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21 Best Tools For Market Research For Startups To Grow Their Business

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In today’s competitive landscape, data-driven decision-making is paramount for startup success. Market research, the foundation for understanding your target audience and industry, plays a crucial role in this process.

However, navigating the vast array of best tools for market research can be daunting for a startup.

The good news is that you don’t need huge funds or a team of specialists to conduct thorough market research. There’s plenty of top-notch online market research tools out there that are designed to help startups like yours gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

This article looks at some great market research tools for startup. They’ve been tagged to help you cut down on the time you spend searching for free online market research tools or feature-rich paid alternatives.

From understanding client preferences to reading development, these tools will give you the insights you need to get your startup off the ground. 

So buckle up, aspiring entrepreneurs! Let’s dive into the market research tools sector and enable you to build a thriving startup.

What Are Market Research Tools?

Market research tools are essentially virtual assistants that help businesses gain information about their target audience and market characteristics. These can be software program packages, websites, or perhaps online resources that collect and research statistics.

Here’s a breakdown of what market research tools typically do:

  1. Gathering consumer insights: This can include surveys, questionnaires, and social media that note what customers want and need.
  1. Analyze market trends: These tools can track things like competitor interest, commercial enterprise information, and known key phrases to find out what’s interesting in the market.
  1. Better selection: By presenting statistical data, businesses can make better decisions regarding product improvements, advertising strategies, and popular business lines.

There are many tools for market research available, each with its strengths and weaknesses. The wonderful tools for market research will depend on its specific needs and variety of businesses.

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How Can Online Market Research Tools Benefit Startups?

The ability to conduct online market research is an inexpensive and amusing tool for startups, as it brings a lot of benefits at a fraction of the cost of conventional viewing. Here are the benefits:

1. Cost-effective

Gone are the days of the costly agencies and market surveys. An online market research tool allows you to tap valuable insights from a wider target market for a fraction of the cost. This opens up limited start-up capital for a host of other important areas, which would include product development and advertising.

2. Faster turnaround time

Get quick answers! Online polls and social media monitoring offer real-time feedback. As a result, you get quicker decisions that are embedded in your files. This agility is vital in the new speedy commercial environment, in which opposition can unexpectedly throw thoughts off each person.

3. Targeted intervention within the target market

Identify and reach out to your best patron base through online research surveys and analysis of social media behavior. Traditional methods may include questionnaires or popularization agencies with a narrow reach. 

An online tool will assist you in pinpointing demographics and leisure time and make sure you get feedback from the people who count the most – your clients.

4. Applicable information

Acquire deeper insights into the target market’s needs, alternatives, and problems. This will aid you in modifying your service or product to fit better. Online surveys may be designed to collate vast qualitative information along with quantitative implications.

An online market research tool can show what your target market is saying about similar products or services, which can provide a wealth of information about what resonates with them.

5. Competitive profits

Identify trends, catch track contests, and live ahead of the curve with competitor rankings and social media monitoring tools. How about recognizing what your opposition is doing and what their clients are reporting approximately?

This very intelligence, which can be offered by an online system, will be of great help to differentiate your products or services and position you for success.

Using an online market research tool, a start-up can make reasonable decisions, improve the healthy product market, and buy time and money, finally ensuring a rise in the possibility of success in the competitive environment.

What Are the 21 Best Tools for Market Research For Startups

Here are the list of 21 of the best tools for market research for startups:

  • Google Trends
  • Statista
  • Tableau Software 
  • SEM Rush
  • Qualaroo
  • Survey Monkey
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Typeform
  • Ahrefs
  • Social Mention
  • BuzzSumo
  • Upwave
  • Think With Google
  • PureSpectrum
  • Qualtrics
  • Userlytics
  • Loop11
  • Make My Persona
  • BrandMentions
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Analytics
Best tools for market research

Google Trends is a free market research engagement tool that presents trending facts from around the internet. 

When you post a certain word to Google Trends, it will show exactly how stylish that period was at a certain point in time and offer a rating out of a hundred.

Key Properties:

  • Adds area filters to help narrow your search.
  • It graphically demonstrates the trend for advanced visualization of the final result.
  • Simple survey responses on any tool
  • Include familiar equipment
  • Data is converted into well-organized Google Sheets.

2. Statista

Market research tools for startups

Statista is one of the nice tools for market research and it focuses on both information visualization and market research. 

It collects facts from reliable online reviews and organizes them so that researchers and different customers can also capture and absorb them effortlessly. It can discover relevant statistics about your area and provide a statistical file about it, which is much easier to recognize.

Key Properties:

  • Ability to filter content in a step with a specific type.
  • There are a large number of metrics to choose from and visuals to change.
  • It also consists of surveys and forecasts.
  • Flexibility to study marketplaces in over one hundred and fifty countries.
  • It brilliantly displays the information and international news it offers.

3. Tableau Software 

Best market research tools

Tableau is a business intelligence solution for visualizing facts. To display statistics in a visually appealing way for better understanding, Tableau uses analytics, visualization, and commercial business intelligence.

It seeks to change the way we perceive and use information to make decisions. Using its highly advanced market research tools, Tableau offers its customers the ability to maximize fees for their information.

Key Properties:

  • It allows visualization of information for any problem.
  • Ability to easily extract records from PDF, Excel, text, Python, SAS, and many other sources.
  • The Tableau panel offers an intensive and complete view of your statistics.
  • It allows advertising and marketing teams to access data from different papers at once.
  • It visualizes the results of market studies to encourage moves and hasty choices.

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4. SEM Rush

Online market research tools

SEMrush is just any other effective market research tool that advertisers use to grow conversion rates. 

Its portfolio consists of more than forty devices that can be used to attract more visitors and improve conversion rates. This tool often tries to grow net presence and find advertising insights by presenting offers.

Key Properties:

  • It provides assets like on-page search engine marketing, nearby search engine marketing, and keyword research.
  • Organic ranks can be easily checked and monitored.
  • It offers tools for growing, serving, and optimizing content.
  • A nice tool for evaluating the market is this one.
  • It allows you to analyze and track the demographics of your market competitors.

5. Qualaroo

Best tools for market research

Qualaroo is the best market research tool to have, in addition to one of the top online research structures for conducting market research. In addition to realistic information, it offers customers an easy-to-use market research facility.

Additionally, Qualaroo helps you expand your user personas through superior focus, allowing you to better understand your customers and follow their goals and behaviour styles.

Key Properties:

  • It’s easy to set up and you can start collecting comments right away.
  • Survey templates that have been professionally created
  • It detects your visitors in real-time and offers context for great answers.
  • Users can decide who and where the survey target groups are.
  • It can resource within the introduction of specific customer journey maps.

6. Survey Monkey

Market Research Tools for startups

Survey Monkey is another market research tool that offers clean techniques and provides users with different ways to express their thoughts. 

To enable businesses of all sizes to benefit from comments, they have integrated an enterprise-grade platform with a range of expert market research and customer experience responses.

Key Properties:

  • A question bank that has been expertly crafted with unique questions.
  • Approaches used in individualized surveys such as traversal logic and common sense branching.
  • An AI-driven analytics tool for receiving expert commentary on drought surveys.
  • By testing modern ideas with the right questions from the right audience.
  • It ensures the accuracy of the information obtained from the arena’s one hundred and 44 million customers.

7. Google Keyword Tool

Best market research tools

The Google Keyword Tool is a very advanced market research and analysis tool that provides insight into consumer web search habits. It provides useful records of searches made in your target market. 

It serves as a specific product research device that uncovers what buyers want. To use it, you should register for a free Google Adwords account.

Key Properties:

  • Shows the frequency of keyword searches.
  • Provides the ability to filter keyword searches based on language and region.
  • It allows you to filter searches based on the preferred widgets of the search engine users.
  • It helps in improving content advertising and marketing strategies for merchants.
  • Provides customers with information on the most current advertising and marketing trends.

8. Typeform

Online market research tools

Typeform is some other online survey and market research tool that allows you to reach your target market at once. It includes built-in photo and video libraries and lots of layout templates. 

Typeform’s primary purpose is to design consumer-friendly and visually appealing forms to get more responses and provide deeper insights.

Key Properties:

  • It reveals one area of ​​shape at a time to viewers.
  • Simple app and optimized mobile tool.
  • It allows you to design different types of queries.
  • With several options for changes, the form can be created just for you.
  • It connects to various tools.

9. Ahrefs

Best tools for market research

Ahrefs is one of the best tools for conducting market research or commercial businesses that provides a complete set of tools to improve conversion costs. 

It is a handy software program that is relatively flexible and can easily turn anyone into an SEO master. It’s an amazing tool for tracking your long-term SEO status, backlinks, and search engine marketing rankings.

Key Properties:

  • Audit your site to reveal its vulnerable factors and increase your conversion cost.
  • Performs keyword searches.
  • Discovers articles that are effective on a specific topic.
  • Several measures are available to assess records.
  • It integrates with packages like Rank Ranger and Tray.Io.

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10. Social Mention

Market Research Tools for startups

Social Mention is any other of the best market research tools that search over a hundred social media systems, which include Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and many others, to account for the various times of your company or keyword. Was referenced. It can accurately display and track client sentiment about your brand.

Key Properties:

  • It shows how often your keyword appears across all social media channels.
  • It distinguishes between wonderful and bad feelings.
  • It provides a broad view of how your brand is perceived by the public.
  • Users can explore the emblem’s overall footprint and make informed decisions.
  • It supports easy integration with well-known social media apps for statistics, which is more convenient.

11. BuzzSumo

Best market research tools

BuzzSumo is an extremely good platform for content marketing to create excessive content. 

To expand your business, you can do keyword research, opposition analysis, emblem tracking, and other sports. The platform also provides a Chrome extension for convenience.

Key Properties:

  • Follow viral trends in real-time for any domain, interest, or location.
  • To create your search engine marketing approaches, maintain a composition of the latest content focused on your intent keywords.
  • Find the most famous influencers on any topic internationally and fund them to promote your organization.
  • Set signals for key phrases, blogs, brand mentions, competitors, and influencers you want to watch out for.
  • Follow all external hyperlinks that point to your area.

12. Upwave

Online market research tools

Upwave is one of the best analytics and market research tools that allow you to compare the results of your brand marketing campaigns, formerly known as Survata. 

An integrated dashboard lets you track each marketing campaign across multiple channels and fine-tune it to increase ROI. Numerous publications, including Forbes, USA Today, CBS News, and The New York Times, have used Upwave facts.

Key Properties:

  • To increase brand awareness, screen and improve logo advertising.
  • Get real-time updates on the outstanding factors of each marketing campaign to make well-timed optimizations.
  • Receive email alerts to get updated reports in your inbox.
  • It automates the tracking of multiple behavioral and demographic profiles for each campaign.
  • You can also reveal the effectiveness of reaching the target audience of each marketing campaign using several methods.

13. Think With Google

Best tools for market research

Think With Google is a one-stop statistic where you can keep track of customer behavior, market research, and the latest market trends. 

It features several tools to help you discover the appropriate demographic for your brand, review and improve your website, and examine current consumer behaviour worldwide. Therefore, it is the only one to use if you are looking for top market research materials.

Key Properties:

  • Run a domain analysis of your domain and get customized advice to increase website speed.
  • It allows you to search for trends and useful insights from clients for specific locations.
  • To plan your advertising method, keep your eyes fixed on the growing era.
  • Use a quick test to compare your website against industry standards.
  • Discover hot topics, current information, and trending topics with Google Trends.

14. PureSpectrum

Market research tools for startups

PureSpectrum is a client statistics tool formerly Upwave Instant Insights used to collect market studies and emblem monitoring data. 

You can design surveys and questionnaires to invite the perfect audience to ask questions and get insightful insights for your marketing tasks. 

In addition, the company introduced the PureSpectrum Marketplace, which allows you to purchase samples from many market research panels with a single click.

Key Properties:

  • Distribute focused research and brand-tracking questionnaires to target audiences.
  • Choose your ideal target market.
  • Find out in real-time how your market research attempt is doing.
  • Find the right marketplace to target in your surveys with PureSpectrum Marketplace.
  • Use state-of-the-art reporting dashboards and track facts in real-time.

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15. Qualtrics

Best market research tools

Qualtrics is one of the most up-to-date management answers available. It consists of many sets of products that address different aspects of your employer. 

You can discover brand popularity on the same platform, conduct market research campaigns, optimize services and products, and increase consumer satisfaction. 

In addition, the primarily AI-based analytics area is one of the best market research devices to gather statistics for emblem monitoring and ad optimization.

Key Properties:

  • Leverage AI-powered dashboards to display logo awareness.
  • Discover the factors that influence audience impressions of your brand, each strongly and negatively.
  • To track adjustments in brands or focus signals, install automatic signals.
  • Conduct surveys to obtain records for market research and client feedback.
  • It provides 27 channels for deployment.

16. Userlytics

Online market research tools

Userlytics is one of the best tools for user testing and market research. To make sure your products appeal to your target market, you can easily move away from usability testing. 

It is the right tool for online market research because it allows you to get information about your contributors and engage in live dialogues to gather market insights with intense intensity without having to set up one-on-one interviews.

Key Properties:

  • There are several types of checks to choose from.
  • Find the right product market to match your rating use.
  • It includes things like multiple-question formats.
  • Select the right target audience in your tests with built-in targeting options.
  • The record of the image in the photo is to watch how individuals play sports.

17. Loop11

Best tools for market research

Loop11 is a platform for conducting market research and value testing to create superior products. The same era can be used to perform benchmarking, prototype testing, record structure testing, and other duties. 

It gives everyone moderated and unmoderated trials to perceive the appropriate target audience to test your product and prototypes.

You can use it as a target market research device to determine how your product appeals to your new target market, learn about their capabilities, and incorporate what you research into your layout.

Key Properties:

  • Create data like tree testing, 5-second duties, etc.
  • Incorporate questionnaires into the test to collect full demographic and psychographic data.
  • Create surveys with multiple types of questions.
  • Use any tool to run the test.
  • It offers a dedicated participant panel provider to find suitable people worldwide.

18. Make My Persona

Online market research tools

MakeMyPersona is your tool when you’ve never created a buyer or consumer persona. A buyer persona is created using HubSpot’s market research tool using the facts you provide in the form. 

You can use the personal template you get after filling in the necessary facts to analyze different categories of customers. It’s also free.

Key Properties:

  • Build a consumer persona by leveraging demographic and psychographic information about your target market.
  • Age, length of business, process identification, goals, problems, and other information are asked.
  • If it’s important, you can manually upload new sections as correct.
  • You can download and export a client persona with one click.

19. BrandMentions

Best market research tools

BrandMentions is a good tool if you want to recognize what people are talking about your logo.

It’s a great market analysis device that allows you to search the complete network and screen emblem involvement quickly. 

With this feature-rich platform, you can do everything from social attention to competitive spying.

Key Properties:

  • To create an online community, respond to emblem mentions from different customers from the dashboard.
  • Please choose the best influencers to support your advertising initiatives and interact with them.
  • Track the effectiveness of hashtags in many structures.
  • Do a sentiment analysis on every mention of your sign to determine the overall mindset of humans.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis to find out how your competition is doing online.

20. Ubersuggest

Market research tools for startups

Ubersuggest is another market research tool to help you provide glowing keyword recommendations for your advertising efforts. 

The tool presents keyword ideas, monthly volume, and other statistics to help you discover the biggest opportunities for your target keyword.

Neil Patel purchased UberSuggest and substantially increased its feature set.

Key Properties:

  • Generate ideas for long and short variations of your target keyword.
  • Track statistics for each keyword.
  • Follow the top pages to find popular key phrases.
  • Any area can be analyzed.
  • It allows you to access an SEO analyzer that can speed up your website, perform a website audit, and offer optimization guidance.

21. Google Analytics

Best tools for market research

Google Analytics is at the forefront. It helps you gain knowledge about your audience, the effectiveness of your campaign, and what you could do to strengthen them. It is unfastened and clean to apply. 

The big Google organization emphasizes internet advertising and marketing.

Given the volume of online marketing they do, they understandably have strong analytical and research skills to help their clients learn more about the market they want to sell.

Key Properties:

  • Take advantage of Google’s specific insights and device management options to get the most out of your listings.
  • Knowing who is using your website and mobile app will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising, content, and other efforts.
  • You can use analytics to deliver business implications as it integrates with Google’s publisher and advertising tools.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Market Research Tools

Choosing the right market research equipment ensures you get the information you need to prioritize. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Your research goals: What shape of records do you need to derive? Thinking of a way to discover consumer alternatives, call the market duration, or entertain the opposition? Extraordinary talents play different structures.
  1. Target Market: Who do you want to reach with creativity and foresight? Some tools help you find your way into a specific target market, while others offer a wider reach.
  1. Budget: Explore the market with tons of tools from free options with limited options to complex subscription pricing structures. Find out how many tons you are willing to spend upfront and keep in mind the daily fee.
  1. Data Series Techniques: Will you be conducting surveys, interviews, using professional devices, or listening to social media? Make sure the tool supports the chosen techniques.
  1. Ease of use: How tech-savvy are you? Some tools have a user-friendly interface, although others require special technical stats to work.
  1. Data Analytics Competence: Does the device provide the ability to evaluate your records and understand what they tell you?
  1. Reporting and visualization: How do you communicate your facts? Ensure the tool includes the reporting talents that make up your goals, side tables, graphs, and statistical tables.
  1. Integration: Does the tool integrate with the disparate software you run, consisting of CRM or ad automation frameworks?

With these factors in mind, you can decide to examine the tool that will be on the market, which will simplify your view of the machine and provide valuable facts.

Final Thoughts 

Understanding your market landscape is critical to the success of any startup. This survey of the 21 best tools for market research will equip you with the resources to make informed decisions and achieve strategic growth.

Whether you’re leveraging free platforms like Google Trends or exploring robust survey creation tools, these tools allow you to tap into valuable consumer insights.  

We invite you to share your chosen market research tools in the comment below and join the conversation! Follow us for more expert startup guidance:

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How can I find out what people are interested in?

Buzzsumo can help you find trending topics and content that resonate with your target market. Social media platforms like Reddit can browse famous discussions and interests in your niche.

Are there online resources for market research records?

Absolutely! Google Trends is a free tool that displays the number of searches for unique key phrases over the years. Statista offers an extensive market research data collection (with some paid alternatives).

What tools can help me analyze and visualize market research facts?

While several survey tools provide simple reports, Tableau is a famous (and non-industrial use-free) statistical visualization tool that can turn your findings into clean, clear charts and graphs.

What tools can I use to collect feedback from users at once on my website?

Hotjar is an excellent choice for capturing the behavior of people on your website through heatmaps, recordings, and surveys. Qualaroo allows you to target unique user segments with surveys and website surveys.



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