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Top 21 Best Tech Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Podcasts have undergone a complete renaissance in recent years. Whether it’s high-profile celebrities and musicians, online influencers, or watching news timelines from reporters themselves, more than four hundred million people worldwide now listen to content in this format, including tech podcast.

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant buzz of the latest devices, software updates, and technology trends? You are not alone now! Staying informed in the ultra-modern ever-evolving technological globe can seem like a by no means never-ending enterprise. 

But don’t worry now! Tech podcasts are here to be your friendly go-to courses, offering insightful conversations, engaging conversations, and digestible analysis of cutting-edge events.

When looking for the best technology  podcasts, you usually come across names like Leo Laporte and his successful TWiT.TV (This Week in Tech) podcast. In 2005, this display consistently held its position in the ranking of technical information podcasts.

Whether you’re a professional techie or just starting to discover the wonders of the digital age, there might be the best tech podcast out there waiting for you to find it. This list of 21 top tech podcasts to listen to in 2024 will satisfy a lot of fun and enjoy the levels. 

So grab your headphones, sit back, and get ready to immerse yourself in an interesting international podcast of great technology!

What Makes a Tech Podcast the Best?

Tech podcasts have proven to be a convenient and attractive way to absorb these technology facts on the go. The field of tech podcasts is expansive and brimming with possibilities. 

But how do you uncover the best technology podcast? Let’s discover these pillars that elevate a tech podcast from decent to awesome.

1. Professional Knowledge

Great podcasts boast hosts and guests who are tech authorities. Their deep knowledge and real global stories translate into insightful analysis and specific opinions on modern technical features. Think podcasts like “Answer All,” where journalists and techies dive deep into complex issues, making the content both informative and credible.

2. Engaging Storytelling

High-tech podcasts go beyond just transporting records. They weave compelling stories that make complicated topics accessible and interesting to a large target audience. “How I Built This” illustrates this flawlessly. With compelling stories from tech entrepreneurs and innovators, he keeps listeners hooked and provides them with ideas and know-how.

3. Current Topics

In the lightning-fast world of technology, it’s important to stay relevant. Pioneering technology podcasts live forward by masking ultra-modern traits and features. 

They keep listeners up-to-date on breakthroughs, product launches, and corporate shifts, so they’re usually in the loop. “The Vergecast” is a master in this field, delivering great news and insights from the ever-changing technology landscape.

4. High Production Quality

Satisfying technical podcasts boast a professional production price. Think clean sound, well-grounded episodes, and seamless editing. High production heightens the listening pleasure, so it’s satisfying for viewers to tune in regularly. 

“Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast” proves this with its crisp sound, clean enhancements, and nicely organized content, making for a refined and engaging experience for sure.

By combining these factors tech podcasts create content material that no longer informs, but also entertains and evokes listeners. These qualities are the hallmarks of truly fantastic tech podcasts, no matter what stage of tech understanding you’re at.

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What Are the Benefits of Listening to Technology Podcasts?

There are many benefits to tuning into tech podcasts, both on your expertise and properly-being. Here are some:

  1. Stay Informed: Tech actions are rapid, and podcasts allow you to live on the pinnacle of cutting-edge traits, gadgets, and advancements. You can find out about new software programs, and upcoming releases, and listen to expert insights on how those improvements are shaping the sector.
  1. Deep Dives: Podcasts offer an opportunity to delve deeper into particular tech subjects. Whether you are interested in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, or the destiny of gaming, there may be a podcast available that could come up with comprehensive expertise.
  1. On-the-Go Learning: Podcasts are perfect for training into your busy timetable. Listen to them all through your shuttle, exercise, or whilst doing chores.
  1. Reduced Screen Time: Podcasts have an audio layout, so they provide no ruins to your eyes from screens. This can be a welcome change in our digital age.
  1. Engaging Format: Podcasts may be enjoyable and informative. The hosts regularly have conversations with experts and lovers, making the getting-to-know method extra interactive and enjoyable.
  1. Variety of Voices: Podcasts offer a huge variety of perspectives at the tech international. You can locate suggestions hosted by reporters, marketers, analysts, and everyday individuals who are enthusiastic about the era.

What are the Top 21 Best Tech Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Here are some of the Top 21 Best Tech Podcasts You Should Be Listening To:

  • The Internet of Things Podcast (IoT Podcast)
  • Stacks
  • Reply All
  • Clockwise
  • Thoughtworks
  • TED Tech
  • a16z Podcast
  • Mac Power Users
  • The Content Mines
  • The Talk Show with John Gruber
  • Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast
  • Masters of Scale
  • TechStuff
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • In Machines We Trust
  • This Week in Tech (TWiT)
  • The CultCast
  • Overpriced JPEGs
  • How I Built This
  • Security Now
  • Future Thinkers

1. The Internet of Things Podcast (IoT Podcast)

tech podcasts

Discover the world of connected devices, smart homes, and IoT. From consumer items like smart displays and thermostats to industrial-level IoT, a linked life is the future for everyone. 

This podcast delves deeply into current Internet of Things news, analysis, products, and future projections.

2. Stacks

best tech podcast

The Stacks podcast is for all crypto lovers. This podcast is ideal for individuals who are interested in cryptocurrency or have already invested. It delves into this somewhat obscure decentralized technology.

Learn how the most savvy investors profit from Bitcoin, NFTs, and altcoins. Luke Martin, the host, invites experts from around the world to talk about blockchains, cryptocurrency trading, and other topics.  

3. Reply All

top tech podcasts

The internet is continually developing. It contains the world’s secrets and the most extensive collection of knowledge. Creating a podcast about such a vast entity is a daunting challenge, but Gimlet’s Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi rose to the occasion.

This unusual podcast delves into internet culture and technology through engaging stories and interviews. Enjoy anything from strange Wikipedia sites to stolen art to chicken-loving groups. The show has announced significant adjustments for June 2023, however, you can still enjoy the backlog of almost 200 episodes.

4. Clockwise

best technology podcasts

So many opinions, so little time—the Clockwise podcast format puts this struggle to rest with a rapid-fire round table in less than 30 minutes. This is one of the best tech podcasts due to its compressed but in-depth approach.

Co-hosts Dan Moran and Mikah Sargent are joined by two tech industry professionals on each episode, who each discuss four tech-related issues. The strict time constraint keeps the discourse focused and full of useful takeaways.

5. Thought Works

best tech podcasts

From following tech titans to uncovering minor tech trends on the edge of taking off, technology has a way of enthralling us. This podcast offers senior experts discussing the most relevant IT trends today, from ChatGPT and machine learning to cutting-edge discoveries that will soon take over tech headlines.

6. TED Tech

tech podcasts

If you enjoy your daily dose of TED presentations, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a special TED podcast for everything tech-related.

TED Tech is a wonderful resource for learning about virtual technologies, the Internet of Things, machine learning, greener energy, artificial intelligence, and even space exploration, as well as how they can all be used to better our daily lives.

Each guest provides us with understandable viewpoints on technology, allowing us to see its entire impact on our daily lives.

7. A16z Podcast

best tech podcast

Technology has a significant impact on our culture and how we connect with others and the environment around us.

Andreessen Horowitz, the host of a16z, focuses on technologies and trends that have a direct influence on daily life, specifically banking, AI, and consumer tech. Every week, multiple new episodes are released.

8. Mac Power Users

top tech podcasts

Do you stick with the Mac? Macs are well-known for their productivity, which helps to justify their premium prices. The Mac Power Users Podcast provides expert tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your money. Optimize workflows and extend your Mac’s life in an enjoyable and instructive manner. 

9. The Content Mines

best technology podcasts

Social media has grown into a powerful force in its own right, but it is still an important component of the greater tech landscape.

That is why The Content Mines concentrates solely on the social media aspect of technology. Social media (particularly emerging networks such as TikTok) influences technological innovation.

Hear about the most popular Tweets, the trendiest TikTok trends and dances, ever-changing influencer trends, and the best marketing platforms.

10. The Talk Show With John Gruber

best tech podcasts

The Talk Show with John Gruber, another fan favorite focused on all things Apple, provides in-depth discussions about the company’s technological innovations.

This top tech podcast has plenty of guest appearances, covering anything from applications to movies to emojis and more, all of which are somehow related to Apple.

There’s plenty more to speak about, including the rise of generative AI, Apple’s anticipated AR headset, and security revelations.

11. Waveform: the MKBHD podcast

tech podcasts

Consumer technology can inspire, amaze, and revolutionize our daily lives as we know them. The Waveform tech podcast can teach you more about the latest technology.

This niche podcast began as a YouTube channel where users reviewed anything from cell phones to headsets to electric cars. The podcast will continue with in-depth episodes about various consumer tech items, focusing on their features, costs, how they work, and if they’re worth the money. 

12. Masters of Scale

best tech podcast

Taking a little more business and leadership-oriented approach, this podcast features interviews with business leaders from technology, consumer brands, charity, and other innovative businesses and venture capital firms.

Each speaker discusses with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman about their career path, what has made them successful, and what they’ve learned along the way.

13. Tech Stuff

top tech podcasts

TechStuff is first on our list of top tech podcasts. Jonathan Strickland, the show’s founder, offers insights into the technology sector. Listeners will receive practical information on how the latest technology works and how it affects people and the globe.

The host also investigates the minds behind new inventions, including those who promote the products. If you enjoy this tech podcast, you can look forward to three or four new episodes each week. 

14. HBR IdeaCast

best technology podcasts

Harvard Business Review (HBR) offers a weekly audio on all aspects of business management. Their conversations frequently include emerging technologies, particularly those that have an impact on workplace innovation and efficiency. Episodes are fascinating and varied, with hosts rotating to present new viewpoints.

15. In Machines We Trust

best tech podcasts

This podcast, which debuted in August 2020, is one of the most popular in the world and focuses on artificial intelligence and its impact on our lives. It was published by MIT Technology Review and has covered topics such as digital twins, AI advances, and computing history, as well as how AI is being used to test and train pilots. 

16. This Week in Tech (TWiT)

tech podcasts

This roundtable discussion podcast covers the week’s top technology stories.

Hear firsthand from industry professionals as they cover everything tech, including AI, social media, industry forecasts, global trends, politics, and new legislation that may impact the future of technology.

TWiT is likely one of the most successful podcasts of its type, with over 928 episodes and counting. Each Sunday, new episodes are released.

17. The Cult Cast

best tech podcast

Apple’s iOS has taken more than half of the mobile market share. To see why, listen to the CultCast podcast, which covers everything Apple.

Listeners can immerse themselves in Apple news, rumors, and the most recent product developments. In typical podcast tradition, there’s also plenty of speculation and a little humor involved.

18. Overpriced JPEGs

top tech podcasts

NFTs had their moment in the spotlight, but the technology did not get the traction that enthusiasts had hoped for. Are these just pricey JPEGs? That is the central question of this episode, hosted by Carly Reilly, Andrew Lang’s former finance director.

This question has spawned other related topics, and each tech podcast episode aims to clarify the purpose and utility of NFTs.

19. How I Built This

best technology podcasts

Are you a promising entrepreneur? How I Build This is a wonderful opportunity to hear accomplished business leaders explain their ideas and the obstacles they’ve faced while establishing large firms.

Technology has a wide-ranging impact on businesses, and hearing how these entrepreneurs navigated the market is fascinating. 

20. Security Now

best tech podcasts

Cybersecurity enthusiasts will be unable to resist the Security Now podcast. Your host is Steve Gibson, who invented the term “spyware” and developed the first anti-spyware tool. Needless to say, he understands cybersecurity.

This weekly podcast brings you the most recent developments in the realm of cybercrime, allowing you to grasp what’s going on in the tech world as a whole—and prevent your security breaches.

21. Future Thinkers

tech podcasts

In this philosophical podcast, co-hosts Mike and Euvie discuss cutting-edge technology, society, and investigating our inner consciousness.

Listeners are exposed to talks with tech gurus, scientists, and entrepreneurs as Future Thinkers encourages them to investigate how growing technology influences everything from their relationships to the fundamental underpinnings of our global civilization. 

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How to Choose the Best Tech Podcasts for Your Interests

When choosing a tech podcast, remember two basic things:

  1. Your area of tech interest: The tech world is big, so there are podcasts focused on everything from daily news updates to deep dives into artificial intelligence.  Knowing what specifically piques your curiosity will help you narrow down your options.
  1. Format you enjoy: Do you prefer interview-style podcasts where you hear from business leaders? Or perhaps you like a more informative approach with information and analysis? There are also lighter podcasts that focus on the funny side of technology or explore its impact on society. 

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How Can You Maximize Learning from Technology Podcasts?

Technology podcasts can be a remarkable tool for staying informed and increasing your knowledge. Here are some methods to get the most out of them:

1. Before Listening

  • Choose your podcasts wisely: Identify Your Mastery Goals. Interested in cutting-edge gadgets, industrial features, or in-depth discussions of precision technology? Look for podcasts that align with your interest and have decent hosts or guests. 
  • Take a quick preview: Many podcasts have short descriptions or trailers to give you an idea of ​​the content and fashion.  This will make it easier for you to decide if it is very suitable for you.

2. When Listening

  • Active listening: Don’t just focus passively. Engage with the content by taking notes on key points, jotting down questions, or pausing to think about what was said.
  • Focus on understanding, not memorization: The goal is to understand the ideas mentioned, not to remember every element now.

3. After Listening

  • Review your notes: Review what you’ve captured even as you listen. Summarize the primary thoughts and return to something that wants rationalization. 
  • Deepen your learning: Explore more! Podcasts regularly link to articles, books, or various resources. Dive deeper by discovering them or discussing them with friends or colleagues. 
  • Apply what you’ve learned: Think about how you can apply the brand-new know-how or insights gained from the podcast to your daily paintings or non-public tasks.

By following these guidelines, you can transform the podcast generation from passive entertainment to a springboard for continuous learning and growth.

Final Thoughts

 In a world buzzing with innovation, staying up to date is key! These top 21 high-quality tech podcasts are your golden price ticket to tech-metropolis. Dive into the captivating realm of gadgets, traits, and breakthroughs, all in easy, human-friendly language. 

Whether you are a tech enthusiast or simply curious, these podcasts are your move-to courses. But what’s up, the communique does not cease here! We need to hear from you. 

Drop a comment and be a part of the tech chatter on our socials: Facebook at Silicon Africa, Instagram at Siliconafricatech, and Twitter at @siliconafritech. Let’s geek out together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What podcasts are right for studying the business and lifestyle of tech giants?

Land of the Giants gives in-depth interviews with tech leaders, whilst The CultCast focuses especially on Apple information and statements.

What are a few tech podcasts for staying updated on brand-new information?

Podcasts like This Week in Tech (TWiT) and ThoughtWorks offer a roundup of the week’s biggest tech testimonies, keeping you informed on industry traits and innovations.

Are there podcasts that delve deeper into precise areas of generation?

Absolutely! Stacks dives into the world of cryptocurrency, even as The Internet of Things Podcast (IoT Podcast) explores the ever-developing community of connected devices.


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