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Selar, the Digital Creator Marketplace Making Waves

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Selar isn’t just any online selling platform. It’s your all-in-one tool designed specifically for creators and entrepreneurs looking to sell their content, products, and services worldwide, hassle-free.

Picture Source: Selar Official Website

With Selar, you can easily set up your account and link your bank details in just a few clicks. No complicated processes or lengthy verification steps – just a simple signup and you’re ready to start selling.

But what sets Selar apart is how easy it makes it for you to get paid. Simply share the link to your store or product with your customers, and watch as the payments start rolling in – no fuss, no hassle.

But what is the story behind this digital platform that has transformed the way we sell products and services? Read on to discover more, including how you can jump on the train and start utilizing Selar to make money. 

The Rise of Digital Creator Marketplaces

Over time, online platforms where creators can sell their work have evolved. At first, it was mostly about selling physical items like books or crafts. But now, with the internet, creators can sell all sorts of things, from digital art to online courses.

Today, many creators face challenges when trying to sell their work online. It can be tough to find the right platform, deal with complicated processes, or get paid securely and quickly.

Plus, there’s a lot of competition out there, making it hard for creators to stand out and get noticed.

Platforms like Selar play a crucial role in helping creators overcome these challenges. They provide simple and user-friendly tools for creators to set up their online stores and sell their work globally.

With features like easy sign-up, hassle-free product uploads, and secure payment processing, platforms like Selar make it easier than ever for creators to reach their audience and turn their passion into profit.

The Story of Selar

Douglas Kendyson, the CEO of Selar, started the platform in 2016 as a solution for creators.

At that time, he noticed a growing demand from people who wanted to sell digital products but struggled to find the right platform. 

Douglas Kendyson, Founder of Selar. Picture Source: LinkedIn

Drawing from his experience at Paystack, Douglas and his friends began a side project that quickly evolved into what is now known as Selar.

Initially, Selar focused on helping creators sell music online. But as time went on, it expanded to include various digital products, becoming a hub for creators of all kinds. 

The journey wasn’t without its challenges, though. One of the biggest hurdles came in 2021, during a period of intense competition for talent and funding in the tech industry.

Despite the availability of investors, Douglas and his team chose to bootstrap Selar. It wasn’t until 2020, after several years of hard work, that the platform gained significant traction.

Even then, Douglas decided to hold off on seeking external funding. 

Instead, he preferred the autonomy that bootstrapping offered. By 2022, Selar had become profitable, affirming Douglas’s decision to build the platform independently.

What Can I Sell on Selar?

Discover the various things you can sell on Selar! From selling digital products like designs and ebooks to hosting courses and even selling event tickets, Selar makes it easy.

  • Digital Products: Sell all sorts of digital stuff with ease. From content packs to designs to bundles, Selar has you sorted.
  • Ebooks: Selar is your go-to place for selling ebooks, no matter the format – downloadable or not.
  • Courses & Memberships: Setting up your courses and membership sites is a breeze on Selar. You get unlimited videos, files, storage, and students, plus top-notch content security.
  • Event Tickets & Training: Sell tickets for events and offer access to masterclasses, workshops, and webinars effortlessly through Selar.
  • Services: Whether it’s coaching, consultations, or design services, you can easily sell your services on Selar without any hassle.
  • Physical Goods: You can also sell physical goods like clothes, books, electronics, and more on Selar.

Making Money on Selar

Selar is your gateway to turning your digital creations into profit. Here’s how to make money on Selar:

Create a Selar account

To start with, sign up for an account. You can use your email, Facebook, or Google account. Once you’re in, you can start creating and selling your digital products.

Upload a digital product

Afterwards, upload the digital product you want to sell. whether it’s an ebook, course, software, or anything else you’ve created. You can upload in various formats, like PDF, MP4, or ZIP.

Set a price for the product

Decide on a price for your product. Next, set a fixed price or let customers pay what they want. You can also offer discounts and free trials to attract more customers.

Promote the product

Spread the word about your product on social media, your website, and other platforms. Also, share the product link and encourage people to check it out. Selar allows you to use its built-in marketing tools for promotion.

Accept payment

Generally, when customers buy your product, Selar will deduct a small fee and transfer the rest to your account. As a result, you’ll receive a notification for every sale, and you can track your earnings on your dashboard.

Withdraw earnings

Easily withdraw your earnings to your bank account whenever you want. Just click the “Withdraw” button on your dashboard, enter your bank details, and Selar will transfer the money within a few business days.

Create a sales funnel

Develop a sales funnel by offering free lead magnets like ebooks or webinars, then upselling your paid product. This can help increase conversions and profits.

Provide excellent customer service

Respond promptly to customer inquiries and resolve any issues they may have. Positive interactions build trust and encourage repeat business.

Continuously improve your product

Listen to customer feedback and make improvements to your product, this enhances its quality and boosts sales in the long run.

Collaborate with other creators

Partner with other creators to expand your reach and offer joint products or courses. This can attract new customers and increase profits.

Utilize Selar’s analytics tools

Track your sales and analyze customer demographics to make informed decisions and optimize your product offerings.

Join Selar’s affiliate program

Earn commissions by promoting other creators’ products through Selar’s affiliate program. This can generate additional income and widen your audience.

Why You Should Join Selar

Thinking about selling your digital products or services online? Here are some reasons why you should consider joining Selar:

Multi-Currency Support

Whether your potential buyers are paying in Naira, Cedis, Pounds Sterling, or USD, Selar has got you covered.

The platform automatically detects the IP addresses of your buyers and sets their default currency accordingly.

Particularly, this platform handles all the currency conversions for you. This helps you focus on your business while getting settled in your local currency the next day.

Integration with CRM and Analytics Tools

Selar seamlessly integrates with your favorite CRM tools, like Mailchimp, allowing you to manage your customer relationships effortlessly.

You can add Google Analytics tracking codes to monitor user activity on your product sales pages. 

Plus, Facebook Pixel integration is available in the free plan, helping you reach more potential buyers.

Inbuilt Affiliate Marketing Engine

Want to reward people who sell products on your behalf?

Selar’s Affiliate feature allows you to add affiliates from your dashboard and set the percentage commission you want to offer each affiliate.

Picture Source: Selar Official Website

Essentially, this feature comes in handy during negotiations with affiliate marketers, ensuring everyone is satisfied.

Built-in Subscriptions

Selar supports subscriptions, allowing you to charge subscribers a monthly fee to access your products or services.

With automated payments, you won’t have to worry about reminding customers to make their monthly payments; it’s all taken care of.

Analytics Dashboard

Track your performance on the platform with the built-in analytics dashboard. Monitor your sales, check out how well your store is doing, and gain insights into abandoned carts, all from your Selar dashboard.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Selar sends abandoned cart emails to notify customers who haven’t completed their purchases, giving them a gentle reminder to complete the transaction.

Overall, it helps recover potentially lost sales and improves your overall conversion rate.

Coupon Code Creation

Selar allows you to create coupon codes for your products, whether it’s a percentage discount or a fixed amount.

Coupons are a great way to attract customers and boost sales on your platform.


To sum up, Selar is an excellent platform for creators looking to monetize their digital products and services.

With features like multi-currency support, integration with CRM and analytics tools, and more, Selar provides a comprehensive solution for creators to reach a wider audience and increase their earnings.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling ebooks, courses, or services, Selar offers a user-friendly interface and robust features to help you succeed.

So, if you’re ready to turn your passion into profit, Selar could be the best platform for you.


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