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uLesson Cuts Subscription by 50% Due to Economic Hardships to Help Families

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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A platform for educational technology called uLesson offers students interactive learning materials. It provides instruction in many subjects, such as science, math, and English. It’s an excellent tool that students can use to improve their educational experience. 

To assist Nigerian families during and after the current challenging times, the online learning platform for secondary school students in Africa has announced a fifty percent reduction in the cost of its educational software subscription.

Picture Source: uLesson.com

uLesson’s CEO Slashes Subscription Fee For Nigerians

The well-known online learning platform uLesson, founded and led by Sim Shagaya, has announced a 50% reduction in the cost of app subscriptions. In a tweet posted on his X profile, the CEO disclosed this.

Mr. Shagaya claims that the price reduction was carried out to assist Nigerian households, a large number of whom are experiencing severe hardship as a result of the Federal Government of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s economic policies. According to the CEO, the goal of his intervention is to assist Nigerian families both now and in the future.

“Households are facing challenging times right now. For the duration of this and future periods, @ulessonapp will provide a 50 percent subscription price reduction on educational software to help Nigerian families. In the tweet, Shagaya prayed for everyone to have resilience and strength. 

Nigeria’s Experience With Economic Hardship

His action demonstrates to Nigerians his empathy for their predicament. The federal government’s economic policies are currently causing biting hardships for Nigerian families. For many Nigerians, the recent systematic economic collapse has been agonizing because it has robbed them of hope. 

Because Nigeria is a country of consumers and the naira is underperforming the dollar, necessities are becoming more expensive and harder to come by. 

Farmers are unable to return to their farms due to insecurity in the north, which produces a large portion of the nation’s food. A report claims that over 2 million people—nearly 90% of whom are farmers—have been forced to flee their homes due to insecurity in the north. Due to this, food production was under extreme pressure, and food inflation reached 34.4%. 

The International Monetary Fund predicts that the nation’s overall inflation rate, which is currently 29.9%, will eventually peak at 44%. 

The average Nigerian household is suffering greatly as a direct result of these realities, in addition to the fact that the country’s currency, which is currently worth $1 to N1750, is depreciating daily. The nation’s minimum wage is still N30,000.

uLesson Made Easily Available To Users Through The Subscription Slash 

Many citizens are having difficulty keeping up with their financial obligations, so those who were interested in the plan to reduce subscription prices expressed relief and gratitude. 

It is encouraging to see that the startup and its founder are working toward making their service easily accessible to users despite the challenging circumstances, as evidenced by the 50% reduction in subscription costs and the CEO said that this development would continue forever. 

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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