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Applications for the Mastercard EdTech Fellowship is Now Open

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The Mastercard EdTech Fellowship is here, and they are currently accepting people interested in EduTech! It’s a fantastic opportunity for anybody who is interested in educational technology.

The fellowship seeks to promote creative concepts and approaches that have the potential to revolutionize education and enhance student performance. This fellowship might be a great chance for you if you have a ground-breaking idea and are enthusiastic about EdTech.

Mastercard EdTech and What it’s All About

The Mastercard EdTech Fellowship originated from one of the biggest foundations in the world, the Mastercard Foundation, which is based in Canada works to promote financial inclusion and education. It collaborates with forward-thinking organizations to provide young people with access to meaningful and dignified jobs in Indigenous communities in Canada and Africa. 

It promotes creative uses of technology to increase underprivileged communities’ access to high-quality education. To support the effective and significant integration of technology in education, including the development, deployment, and scaling-up of promising EdTech innovations that improve learning and strengthen the educational system, the Center collaborates with a variety of actors, including innovation hubs, EdTech entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, educators, and learners.

In order to enable digital content, learning management platforms, workforce and skill, STEAM education support, tutoring and testing, and online learning content in Africa, the Mastercard Foundation, through the Center of Innovative Teaching and Learning, has been collaborating with tech hubs since 2019.

Techhub Innovation Under The Fellowship

Aside from direct funding support, Tech Hubs will offer the chosen startups under the 2023 Mastercard EdTech Fellowship extensive skill development, coaching and mentorship, certification and assessment of product quality, bespoke market research, and market access to their networks of stakeholders across the education innovation landscape.

With combined support, the EdTech companies—which represent some of Africa’s most promising innovators in educational technology solutions—will be able to scale their innovations and improve teaching and learning across the continent.

One of the main responsibilities of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning is to share “what works” when it comes to utilizing technology to enhance educational practices and policy while encouraging collaboratively developed solutions to Africa’s educational problems. The Foundation has made a conscious effort to use technology to advance and enhance the standard of education and career training, giving young people the tools they need to succeed.

You can read more about African Tech here

In order to address many of Africa’s long-standing issues that have impacted enrollment, quality, and availability of efficient educational options for the continent’s youth, the EdTech companies’ solutions will play a vital and urgent role in the response.

Mastercard EdTech Benefits 

The Mastercard EdTech Fellowship provides a number of significant advantages to chosen fellows. Financial assistance in the form of grants or stipends to aid in the development and implementation of their EdTech solutions may be one of these benefits. In addition, fellows may be given access to networks and resources, opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, and mentoring and advice from professionals in the field.

Furthermore, the fellowship program might give fellows visibility and exposure to possible funders or clients, which would aid in the scaling of their solutions and increase their influence in the field of education technology.

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

Abdullahi Kafayat is an enthusiastic writer interested in the tech world. She's a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University and has a BSc in Chemistry. You can reach her at Kafayatabdullahi17@gmail.com.

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