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Full LIst of Opay USSD Codes & How to Use Them 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Opay is a leading financial institution that works in Nigeria and other African countries. Because banking institutions are inconsistent, Opay offers its users a better experience. From seamless transactions to quality financial solutions, the organization has grown its reach across Africa while winning new consumers. 

Opay offers a mobile application, web services, and USSD codes to assist users in receiving smooth financial services. As an Opay user, you may already know that the mobile money platform offers a wide range of services that allow you to do more than just send and receive money.

With Opay USSD codes, you may simply execute a variety of transactions from your Opay account without having to log into the app or use internet services. All you need is a simple mobile phone that allows you to make transactions with your Opay account. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring the full list of USSD codes for Opay and how to use Opay USSD codes. Whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned user, this guide will help you get the most out of your Opay account. Continue reading as we go over the complete list of Opay USSD codes and how to use them. 

What is the Opay USSD Code? 

The OPay USSD code, *955#, acts as a unique identification, allowing clients to easily do various banking activities. This code allows you to transfer money, buy airtime and data, make withdrawals, create accounts, and finance other accounts directly from your mobile device, removing the need for internet connectivity or the OPay mobile app.

USSD codes provide a self-service option for financial transactions that work flawlessly across basic phones using text-based menus. OPay introduced its USSD code, *955#, to improve service accessibility, particularly for consumers who do not own smartphones or have difficulty connecting to the internet.

To utilize the USSD codes for Opay, users must have an Opay account associated with their phone number or SIM card. This code works perfectly on Nigeria’s Airtel, MTN, and 9Mobile networks, but it is not compatible with the Glo network.

Therefore, dialing *955# from a mobile device initiates the procedure, giving OPay customers immediate access to a variety of services. These services include fund transfers, bill payments, airtime purchases for oneself or others, account balance queries, account setup, and more, all easily accessible via the user-friendly USSD menu selections.

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How to Open and Activate an OPay Account

Basically, to utilize Opay USSD codes, you must first create an account with Opay. Here are the basic procedures for creating an Opay account:

  1. Get the Opay app: Go to your smartphone’s app store (Google Play for Android or Apple App Store for iOS) and type in “Opay.” Download the app and install it on your device. Download with this link and receive a bonus of up to ₦1200.
  1. Launch the App: Once the app has been installed, find the app icon on your home screen and tap it to launch it.
  1. Set up your account: On the app’s home screen, you will find the options “Sign Up” and “Register.” Tap it to initiate the account creation procedure.
  1. Enter your personal information: Enter your full name, phone number, and email address. Check that the information is correct and up-to-date.
  1. Verify your Phone Number: You will receive a six-digit code to confirm your phone number.
  1. Setup transaction PIN: You will be required to create a PIN for your account. This PIN will be used to verify your transactions and protect the security of your account.
  1. Entering your BVN: If you have a BVN, enter it. If you don’t have it yet, you can skip it. If you do not provide your BVN, your daily transaction limit is ₦50,000 and your maximum account balance is ₦300,000. Your transaction limit will be increased each time you add your BVN.
  1. Complete the registration process: Once you’ve entered your PIN, you’ll receive a message confirming that your account has been registered. Congratulations! You’re now ready to begin utilizing Opay for financial transactions.

After following these steps, your OPay account should be fully activated and available for usage. Note that there is no code for opening an Opay account; instead, you must download the mobile app. If you intend to utilize USSD codes, make sure your account is linked to your mobile phone and follow the instructions provided for USSD transactions.

Full List of USSD Codes for Opay 

Having gained an understanding of the process of creating an OPay account, let’s explore an extensive list of OPay USSD codes for the year 2024, providing additional insights and details.

TransactionsUSSD Codes
Transfer to Opay Account*955*1*Amount*Account No#
Transfer to Bank Account*955*2*Amount*Account No#
Airtime for Self*955*3*Amount#
Airtime for Others*955*3*Amount*Phone No#
Data*955*4*Phone No#
Check Balance
Card Activation*955*03121#
Opay USSD Codes

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How to Use These Opay USSD Codes 

We’ll go over the numerous transactions that may be completed using the OPay USSD code, as well as provide additional information on its functionality.

How to Transfer Money with the Opay Transfer Code

To transfer money to another Opay account or another bank, follow these steps:

  • Dial *955# on your OPay number. 
  • Click the transfer button. 
  • Select Option 1 to send to another Opay user or Option 2 to another bank. 
  • Enter the recipient’s account number (ten digits). 
  • If it is not Opay, select the recipient’s bank. 
  • Enter the amount you intend to give to the recipient. 


Dial *955*2*Amount*Account #.

Select the preferred bank. 

To authorize the transaction, enter your Opay PIN. 

How to Purchase Data With the Opay USSD Code

Follow these steps to buy data for your number or another number using Opay:

  • Dial *995# 
  • Choose Data.
  • Enter your desired data amount. Also, type in the phone number you want to fund.  
  • Enter your PIN and authorize the transaction. 
  • When the recharge is completed successfully, you will be alerted via SMS. 

How to Purchase Airtime using the USSD Code for Opay 

To purchase airtime for your number or another number using Opay, complete these steps:

  • Dial *995# 
  • Select the airtime option.
  • Enter your mobile number and the desired amount. 
  • Input your PIN to authorize the transaction. 
  • You will be alerted by SMS once the recharge is complete. 


To recharge 500 to “08011223344”, call *955*3*500*08011223344#. Authorize the transaction by entering your PIN. 

How to Use the USSD Code for Opay to Fund Betting Accounts

Another advantage is that you can use the Opay USSD Code to finance your betting accounts. To fund your betting account, perform these processes:

  • Enter *995# from your phone.  
  • Select option 3: Betting & Electricity.
  • Select option 1. Fund Betting Account.
  • Pick your chosen betting platform. 
  • Enter the desired amount 
  • Enter your PIN and approve the deposit. 
  • When the recharge is completed successfully, you will be alerted via SMS. 

How to Use Opay USSD Code to Pay Your Electricity Bill 

To pay your electricity bill, follow these steps:

  • Enter *995# from your phone.  
  • Choose Option 3, Betting & Electricity.
  • Choose option 2. Pay the Electricity Bill.
  • Enter the electrical provider’s name, account information, and meter number.  
  • Enter the money and confirm the supplier information. 
  • Enter your PIN and authorize the transaction.
  • When the payment goes through, you will be alerted via SMS. There might be a token as well.  

How to Check the Balance of Your Opay Account using the USSD Code

You may also use the USSD code to check your remaining balance on OPay. The service is entirely free. Please see the procedures listed below. 

  • Enter *995# from your phone.  
  • Select option 4: Check Balance.
  • Enter your PIN and authorize the transaction.
  • Your phone’s screen will display your balance. 


Enter your PIN by dialing *995*0#. The Opay balance will be displayed on your screen. 

How to Add Funds to Your Opay Account

To add money to your Opay account, enter the USSD code. The processes involved include;

  • Dial *995# from your phone.  
  • Choose Funding.
  • Choose the funding method. It could be a credit card payment, a bank transfer, or a cash deposit through an agency. 
  • To make a card payment, enter your account information and the amount. 
  • For bank transfers, enter the account number and amount. 
  • Enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.
  • When the payment is completed successfully, you will be notified via SMS. Payment is promptly reflected in your Opay wallet. 

Opay Loan USSD Codes

To get Opay loans, you do not need a phone. The USSD code is effective. Find out how below:

  • Enter *995# from your phone.  
  • Pick the loan choice.
  • Please provide the necessary information as prompted by the prompt.  
  • Your Opay wallet will be credited once your request is approved.  
  • You can utilize the money for your own needs.  

Using the Opay USSD Code to Withdraw

The USSD code can also be used to withdraw money by: 

  • Enter *995# from your phone.  
  • Choose Option 7: Withdraw.
  • Enter the phone number of the POS or Opay representative who will be handing you the cash. 
  • Enter the quantity you want.
  • Authorize the transaction by entering your Opay PIN. 

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Opay USSD Codes 

While Opay USSD codes offer unmatched convenience, incorporating these tips can further enhance your user experience:

1. Save Frequently Used Codes 

One of the advantages of USSD codes is their speed and ease of usage. However, if you keep looking for the same codes, you aren’t saving time. To avoid this, save the USSD codes you use most frequently. This allows you to access them fast without having to recall the exact sequence of numbers.

To save a USSD code, dial it as usual and follow the steps. When you reach the finish, there should be an option to save the code. You can then give it a memorable name, such as “Airtime” or “Transfer.” The next time you need to utilize that code, simply locate it in your stored list and choose it.

2. Memorize Key Functions

While it is a good idea to save frequently used USSD codes, there are some functions that you will most likely use so regularly that you should memorize the codes. For example, if you routinely check your account balance, remembering the code for that function will allow you to access it quickly and without having to look for it.

Dial a USSD code repeatedly until you have it memorized. You can also write it down and practice it until you can say it without thinking. This saves time and allows you to rapidly access critical information or services.

3. Stay Updated 

Finally, keep up with any updates or new features that Opay introduces. USSD codes are an effective tool, but they are only as helpful as the services they offer. By staying up-to-date, you’ll be able to take advantage of new features and services as they become available, potentially saving even more time and money.

You may stay up-to-date by following Opay on social media, visiting their website regularly, or signing up for their newsletter. This way, you’ll be among the first to learn about any changes or updates, and you’ll be able to benefit from them right away.

Final Thoughts

With their USSD codes, you may easily navigate the Opay universe. The user-friendly USSD interface makes it easier to manage your Opay account than ever before. This complete list of Opay USSD codes serves as a useful resource, allowing users to easily access numerous functionalities. 

Whether you’re checking your balance, moving payments, or looking into other Opay services, knowing how to use Opay USSD codes is essential for a smooth banking experience. Embrace the ease and efficiency that these codes bring to your Opay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use the Opay USSD codes?

To use the Opay USSD codes, follow these simple steps:
– Dial the code on your mobile phone and press the call button.
– Follow the instructions on the screen to perform the transaction you want.
– You will receive a confirmation message after completing the transaction.

Can I use the Opay USSD codes on any mobile network?

Yes, you can use the Opay USSD codes on any mobile network. However, you may be charged a fee by your mobile network operator for using the service.

How do I check my Opay account balance using USSD?

To check your Opay account balance using USSD, dial *955# and select “My Balance” from the menu. Your account balance will appear on the screen.

What should I do if I forget my Opay USSD code?

If you forget your Opay USSD code, you can retrieve it by dialing *955# and selecting “Forgot PIN” from the menu. Follow the instructions on the screen to reset your PIN and retrieve your USSD code.



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