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Zone Introduces Decentralized Payment Gateway to Combat Failures and Fraud

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Zone, Africa’s fast-growing payment infrastructure company, has disclosed the takeoff of its POS Payment Gateway product. Zone, a decentralized network of Banks and Fintechs, is powered by blockchain. The platform is also focused on facilitating domestic and cross-border payments.

Zone PoS Payment Gateway: About Zone

The platform was founded by Emeka Emetarom, Obi Emetarom and Wale Onawunmi. They chose to self-innovate by studying blockchain technology and incorporating it with legacy banking and payment systems. 

Zone PoS Payment Gateway

Hence, they came up with Zone, which is a licensed blockchain-enabled payment infrastructure company. It enables payments and acceptance of digital currencies. The company has gone further, and introduced the PoS Payment Gateway. The introduction of this new feature brings an extensive payment processing solution to Banks and FinTechs that deploy PoS payment terminals.

The feature promises advanced solutions to terminal problems. It will provide transaction reliability through direct routing of transactions to issuers. A same-day settlement for beneficiaries and their financial institutions. Finally, a framework stopping chargebacks and chargeback fraud.

Zone PoS Payment Gateway To Pave A Way To Financial Inclusion

CEO and co-founder of Zone, Obi Emetarom portrayed the POS payment gateway product as a path to financial inclusion and to the digital future of all payments in Africa.

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He said, “Today marks a pivotal moment not just for us at Zone, but also for the Financial Institutions we enable, and the esteemed customers they serve. Our PoS Payment Gateway Product is a commitment to financial inclusion and to the digital future of all payments in Africa.”

Zone (as a CBN-licensed payment switch) is able to execute direct transaction routing to issuers without encroaching on regulatory guidelines on inter-bank payments.

At the core of Zone’s PoS Payment Gateway is its regulated layer-1 blockchain network. This guarantees the security, reliability and transparency of every transaction.

Zone Decentralized Payment Gateway Features

Zone’s superior framework supports the PoS payment gateway with several key features:

  • Direct Card Routing: Zone links acquirers directly to issuers through its decentralized payment switching network. This architecture optimizes the PoS transaction route and eliminates failure points. Consequently, guarantees improved speed and dependability of each transaction. This is done for the benefit of merchants, agents, and cardholders alike.
  • Zero Chargebacks: Zone’s advanced PoS payment gateway eliminates chargebacks and chargeback fraud on PoS terminals. This is done by auto-refunding customers for unsuccessful transactions and auto-declining fraudulent chargebacks in real-time. Consequently building a foundation of trust and satisfaction among all parties involved.
  • Same-Day Settlements: Settlement of payments from PoS terminals using Zone is effected on the same day and separately for each transaction. This ensures faster availability of funds for both agents and merchants alike. It also makes it easy to determine when value has been received for every transaction.


The payments switch and financial network landscape in Africa typically depend on bank consortiums for infrastructure ownership. Private industries have seen diverse success, with few gaining considerable traction outside traditional banking. 

Zone, which is one of the successful initiatives, stands out due to its founders who are veterans of the banking industry. It has processed several transactions at more than 6,000 ATMs for more than 10 million cardholders. Within three months of launching the ATM use case, FinTech processed over $1 million.

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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