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Africa Fintech Summit Releases Nigeria Fintech Marketing Outlook 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS), a pacesetting body in the African financial technology space, that encourages innovation and collaboration, has published a landmark report with the title “Nigeria Fintech Marketing Outlook 2024”.

This study of its kind throws more light on the current trends and future pathways of marketing strategies utilized by Nigerian fintech companies, thus providing useful information for navigating the nation’s fast-growing fintech landscape.

Africa Fintech Summit Releases Nigeria Fintech Marketing Outlook 2024

The Nigeria Fintech Marketing Outlook, co-authored by industry specialists Charles Anijekwu and Jeremiah Ajayi, provides Nigerian fintechs with data-based strategies to achieve vital business goals: customer acquisition, retention, and sustainable long-term growth.

The report discusses the key discoveries obtained from extensive research that serve as a guide for success in the hyper-competitive Nigerian fintech market.

Strategic Marketing Budget Optimization for Maximum Impact

One of the report’s most significant findings is the emphasis on strategic budget allocation.

It was found that high-performing Nigerian fintech companies allocate a remarkable 50% of their marketing budgets to the most effective channels for their specific niches within the broader fintech industry.

With this focused approach, the company will not waste its marketing resources on general strategies but rather develop them carefully in order to resonate with individual customer segments.

Generative AI: An Innovation in Content Creation

The report equally calls attention to the growing acceptance of generative AI among fintech marketers in Nigeria.

While companies are focused on exploring new ways of engaging customers, 29% of the fintechs that were surveyed have already discovered the benefits of generative AI in content creation.

With this technology, fintechs can create high-quality personalized content at scale, which enhances the intimacy between them and their target audience.

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The Rise of Organic Channels: Development of Trust Through Owned Media

From the outlook of Nigeria Fintech Marketing, a large surge in importance is predicted for organic channels in the coming years.

The report expects that social media and search engines will be even more important to fintechs in 2024 and beyond.

Through developing an online presence on these organic channels, fintechs can position themselves as trusted authorities, promote brand awareness, and drive organic user acquisition.

Notably, among the 16 key forecasts, including the rise of organic channels, this report gives a complete picture of the evolving marketing landscape for Nigerian fintechs.

Nigeria: A Case Study for Pan-African Fintech Growth

The report goes beyond presenting findings; it contextualizes them within the broader Nigerian fintech ecosystem.

Charles Isidi, Head of Marketing and Communications at Africa Fintech Summit, underlines the wider relevance of the report: “We tried to cover that in our report and promote a data-driven culture in our industry.”

Nigeria’s position as Africa’s most prominent fintech hub is a very useful case study for the whole continent.

Home to giants such as Flutterwave and Paystack, Nigeria has a vibrant and integrated fintech ecosystem that shapes strategies across Africa.

Nigeria Fintech Marketing Outlook 2024 of the Africa Fintech Summit acts as a catalyst for discovery, critical thinking, and the identification of new opportunities within the African fintech market.

Unlocking Africa’s Fintech Potential: The Right Products, the Right Marketing

Isidi ends by highlighting the report’s key purpose: “The development of Africa’s fintech depends on creating the right products and selling them in the right way.”

The Nigeria Fintech Marketing Outlook 2024 enables Nigerian fintechs to accomplish this particular objective by giving them data and insights that will help them create effective marketing strategies that will connect with their target audiences and move them to long-term success.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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