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Glo Bonus Airtime and Data Balance: How to Check Bonus Offers

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Undoubtedly, receiving Glo airtime bonus on your Glo SIM card is enjoyable. Every time you add more airtime, it’s like getting a nice reward. 

But when you find yourself wondering how much extra you still have, especially if your data connection suddenly cuts out or your call ends in the middle of a conversation, the excitement can soon turn to disappointment. 

At this point, keeping an eye on your bonuses becomes essential. You can keep track of your airtime and data bonuses by checking your Glo Berekete bonus, so you won’t be surprised when they run out.

We’ll take you step by step through the process of verifying your Glo Berekete bonus in this in-depth guide. 

We have all the information you need, whether you’re interested in knowing how much data you have left or how much airtime you have remaining. 

Now let’s get started and solve the riddle surrounding Glo Berekete bonuses.

Understanding Glo Berekete Bonus

Prior to delving into the specifics of verifying your Glo Berekete bonus, let us clarify what Glo Berekete comprises. 

Glo Berekete is the standard price plan offered by Glo Nigeria, and it is well-known for its substantial airtime and data benefits. Due to the many advantages this tariff plan provides, Glo subscribers have made it extremely popular.

Glo Berekete goes above and beyond to make sure consumers obtain significant incentives with each recharge, in addition to offering frequent bonuses. 

Glo Berekete makes sure you receive the greatest value for your money, whether you’re buying data for browsing or topping up for a quick phone call.

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Additional Information on Glo Berekete Bonus

To fully optimise your benefits, you must comprehend a few more things in addition to how to verify your Glo Berekete perks. Here are some important things to think about:

  • Comparing the Different Approaches: 

Recognize the distinctions between checking data bonuses and airtime to determine which approach is most practical for you.

  • Importance of Bonus Validity

Recognize that Glo Berekete bonuses have a seven-day validity period. This guarantees you make the most of your benefits by using them before they expire.

  • Roll-over Feature:

Benefit from Glo Berekete’s roll-over function, which lets you keep using unclaimed bonuses even after their expiration date. To use this service, just recharge your line within the seven-day validity period.

You can maximise your Glo Berekete bonus experience and get the most out of your benefits by becoming familiar with these extra elements. Let’s examine the legitimacy of Glo Berekete bonuses in more detail now.

Understanding Glo Berekete Bonus Validity

How long you can enjoy your benefits depends in large part on how long the Glo Berekete bonuses are valid. 

Glo Berekete bonuses normally have a seven-day validity period after the date of activation. This implies that before your bonuses expire, you have a week to use them.

Don’t worry if you discover that your bonuses are about to expire and you haven’t used them all. You can prolong the validity of your incentives with Glo Berekete’s handy roll-over option. 

To carry over your unused bonuses and keep using them, just recharge your line before the seven-day period ends.

Comprehending the legitimacy of Glo Berekete bonuses guarantees that you maximise your benefits and do not lose them. You’re prepared to get the most out of Glo Berekete now that you know how to verify your bonuses and check their legitimacy.

How To Check Glo Airtime Bonus Balance Using USSD Codes

One of the easiest ways to check the balance of your various Glo airtime bonuses straight from your phone is to use the USSD code approach. To check the various Glo benefits, such as the Berekete bonus, Yakata bonus, Glo 4X bonus, Glo 5X bonus, and Glo 22X bonus, we have supplied the USSD codes. 

How to Check Glo Berekete Bonus Balance

  • Enter the code *230# after dialling it. 
  • Pick the initial choice. 
  • You will receive a notification in addition to seeing your Glo BEREKETE bonus balance right on your screen.

As an alternative, 

Dialling *230*1# on your keypad will reveal your Glo Berekete bonus balance, allowing you to check your balance. You will receive a message from Glo as well.

How to Check Glo Yakata Bonus Balance

  • Enter the code *230# after dialling it. 
  • Pick the initial choice. 
  • You will instantly see your Glo Yakata bonuses balance on your screen and receive a notification as well.

How To Check Glo 4X Bonus Balance

  • Enter the code *122# after dialling it. 
  • Choose option 3. 
  • Next, hit 0 
  • You’ll see your Glo 4X bonus balance right on your screen and receive a notification as well.


You can also use your keyboard to directly dial *122*3*0#. You will receive a message and see your Glo 4X bonus sum.

Check Glo 5X Bonus Balance

  • Enter the code *555# after dialling it. 
  • Choose the fifth choice. 
  • You’ll see your Glo 5X bonus balance right on your screen and receive a note as well.
  • Or just enter *555*5#.

Check Glo 22X Bonus Balance

  • Dial the code #122# and press enter 
  • Your Glo 22X bonus balance will appear directly on your screen, and a message is also be sent to you.

Dial the relevant USSD code from your Glo phone to view your bonus balance and other details, like the expiration date on your phone screen.

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How To Check Glo Data Bonus Balance With USSD Codes

The USSD code method, as said before, is one of the simplest ways to check your various Glo data bonus balances directly from your phone. Here are the main USSD codes:

How to Check Your Glo Airtime And Data Bonus Balance Using The Glo Self-Care App

Additionally, Glo offers the simple Glo Cafe self-care smartphone app for checking bonus amounts. The steps are as follows:

  • Get the Glo Cafe app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app, input your phone number, and set a passcode.
  • Choose “Data Credit” under “Manage Account.”
  • Your available bonus data and airtime credits will be displayed.

You can view all of your Glo benefits in one location with the app’s easy-to-use design. 

How to Check Glo Airtime Bonus Balance Via SMS

As an alternative, you can also use SMS to check the balance of your Glo bonus. Take these actions:

  • Make a fresh SMS.
  • Enter the word “INFO” in capital letters in the message field.
  • Text message 127 with the message.
  • An SMS message with your available bonus sum, expiration date, and other account information will be sent to you soon.

This SMS approach is quite convenient and works from any phone. The SMS will automatically be saved for future use.

How To Check Glo Call Bonus

  • Dial #122# on your phone.
  • Your bonus balance, validity period, and other details will be sent via SMS message.

It is important to note the expiration date so you can use up bonuses before they expire. Dial *310# to check your regular airtime and data balances.

Bonus Codes for Specific Glo Plans

Some Glo plans have dedicated bonus check codes for easier tracking. Here are some of the important ones:

  • *122*34# – Check locked Glo Welcome Back Bonuses
  • *122*35# – Check unlocked Glo Welcome Back Bonuses
  • *122*2# – Check Glo BUMPA package bonuses
  • *122*10# – Check Glo campus booster voice bonus

You can use the relevant code per your Glo subscription to check the bonuses for that specific plan.

Why Checking Your Glo Bonus Balance is Important?

  • Don’t pass up Glo’s complimentary bonuses for data, airtime, or other benefits.
  • Use bonuses to get the most out of your Glo plan before adding more data or airtime.
  • Make the move to bonuses before going over your plan limit to avoid bill shocks.
  • Use bonuses quickly because the majority have expiration dates.
  • Keep up with Glo’s latest deals, coupons, and promotions.
  • Effectively manage your data usage by assigning bonuses for intensive tasks.

What are the Benefits of Glo Berekete?

  • All new customers receive a N1,000 joining bonus that can be applied to ALL-NET data and calls. After making your first call and activating a new Glo SIM with a minimum N100 recharge, you will receive a one-time incentive.
  • Whopping 10X Bonus (400% for Voice & 500% for Data) on all recharges, this can be used for ALL-NET calls and data.
  • For six months after joining Glo Network, there will be a special extra data bonus on the first recharge of each month (N100 and above).
  • Up to a 100% bonus is offered when purchasing a 4-month data plan.

In further details, you will have access to the following:

  • N1,000 welcome bonus when a new GLO SIM is activated. The following is how voice and data can be used with the one-time welcome bonus:

To call every network, use 


ii.N200 to be used for 200MB of data at a rate of N1/mb.

  • After completing your SIM registration, making your first call, and recharging with a minimum of N100, you will be eligible to access this benefit.
  • The bonus for voice and data is applicable for seven days after your line is credited.
  • It should be noted that the welcome bonus is a one-time offer that is valid for the recharge that you used to activate your new SIM card. You will receive a massive 10X bonus on subsequent recharges, but you won’t receive the N1,000 bonus.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I check my Glo Berekete Bonus?

You can check your Glo Berekete bonus by dialing 1270# for data bonus and 2301# for airtime bonus.

How to check Glo Berekete bonus airtime?

To check your Glo Berekete airtime bonus, dial 2301#.

How to check Glo Berekete bonus data?

To check your Glo Berekete data bonus, dial 1270#.

How to know your Glo Berekete bonus balance?

You can know your Glo Berekete bonus balance by dialing 2301# for airtime bonus balance and 1270# for data bonus balance.

If I’m not connected to the internet, how can I check my Glo data balance? 

You can text “INFO” (without the quotes) to 127 to find out how much data you have left on Glo.

What is Glo data’s USSD code?

Glo’s data plans on the lightning-fast 4G+ network. Either choose from our extensive selection of affordable and adaptable data bundles or enter the data code *777# to activate the internet plan of your preference.

What pin is needed to view the Glo data balance?

Since it is the fastest, the *127*0# technique is the most commonly used to verify the GLO data balance. To submit the code along with your GLO number, just dial *127*0# on your phone.

How can I view the balance on my Glo Berekete Plus?

To find out your Glo bonus balance on the Glo Berekete tariff plan, dial *230*1 #.

Is it possible to use the Glo Cafe app to check my Glo data balance? 

Yes, you may use the Glo Cafe app to view your Glo data balance. To view your data balance on the home screen, simply download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, sign in with your Glo phone number, and then enter the OTP.


To sum up, becoming proficient in monitoring your Glo Berekete bonuses guarantees that you remain informed and maximise your benefits. 

You can effortlessly keep an eye on your airtime and data benefits, stay clear of surprises, and get the most out of Glo Berekete by following the easy instructions provided in this article. 

To keep receiving benefits and prolonging the validity of your incentives, don’t forget to use the roll-over option. You may easily and confidently traverse the world of Glo Berekete bonuses now that you have this knowledge at your disposal.

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