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15 Best Sites to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria: Best Crypto Sites

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Looking for the best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria, sell and trade digital assets easily and confidently? The 15 best sites to buy bitcoin are listed in this article.

Regarding the innovation and adoption of cryptocurrencies, Nigeria is among the best nations in Africa.

Nigeria and Turkey have the largest populations of cryptocurrency owners in the world, per a Peoples Gazette analysis. In 2023, 31% of Turks and 47% of Nigerians will hold cryptocurrency. 

Nigeria is one of Africa’s emerging and promising cryptocurrency markets.

A large number of Nigerians utilize cryptocurrency to guard against inflation and exchange rate issues. Nigeria’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges are Bybit, Bitget, Kucoin, and others.

When selecting a cryptocurrency exchange to trade on, it’s crucial to consider several variables, including trading costs, security, laws, liquidity, and more.

Therefore, if you wish to trade digital assets, you need to know the 15 best sites to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. There are plenty, but not all of them benefit Nigerian traders.

The 15 best sites to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria are listed in this article after extensive investigation and testing on our part.

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15 Best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria

In order to write this post, we thoroughly investigated and evaluated the 15 best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria on the basis of a variety of criteria, including trading costs, supported trading pairs, customer service, exchange liquidity, and more.

Here is a list of the 15 best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria based on our valuation:

1. Bybit: Best Overall Crypto Exchange in Nigeria

2. Gate.io: Best Exchange for Crypto Portfolio Diversification

3. Bitget: Best Crypto Derivative Platform in Nigeria

4. Kucoin: Best Low Fees Crypto Exchange in Nigeria

5. Coinbase: Best Nigeria’s Crypto Exchange for Earning Rewards

6. Remitano: Best Exchange to Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

7. Paxful: Best P2P Bitcoin Exchange in Nigeria

8. Luno: Safest Nigerian Crypto Exchange

9. NairaEX: Best Nigeria’s Bitcoin Exchange

10. BuyCoins: Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Nigeria for Beginners

11. Kraken: Largest crypto exchange in Nigeria

12. Prestmit App

13. Binance App

14. Cryptolocally App

15. Breet App

1. Bybit: Overall Best Crypto Exchange Nigeria

Because it’s simple to deposit and withdraw Naira, Bybit is among the 15 best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. All you have to do is register and authenticate your account. 

After that, you can convert Naira into cryptocurrency and vice versa using the P2P function. Bybit offers excellent liquidity, cheap fees, and an excellent user experience. Its customer service is always there to assist you. 

On the spot market, you can trade futures and options contracts as well as purchase and sell cryptocurrency. On Bybit’s NFT marketplace, digital art can be explored and traded. Staking, lending, and copy trading are also supported.

Pros of Bybit 

Reputable website with more than 10 million members worldwide. Broad range of products, such as options, staking, NFTs, derivatives, and spot. User-friendly interface. Little trading costs. 

Cons with Bybit 

Derivatives in cryptocurrency are very dangerous for novices. In contrast to other reliable exchanges, the number of spot trading pairs is restricted.

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2. Gate.io: Best for Crypto Portfolio Diversification

With Gate.io, you may trade more than 1,700 different cryptocurrency pairs. NGN and other fiat currencies can be used to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, future contracts can be traded using leverage up to 100 times. It is among the top exchanges for margin trading as well. 

The site allows you to borrow money with up to ten times leverage. You can make interest by lending your money to other users through this exchange.

Gate.io also provides numerous other services, including automated trading bots, HODL & Earn, a startup launchpad, and staking. 

Naira (NGN) can be deposited and withdrawn via a debit card or bank transfer.

To deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency, you can use various methods, including cross-chain swaps, the Bitcoin lightning network, and crypto wallets.

Pros of Gate.io

Large trade volume and liquidity. Tradeable cryptocurrency pairs abound.

sophisticated trading tools A platform for emerging cryptocurrency companies dependable, safe platform with several security levels.

9.6 Promotional Affiliate User Score for Gate Io Earn up to $6666 in welcome rewards. Take advantage of a 10% discount.

Cons of Gate.io

Limited payment options and support for fiat currencies. a challenging learning curve and complex user interface for novices.

3. Bitget: Best Crypto Derivative Platform in Nigeria

One of the best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria is Bitget. With Bitget, you can trade many cryptocurrency products, including launchpad, copy, futures, and spot trading.

Fast transactions, strong security, and minimal costs are further benefits. Additionally, Bitget has its own token called BGB, which entitles its holders to a number of special advantages. 

These advantages include reduced costs, the ability to communicate with prominent traders and followers, access to Bitget Launchpad and Launchpool, exclusive airdrops, and more. 

Over two million traders use Bitget, with $6 billion in trading volume every day.

Its sufficient liquidity allows it to acquire and sell cryptocurrencies without experiencing price slippage.

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4. Kucoin: Best Overall Low Fees Crypto Exchange in Nigeria

With the help of KuCoin, you can trade and invest in various digital currencies. On KuCoin, you can find over 700 coins, including BTC, ETH, KCS, and others.

The minimal trading charge on this exchange is 0.1% for both buyers and sellers. If you own KCS tokens, you can also receive discounts. 

Depending on the mode of payment, KuCoin charges very little for withdrawals and doesn’t charge you for inputs.

KuCoin protects your data and finances with cutting-edge security technologies. It validates your balances, saves money offline, and encrypts your data.

5. Coinbase: Best Nigeria’s Crypto Exchange for Earning Rewards

Nigeria is one of the 25 African nations where Coinbase is accessible.

Users of this cryptocurrency exchange can choose from various goods and services, including Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase Card, Coinbase Prime, and more.

Coinbase is well-known for adhering to regulations and having excellent security standards.

 It employs encryption, biometric verification, and insurance to safeguard the remaining 2% of its users’ funds, with the remaining 98% being kept in offline cold storage. 

Along with adhering to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, the platform collaborates with law authorities when necessary.

Additionally, it provides free incentives to users who watch movies, learn about different coins, and pass quizzes.

6. Remitano: Best App to Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Since 2014, Remitano, one of the best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria, has assisted millions of Nigerians in cryptocurrency trading and has grown in popularity.

You may exchange Naira for Bitcoin and other coins on this peer-to-peer network, where you can also connect with other cryptocurrency dealers. 

You can also use your Remitano NGN fiat wallet or bank account to make transactions. Its reliable escrow mechanism protects your money and data, so you don’t have to worry about fraud or delays. 

There are no fees associated with bitcoin deposits made with Remitano.

Additionally, it features an accommodating support staff that is always available to help if you need it.

7. Paxful: Best P2P Bitcoin Exchange in Nigeria

On this site, you can exchange Bitcoin directly with other users. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that debuted in 2015. It functions in over 140 nations, Nigeria included. 

This cryptocurrency exchange will hold The seller’s Bitcoin in escrow until the buyer verifies the transaction.

This method protects both parties against fraud and scams. Only three coins are supported: USDT, USDC, and Bitcoin. 

Numerous payment methods and currencies are supported. You can use GCash, Apple Pay, Paypal, or gift cards as payment methods when trading Bitcoin for Nigerian Naira or other currencies.

8. Luno: Safest Nigerian Crypto Exchange

The next suggestion on our list is Luno. You can quickly access Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies using Luno.

Over 10 million cryptocurrency users utilize this exchange in Nigeria and other nations. 

Purchasing a voucher and entering its number on the Luno page that reads “Redeem your voucher” is the first step in making a Naira deposit.

The money will be added to your wallet after you redeem it. Right now, Luno offers the strongest protection available to protect your cryptocurrency. 

It adheres to cold storage of cryptocurrency and bank-grade encryptions.

In addition, this exchange provides numerous options to meet your demands, a user-friendly interface, minimal costs, and high volume. You can start your journey with just ₦50.

9. NairaEX: Best Nigeria’s Bitcoin Exchange

NairaEX, one of the best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria, was founded in 2015 in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

More than 900,000 transactions have been processed, and over 130,000 users have been supplied. With NairaEX, trading Bitcoin may be started easily. 

To get started, simply join up and authenticate your ID. However, the largest disadvantage of this exchange is that NairaEX currently only supports Bitcoin.

The funds are transferred to your Nigerian bank account as soon as the transactions are verified and quick and automated around the clock.

Referring others to NairaEX is another way for you to earn money.

You will be paid a commission for each trade your referrals make. The exchange rate, which represents the premium market rates, is predetermined at the time of the transaction.

10. BuyCoins: Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Nigeria for Beginners

With over 300,000 users and billions of transactions completed, BuyCoins is a reliable platform for Nigerians looking to enter the cryptocurrency market and reap its benefits.

 It complies with CBN regulations and offers a seamless trading experience, quick transactions, low fees, high liquidity, and excellent customer support.

If you’re an active, high-volume trader, you can borrow assets from BuyCoins at no interest to trade at a higher volume and increase your profits. They have an iOS and Android mobile app.

11. Kraken: High-Volume Cryptocurrency Exchange

With many features and services for traders and investors, Kraken is among the best cryptocurrency trading platforms available worldwide. With Kraken, you may access more than 200+ cryptocurrencies. 

It does not take withdrawals or deposits in Nigerian Naira. USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, CHF, and AUD are accepted.

This implies that to trade on Kraken, you must convert your Naira to one of these fiat currencies using a different service or platform.

Kraken also offers custodial services, allowing you to store cryptocurrency and move it from one cryptocurrency to another.

12. Prestmit App

With the recent release of a new edition of its mobile app, Prestmit is the talk of the town right now.

To improve user experience, the most recent version is significantly faster and simpler.

The app allows you to trade bitcoins. This marketplace also offers USDT, Dogecoin, and Litecoin at more favourable prices.

The Apple iOS store and Google Play Store both provide the Prestmit app. It is the web’s greatest bitcoin to naira app.

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14. Binance App

One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide is Binance. Nigerian users of the Binance App are not absent.

On this site, you can sell your bitcoin. The best thing is that using the site to publish offers or conduct transactions only costs a small amount.

15. Cryptolocally App

In 2019, the non-custodial P2P exchange Cryptolocally was introduced.

Because it is the first P2P exchange to have a decentralized governance framework, it stands apart from other P2P platforms.

You can trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on its app, including DOGE, USDT, Ethereum, etc.

Methodology to Choose the Best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria

When selecting the best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria, keep the following points in mind: 

1. Variable security techniques: To safeguard your account’s security, look for exchanges that provide two-factor authentication, cold storage, encryption, and strong passwords. 

2. Licenced and overseen by Nigerian government agencies: Verify if the exchange of your choice is registered with regulatory bodies such as the CBN or SEC. 

3. Extensive cryptocurrency support: Verify that the exchange offers as many trading pairings as it can, including Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin. 

4. Competitive commissions for trading: To make sure that the trading fees won’t significantly reduce your profit, compare the deposit/withdrawal fees and other expenses offered by various exchanges.

5. Enough trading volume and liquidity: This criterion guarantees that you can purchase or sell cryptocurrencies at reasonable prices in a rapid and easy manner.

6. Interfaces that are easy to use: Seek out exchanges that offer simple order placement, intuitive designs, and useful charting tools. 

7. Customer service is essential: Verify whether the exchange provides helpful phone support, live chat, or email support. It’s critical to have dependable assistance available when needed. 

8. Easy ways to make deposits and withdrawals: Ensure the exchange accepts safe payment options like credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or well-known payment processors in your nation. 

9. Mobile app: A mobile app or website optimized for mobile devices allows you to trade anywhere and remain more readily linked to the market.

How to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria?

Due to the CBN‘s prohibition on cryptocurrency transactions by banks and other financial institutions, buying cryptocurrency in Nigeria may present certain difficulties.

You can still utilize a few different payment options, though. Here are several actions you can take: Select a wallet to store the cryptocurrency you purchase.

You can use either an offline (cold) or online (hot) wallet. Decide where in Nigeria to purchase your digital assets. 

Exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies abound and include Kucoin, Coinbase, Bybit, and others.

You may even convert your gift cards into fiat money or cryptocurrency with certain of them. Purchase cryptocurrency with any of the following payment options:


What are the best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria? 

Bybit, Bitget, and Kucoin are among Nigeria’s best sites to buy bitcoin. 

Is buying bitcoin legal in Nigeria?

It is legal to trade cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. No legislation states you can’t trade cryptocurrencies, or you’ll be in jail for doing so, despite the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) dislike of them and its desire for banks and other financial institutions to avoid dealing with them.

How can I purchase Bitcoin in Nigeria without having my ID? 

You can trade Bitcoin directly with other users on peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges without providing your ID. Paxful and Remitano are two well-known P2P marketplaces operating in Nigeria.


Nigeria has a plethora of cryptocurrency platform options. Still, some are superior to others regarding liquidity, security, and dependability. 

According to our analysis, the previously mentioned Bybit, Bitget, and Kucoin are some of the best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria.

With their lengthy history of operation, these cryptocurrency exchanges have won the trust of millions of people all over the globe. 

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