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Paid Opportunity: World Bank Robert S. McNamara Fellowship Program 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The World Bank’s Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program (RSMFP) is now accepting applications, and you might just be exactly what they are looking for!

This program is all about connecting talented researchers in development economics from developing countries with World Bank research economists. It’s an incredible opportunity to be a part of rigorous and policy-relevant research at the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

 World Bank Robert S. McNamara Fellowship Program

During the 8-month program (from September to May each year), fellows will work closely with researchers in the World Bank’s Development Impact (DIME) and Development Research Group departments. They’ll dive into high-quality research projects and collaborate with external academic experts from top universities. It’s a chance to learn the latest research standards, gain new econometric skills, and build connections with leading researchers in the field.

Not only that, but fellows will also get to broaden their perspective on development questions and explore how their research can make a difference in the developing world. It’s an exciting opportunity to contribute to meaningful research while expanding your network. 

World Bank’s Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Requirement

  1. You will have to submit your resume in PDF format
  1. Statement of Purpose, which is also submitted in PDF format. It should not be more than 500 words, describing your research interests and professional objectives and discussing how your recent and current activities qualify you as a development researcher
  1. A writing sample, which is optional, the writing sample has to reflect your English writing skills.  It should also be submitted in PDF format. 
  1. A code sample, which is also optional.  It should reflect your coding skills. You may choose any data science-related programming language, but you must zip the files before uploading them.

When applying for the program, it’s important to include at least one, but no more than two, academic references in your writing sample. These references will only be contacted if you successfully pass the initial round of the selection process. You can apply here

As a fellow in the program, you’ll have the chance to learn about the latest research standards, develop new econometric skills, and connect with leading researchers and top academic collaborators in your field. It’s an incredible opportunity to gain valuable research experience and make the most of this exciting opportunity.

Eligible Potential Fellows must have the following:

To be eligible for this program, you, as an applicant, must have the following: 

  1. Applicants should be young researchers specializing in development economics. They should be from World Bank member countries, with a preference for individuals who are nationals of developing countries.
  1. In terms of educational background, applicants must have completed their Master’s degree or be currently pursuing a PhD in economics or a related field focused on development. Fluency in English is also a requirement, as the program is conducted in English.
  1. Additionally, applicants should be no older than 35 years old when the fellowship begins. It’s important for candidates to demonstrate a strong passion and commitment to international development research. 
  1. They should have outstanding academic credentials and be willing to relocate to Washington, D.C., for at least the first four months of the fellowship.


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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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