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Latest on How to Borrow Data on Airtel

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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As users navigate the digital realm, learning how to borrow data from Airtel ensures a safety net during crucial moments when staying online is non-negotiable. 

Whether through USSD codes, user-friendly mobile apps, or SMS-based methods, Airtel’s commitment to providing diverse and accessible options for data borrowing underscores its dedication to keeping users seamlessly connected. 

In an ever-connected world where seamless access to data is paramount, Airtel has emerged as a pioneering force, addressing the need for uninterrupted connectivity through its innovative data borrowing feature. 

As we delve into the exploration of Airtel’s data borrowing avenues, we unlock the convenience and empowerment that this feature brings to individuals in their quest for constant connectivity in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

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How Much Data can you Borrow from Airtel?

The amount you can borrow when using Airtel’s data borrowing feature is contingent upon the specific data borrowing plans and limits established by Airtel.

Generally, telecom operators define borrowing limits based on factors such as user history, usage patterns, and existing repayment behavior. Airtel typically offers a range of data borrowing options, allowing users to choose the amount that suits their immediate needs.

Users can borrow varying amounts of data depending on their preferences and requirements, and these amounts are often communicated through USSD codes, mobile apps, or SMS instructions. 

The borrowing limits may differ for different users, and Airtel ensures flexibility in its data borrowing plans to accommodate diverse user needs.

To determine the exact borrowing limits and available data amounts, users are encouraged to check Airtel’s official communication channels, including the Airtel Thanks app, the Airtel website, or by contacting Airtel customer support directly. 

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How Long will the Data Loan Last? 

The duration of the data loan, or the validity period for the borrowed data on Airtel, is an essential aspect determined by the telecom operator’s policies. 

Typically, Airtel assigns a specific validity period to the borrowed data, allowing users to use the borrowed amount within a defined timeframe. This validity period can vary based on the amount of data borrowed and the specific terms associated with the borrowing plan.

Users are advised to check the details provided during the data borrowing process, either through USSD codes, mobile apps, or SMS instructions. 

Airtel ensures transparency by communicating the exact validity period, ensuring that users are aware of how long the borrowed data will remain accessible for use.

It’s crucial for users to use the borrowed data within the stipulated validity period to maximize its benefits. Beyond this period, the borrowed data may expire, and users might need to consider additional borrowing or regular recharges to maintain uninterrupted connectivity. 

Eligibility Requirements to Borrow Data from Airtel 

  • The specific Airtel SIM must be used for a minimum of three months—90 days, to be exact. If not, you won’t be able to borrow data from Airtel.
  • The amount on your Airtel primary account must have dropped below ₦5.
  • For such credit, there is a service fee that you must pay.
  • On the subsequent recharge, the loan amount will be immediately deducted from the balance of your primary account.
  • There cannot be any outstanding loans.

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How to Borrow Data from Airtel 

Airtel’s data borrowing feature is designed to address the occasional moments when users find themselves running low on data but need to stay connected. 

Whether it’s sending important emails, staying updated on social media, or navigating through crucial tasks, the ability to borrow data ensures that users can bridge those connectivity gaps.

There are various ways to borrow data from Airtel they include:

1. Using the MyAirtel App

2. Using the USSD code

3. Using the Airtel website

4. Using SMS code 

Let’s go over each of these approaches in more detail:

1. Using USSD code

Airtel simplifies the process of borrowing data through a straightforward USSD code, offering users a quick and efficient way to address their immediate connectivity needs. To initiate the data borrowing process, users need to dial a specific USSD code on their Airtel mobile phones. 

Once the code is dialed, an intuitive menu guides users through the available data borrowing options. Users can select the desired data amount they wish to borrow and confirm the transaction, which results in an instantaneous credit of the borrowed data to their Airtel account.

This method exemplifies Airtel’s commitment to user convenience, providing a direct and accessible pathway for those moments when staying connected becomes imperative.

 By incorporating the USSD code for data borrowing, Airtel ensures that users can seamlessly navigate through the process, empowering them with a swift solution to bridge the gap in their data needs.

 It’s a testament to Airtel’s commitment to innovation, offering a user-friendly method for individuals to borrow data and stay connected effortlessly in today’s digitally-driven environment.

Use the USSD code to borrow data by doing the following steps: 

  • Launch the phone dialer and enter *303# to access your Airtel line. 
  • The menu will say “Borrow Data.” Select it. 
  • Select the data bundle based on what you require. 
  • To confirm the transaction, follow the prompt.

2. Using myAirtel app

Airtel enriches the user experience by incorporating data borrowing seamlessly into its multifaceted mobile application – myAirtel app. 

This method provides a user-friendly and feature-rich interface for borrowers. Users begin by downloading and installing the myAirtel app, available on major app stores. Upon login or registration, the app’s intuitive design guides users to the “Data” or “Recharge” section, where data borrowing options are easily accessible. 

Within this section, users can explore different data borrowing plans and select the desired amount. The my Airtel app ensures a seamless borrowing experience, allowing users to confirm their transaction effortlessly.

By integrating data borrowing features into the myAirtel app, Airtel emphasizes accessibility and convenience, catering to users who prefer managing their accounts and services through a centralized platform. 

This method reflects Airtel’s commitment to enhancing user experience, providing a modern and streamlined approach to data borrowing.

Users can navigate the app’s interface with ease, ensuring that borrowing data from Airtel becomes not just a necessity but a user-friendly and empowered choice in the pursuit of uninterrupted connectivity.

3. Using the Airtel website

On the Airtel website, data can be borrowed. The procedures listed below can be used to loan data via the Airtel website: 

  • Go to www.airtel.com.ng to access the Airtel website. 
  • Select “Data Loan” from the drop-down option. 
  • Decide how much data you wish to borrow. 
  • Verify the transaction.

4. Using SMS

Airtel offers a straightforward and accessible method for users to borrow data through SMS, providing a text-based alternative for those who prefer simplicity in the borrowing process.

To initiate data borrowing via SMS, users compose a new message on their Airtel mobile phones and enter the specified code. 

Following this, users follow the instructions provided in the SMS to select the desired data amount they wish to borrow. Once the SMS is sent to the designated Airtel number, the data is swiftly credited to the user’s account.

This SMS-based approach underscores Airtel’s commitment to providing diverse and user-friendly options for data borrowing, ensuring that users can stay connected without unnecessary complications. 

By incorporating this method, Airtel acknowledges the importance of catering to varying user preferences and ensures that the process remains accessible to all, allowing individuals to navigate their data needs with convenience and ease.

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Transaction Fees When you Borrow Data from Airtel

These loans are not being provided to you at no cost by Airtel. A service charge is applied to every loan. 

The networks in Nigeria charge the same service cost, which is 15% of the data bundle’s airtime value.

This implies that Airtel will deduct the 15% service charge and the data’s airtime value when it comes time to pay back.

How to Pay for the Data you Borrowed

Paying for the data is typically seamlessly integrated into the user’s existing account and recharge mechanisms. Airtel follows a user-friendly approach, ensuring convenience in settling the borrowed data amount. 

Upon borrowing data, Airtel usually outlines the repayment terms, and the amount is automatically deducted from the user’s account during their next recharge.

Users can conveniently recharge their Airtel accounts through various channels, including online platforms, retail outlets, or Airtel’s mobile app. 

When recharging, the borrowed data amount is deducted along with any applicable fees, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward repayment process. Additionally, users are often notified of the repayment details via SMS or within the myAirtel app.

This automated repayment system eliminates the need for separate payment processes, streamlining the user experience. 

Airtel’s commitment to user-centric services ensures that settling borrowed data amounts aligns with the convenience of users, allowing them to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity without the need for manual repayment procedures.

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How to Check Airtel Data

Checking your Airtel data balance is a simple process, ensuring that you stay informed about your data usage. To check your Airtel data balance, you can utilize the USSD code provided by Airtel or use the myAirtel app.

For USSD code method:

  • Dial the specified USSD code on your Airtel mobile phone. The code is usually *121# or *123#.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to navigate to the data balance option.
  • Select the option to check your data balance.

For myAirtel app method:

  • Download and install the Airtel Thanks app from your device’s app store.
  • Log in or register for an account if you don’t have one.
  • Navigate to the section that displays your data balance or usage.

Both methods provide a quick and convenient way to check your Airtel data balance. By staying updated on your data usage, you can manage your connectivity effectively and ensure you have the necessary information when considering options like borrowing data to meet your immediate needs.


How can I borrow data from Airtel?

You can borrow data from Airtel by using USSD codes, the myAirtel app, or SMS-based methods. Follow the prompts to choose the desired data amount and complete the borrowing process.

What is the USSD code for data borrowing on Airtel?

The USSD code for data borrowing may vary. Check Airtel’s official communication channels or use the code provided during the borrowing process.

Can I borrow data if I’m a prepaid Airtel user?

Yes, data borrowing is typically available for prepaid Airtel users.

 Is there a limit to how much data I can borrow?

 Yes, borrowing limits may vary based on individual user profiles and Airtel’s policies.

How long does the borrowed data last?

The validity period for borrowed data is specified during the borrowing process. It’s essential to use the data within this period.

Can I repay the borrowed data before my next recharge?

The repayment process is usually automated during your next recharge. Early repayment options may vary.

Are there transaction fees associated with data borrowing?

 Transaction fees, if applicable, will be communicated during the borrowing process.

What happens if I don’t repay the borrowed data on time?

Penalties or consequences for late repayment are typically outlined in the governing terms and conditions.

Can I check my borrowed data balance?

Yes, you can check your borrowed data balance through USSD codes or the myAirtel app.

Where can I find the governing terms and conditions for data borrowing?

Governing terms and conditions are usually available through USSD codes, mobile apps, or Airtel’s official communication channels.


As Airtel continues to empower users by introducing innovative features that cater to their evolving connectivity needs. 

The ability to borrow data on Airtel exemplifies this commitment, providing a lifeline for users during critical moments. 

Whether through USSD codes, mobile apps, or SMS-based methods, Airtel ensures that users have diverse and user-friendly options to stay connected seamlessly, reinforcing its position as a leading player in the digital connectivity arena.

 As users navigate the intricacies of their digital lives, Airtel’s data borrowing feature stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to delivering connectivity solutions that are both accessible and reliable.

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