping experiences, as users can easily redeem the stored value at Nike stores or online.

Nike gift cards represent more than just a means of payment; they embody the spirit of choice, accessibility, and empowerment, enabling recipients to enjoy the quality and innovation synonymous with the Nike brand.

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Why should I care about High- Rate Gift Cards?

According to Forbes statistics, billions of gift cards go to waste yearly. Many businesses issue gift cards because they are fully aware that a good percentage of the cards they sell will never be used.

Last year, Nordstrom, an online beauty shop, made $105 million from gift cards people didn’t use. 

Some get lost, some get tossed, and some just get forgotten. But here’s what most people don’t know: when you don’t use a gift card, the company that sold it still makes money. 

So, it’s important for people to realize that even if they don’t use their gift cards, they’re still worth something. And some gift cards are worth more than others. 

So, if you ever get a gift card for something like Steam and are not into gaming, don’t sweat it. As long as it’s still unused, it’s still got value.


Which gift card can be sold for the most money in Nigeria?

The Physical USA Razer Gold gift card has the highest resale value, usually selling for 1200 to 1500 Nigerian Naira for every $1.

What are the most popular Google Play gift cards in Nigeria?

Right now, the United Kingdom Google Play gift card is the one that sells the most in Nigeria.

What are the best gift cards in Nigeria?

The best gift cards in Nigeria are international gift cards that most people can use within and outside Nigeria. They are Apple/iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Sephora, and American Express gift cards. Others include Steam, Razer Gold, eBay, Walmart and Nike. These cards are termed the best because f their versatility, wide acceptance and high resale/exchange values.

What gift cards have the highest rates in Nigeria?

The gift cards with the highest rates concerning resale/exchange are Apple/iTunes, Amazon, Sephora, Google Play, and American Express gift cards. These are the first top 5. Others that follow closely behind are Steam, Razer Gold, Walmart, eBay and Nike gift cards. You can sell these gift cards at very enticing rates on platforms. 


In conclusion, gift cards offer a convenient and flexible gifting solution for various occasions in Nigeria. 

From global e-commerce platforms to local e-commerce sites and specialized services, a wide range of options are available to suit diverse preferences and interests. 

Whether it’s shopping for essentials, enjoying digital entertainment, or treating oneself to a coffee break, these top 10 highest gift cards in Nigeria for 2024 provide recipients with the freedom to choose and enjoy their preferred products and experiences.

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