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Wild Story: Checking Out the World’s Biggest Car With an Apartment Inside!

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Imagine a fleet of opulence, where the centerpiece is none other than the colossal Hummer H1 X3. This mammoth on wheels, the world’s largest car, stands testament to owner Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s lavish taste. Affectionately known as “The Rainbow Sheikh,” this extravagant title reflects his penchant for luxury.

The Hummer H1 X3:

The Hummer H1 X3 in contrast with the Hummer H1: The Apartment on wheels

At the heart of Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s automotive kingdom lies the Hummer H1 X3, a spectacle that redefines the concept of a house on wheels. This colossal vehicle dominates the roads, symbolizing the epitome of automotive extravagance. As we delve into the realm of the Rainbow Sheikh’s collection, the Hummer H1 X3 takes center stage, showcasing unparalleled grandeur and engineering prowess.

Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s Colorful Legacy:

The Rainbow Sheikh’s flair for the extraordinary extends beyond the Hummer H1 X3. His collection boasts a staggering array of over 3000 fully customized cars, each a masterpiece in automotive design and luxury. Among his remarkable possessions are fleets of S-Classes, each radiating the vibrant hues of the rainbow, a nod to the origins of his illustrious moniker.

Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan

A Glimpse into Extravagance:

Venturing into the opulent world of Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan, we discover not just an assembly of cars but an entire museum dedicated to automotive marvels. Housing over a hundred vehicles, this museum provides a glimpse into the Rainbow Sheikh’s passion for automotive excellence. From vintage classics to cutting-edge supercars, the collection mirrors the Sheikh’s unwavering commitment to the pursuit of automotive opulence.

In Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s automotive empire, the Hummer H1 X3 symbolizes unmatched extravagance, setting the stage for a collection that transcends boundaries.

Hummer H1 X3: A Marvel of Extravagance

Engineering Marvel:

The Hummer H1 X3, a wonder car in its own right, stands as a colossal spectacle, an apartment on wheels and a testament to the audacious vision of Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan. Measuring three times longer, taller, and wider than the original Hummer H1, this automotive marvel took seven individuals a staggering one and a half years to craft, all within the confines of the owner’s garage—an exceptional feat that speaks volumes about the grandeur of both the car and its creator.

Entrance Secrets:

Intriguingly, the car doors of the Hummer H1 X3 don’t swing open conventionally. Instead, a clandestine entrance lies beneath the vehicle, shrouded in mystery. This unique feature not only adds an element of exclusivity but also addresses the practicality of maneuvering doors that, if they existed, would be immensely weighty.

Interior Splendor:

Entering the Hummer H1 X3, a “mobile apartment,” reveals a lavish interior with a full-fledged kitchen and a commodious toilet accommodating at least two occupants. The engineering marvel includes a Lark Lx engine per wheel, each towering at an impressive 2.6 meters—a scale surpassing the height of former American Basketball star Shaquille O’ Neal.

Second-Floor Oasis:

Ascend to the second floor, and you’re greeted with an apartment-like space spanning a whopping 60 square meters. Imagine cruising in a mobile oasis equipped with retractable window blinds and colossal wipers, ready to combat unexpected rain showers. This second-floor haven provides a chilling space unparalleled in the realm of automotive luxury.

Hummer H1 X3: Driving Extravaganza

Driving the Hummer H1 X3 is no ordinary experience. Positioned at the rear of the car, the driver’s seat oversees four controls, one for each engine. With a top speed capped at 32 kilometers per hour, the Hummer H1 X3 is not designed for speed demons but rather for those who appreciate the journey as much as the destination with its luxurious apartment-like features.

The Rainbow Sheikh’s Affluence:

To understand Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s financial backing for such opulence, one must recognize his staggering net worth, surpassing 20 billion dollars. As an Emirati Royal, the Rainbow Sheikh’s family controls 95% of the UAE’s oil deposits, providing a vast reservoir of wealth that turns audacious automotive dreams into reality. In Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s world, luxury isn’t just a statement; it’s a lifestyle founded on unimaginable affluence.

Military Heritage:

This formidable “Apartment” on wheels, Hummer H1 X3 finds its origins in the frame of the U.S. Army LARC-LX steel-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle, an imposing base that sets the stage for an unparalleled automotive spectacle. The sheer dimensions are not for the faint-hearted, and the vehicle is brought to life by four diesel engines, each dedicated to propelling one of its colossal wheels.

Unconventional Rides:

Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s automotive pursuits extend beyond conventional boundaries like the Hummer H1 X3 Recently spotted behind the wheel of a Mercedes W128 fitted with monster truck wheels, he continues to push the envelope of vehicular customization, turning everyday rides into extraordinary showcases of opulence and innovation.

Philanthropy Beyond Luxury of the Sheikh’s Hummer H1 X3, “An Apartment on Wheels”.

Beyond displaying ostentatious wealth, Sheikh Hamad plays a lesser-known but equally significant role as a philanthropist in medicine. As a beacon of generosity, he provided a complete kidney stone operating theatre to a public hospital in Morocco, making a tangible impact on healthcare infrastructure beyond material opulence.

A Diverse Collection:

The Rainbow Sheikh’s garage is a diverse landscape of automotive wonders. Among his treasures are several vintage Mini Coopers, echoing the charm of bygone eras. Additionally, replicas of the 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagens grace his collection, showcasing a deep appreciation for the roots of automotive history.

A Legacy of Opulence and Compassion

Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s dual identity as a purveyor of opulence and a benevolent philanthropist weaves a tapestry of contrasts. Commanding attention on the road with larger-than-life creations and quietly making a difference in healthcare, Sheikh Hamad’s legacy transcends traditional boundaries in the elite world. In his garage, vehicles aren’t just modes of transportation; they are statements, embodying a life fueled by both extravagance and compassion.

Emirates National Auto Museum: A Glimpse into Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan’s Vast Automotive Kingdom

Abu Dhabi, a global superpower, transforms into a cultural hub, showcasing the Emirates National Auto Museum (ENAM) as a testament to automotive opulence. Commonly known as ENAM, this prodigious museum is a jewel in Abu Dhabi’s crown, attracting tourists to witness Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan’s remarkable car collection.

Establishment of the ENAM

Established in 2004, ENAM, resembling a pyramid, sits around 45 kilometers south of Abu Dhabi along the highway to Liwa Oasis. Sheikh Hamad’s impressive collection, valued at $25 million, comprises over 400 vehicles, with about 230 showcased in this pyramid-shaped marvel.

How the Rainbow Sheikh Earned his Moniker

The Rainbow Sheikh, a royal family member, earned his moniker by acquiring seven rainbow-colored Mercedes 500 SELs, one for each day.

Initially a private collection, Sheikh Hamad’s fascination with cars led to the museum’s opening as a gift to the community.

The Museum as Subject of Research for Exotic cars like the Hummer H1

Beyond grandeur, the museum serves as a research topic for global car investigators with a collection featuring the world’s largest pickup truck. ENAM’s maintenance is impeccable, with all vehicles in pristine condition.

The WW2 Willy’s Jeep

The museum highlights notable displays, including a Guinness Book of World Records-recognized WW2 Willy’s Jeep and the world’s largest truck. Earth on Wheels, a four-storey building on wheels resembling an apartment, intricately mirrors the Earth’s shape.

ENAM’s charm extends to its balcony, providing a picturesque view of the interior and the giant Dodge. The museum’s workshop ensures all vehicles are in driving condition, contributing to the immersive experience for visitors.

Open seven days a week from 9 AM to 6 PM, ENAM’s entry fee is AED 50 for adults, with free entry for children up to 10 years.

Concluding, the Emirates National Auto Museum, a global hub for car enthusiasts, embodies Sheikh Hamad’s automotive passion with vehicles like the Hummer H1 X3.

Situated in Abu Dhabi, this gem captivates tourists and scholars, making a substantial contribution to the city’s tourism industry. It seamlessly combines automotive history and modern marvels under one roof.

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