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21+ Best Marketing Newsletters You Should Subscribe to a Startup

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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You’re spoiled for choice on which of the best newsletters to subscribe to since you began your startup. While having a variety of options can be advantageous, it can also lead to a dilemma of indecision.

Best marketing newsletters

The sheer number of newsletters available can overwhelm you, making it challenging to determine which ones will truly benefit your startup. This indecision can result in missed opportunities to gain valuable insights and strategies that could propel your business forward.

This article aims to alleviate that headache by answering the question, “What are some of the best newsletters to subscribe to?” We have carefully curated a list of top marketing newsletters tailored for startups, ensuring you receive only the most relevant and high-quality content.

By reading through this article, you can easily identify which newsletters align with your goals and needs, saving you time and effort in the decision-making process. Our selection helps you streamline your information sources, allowing you to focus on growing your startup with the best insights and strategies at your disposal.

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In today’s competitive business landscape, startups must leverage every tool available to gain a foothold and grow. One such tool is the marketing newsletter, which has become an indispensable resource for startups looking to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Marketing newsletters offer a wealth of information that is crucial for startups. They provide the latest trends, strategies, and insights from industry experts, enabling startups to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, these newsletters often highlight case studies and success stories, offering practical examples of what works and what doesn’t in the market.

By staying updated, startups can refine their strategies and avoid common pitfalls.

Subscribing to marketing newsletters comes with numerous benefits.

First, it ensures that startups receive regular updates on market trends and changes. This continuous flow of information helps them stay relevant and competitive.

Second, these newsletters often feature expert advice and tips that can be directly applied to improve marketing efforts.

Lastly, they provide a platform for networking and collaboration, as many newsletters encourage interaction among subscribers, fostering a community of like-minded professionals.

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Best Marketing Newsletters for Startups

As digital marketers or anyone who is building a startup, it’s essential to stay current with industry trends and insights.

However, with our busy schedules, finding time to sift through the abundance of news and knowledge can be challenging.

We need information quickly, without the luxury of distinguishing between good and great content.

Best marketing newsletters

Ironically, in solving this problem, we’ve created another – an overwhelming number of options.

Fortunately, 81% of B2B marketers prefer email newsletters as their go-to source of content marketing inspiration, providing a wealth of free choices.

To help you navigate this abundance and uncover the gems, we’ve compiled a list of the best marketing newsletters to keep your skills sharp, especially if you’re a startup. They can be found below. Keep reading:

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1. Swipe Files: Actionable Marketing Insights and Strategies

Swipe Files offers a wealth of actionable marketing insights and strategies specifically curated for startups. The content is delivered weekly, providing a steady stream of high-value information.

Each edition includes detailed analyses of successful marketing campaigns, breaking down what worked and why.

For example, one newsletter might dissect a viral social media campaign, highlighting key tactics that contributed to its success.

Packy McCormick’s “Not Boring” newsletter delivers thought-provoking essays on the latest business trends and strategies. Published twice a week, it delves into in-depth analyses of emerging business models and market disruptions.

The essays often include examples of successful business strategies, such as innovative approaches to product launches or unique growth hacking techniques employed by leading companies.

3. IndieHackers: Actionable Insights and Market Updates for Founders

IndieHackers provides founders with actionable insights and market updates through its bi-weekly newsletter. Each issue features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and case studies of thriving startups.

These stories offer practical advice and inspiration, illustrating how founders overcame challenges and achieved success.

For instance, one edition might showcase a founder who bootstrapped their way to profitability, sharing their step-by-step journey.

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4. Product Psychology: Consumer Psychology, Design, and Behavioral Science Insights

Product Psychology focuses on the intersection of consumer psychology, design, and behavioral science, delivering insights that can enhance product development strategies.

Published monthly, the newsletter explores how psychological principles influence consumer behavior and decision-making. It includes examples of successful product design strategies, such as the use of persuasive design elements to increase user engagement and retention.

CB Insights is a comprehensive resource for startups, offering insights into technology trends, venture capital activities, and the broader startup ecosystem. The newsletter is sent out daily, ensuring subscribers stay informed about the latest developments.

Each issue includes examples of successful startup strategies, such as innovative funding approaches or groundbreaking technologies that are reshaping industries.

For instance, a recent newsletter might highlight a startup that secured significant VC funding by leveraging an emerging tech trend.

6. Morning Brew: Business and Market News

Morning Brew delivers a daily newsletter with a quick, engaging summary of the latest business news and market trends. It’s designed to keep you informed about the broader business landscape with a concise and humorous tone.

The content covers various industries, providing startups with a comprehensive overview of the economic environment.

7. GrowthHackers: Growth Marketing Insights

GrowthHackers offers a weekly newsletter that focuses on growth marketing strategies and tactics. It features curated articles, case studies, and insights from growth experts.

The content helps startups discover innovative ways to achieve sustainable growth and improve their marketing performance.

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8. The Hustle: Tech and Business News

The Hustle provides a daily newsletter that covers the latest tech and business news with a witty, conversational style.

It includes updates on emerging startups, industry trends, and market insights, helping startups stay informed and inspired.

9. SaaStr: SaaS Growth Strategies

SaaStr’s weekly newsletter is tailored for startups in the SaaS (Software as a Service) space. It offers practical advice, growth strategies, and insights from successful SaaS founders and investors.

The content is designed to help SaaS startups scale their businesses effectively.

The Skimm delivers a daily newsletter summarizing the top news stories and trends across various industries.

It’s perfect for busy startup founders who need to stay updated without spending too much time on in-depth reading. The content is concise and easy to digest.

11. Benedict’s Newsletter: Technology and Market Analysis

Benedict Evans’ weekly newsletter offers deep dives into technology trends and market analysis.

It provides thoughtful perspectives on how technological advancements impact various industries, making it valuable for startups looking to understand the bigger picture.

12. TLDR: Tech News and Startups

TLDR provides a daily newsletter with a curated list of the most interesting tech news, startup stories, and product launches.

It’s ideal for startups wanting to stay on top of the latest developments in the tech world and discover new tools and innovations.

13. Stratechery: Business and Technology Strategy

Stratechery, written by Ben Thompson, offers an in-depth analysis of business and technology strategy.

The weekly newsletter explores the intersection of technology and business models, providing startups with valuable insights into strategic decision-making.

The Daily Carnage delivers a daily newsletter with the latest marketing trends, tips, and tools. It includes a mix of articles, videos, and podcasts, offering a variety of formats to consume valuable marketing content. Startups can find inspiration and practical advice to enhance their marketing efforts.

15. Axios Pro Rata: Deals and Investment News

Axios Pro Rata provides a daily newsletter focused on deals, investment news, and market trends. It’s particularly useful for startups looking to understand the venture capital landscape and stay updated on funding activities.

16. The Lean Startup: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Lean Startup’s weekly newsletter, inspired by Eric Ries’ book, offers insights on innovation, entrepreneurship, and lean methodologies. It provides practical advice on how to build and scale startups efficiently.

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17. TechCrunch: Startup News and Analysis

TechCrunch’s daily newsletter delivers the latest startup news, funding announcements, and technology trends. It’s a go-to resource for startups wanting to stay informed about the competitive landscape and discover emerging opportunities.

18. Hitenism: Startup Advice and Growth Tips

Hiten Shah’s Hitenism newsletter offers weekly startup advice, growth tips, and insights from his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and investor. The content is practical and actionable, helping startups navigate their growth journeys.

19. First Round Review: Startup Insights and Best Practices

First Round Review publishes a weekly newsletter featuring in-depth articles on startup best practices, leadership, and product development. The content is sourced from successful founders, investors, and industry experts, providing startups with valuable lessons and insights.

20. Product Hunt: New Products and Tools

Product Hunt’s daily newsletter highlights new product launches, tools, and innovations. It’s a great resource for startups to discover the latest products that can enhance their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

21. Harvard Business Review: Management and Strategy

Harvard Business Review’s weekly newsletter offers articles on management, strategy, and business trends. The content is research-driven and provides startups with insights into effective leadership and strategic planning.

Marketing Examples: Real-World Marketing Tactics

Marketing Examples delivers a weekly newsletter with real-world marketing tactics and examples. The content is highly practical, showcasing what works in marketing through clear, illustrative examples. Startups can learn and apply these tactics to improve their marketing efforts.

And that wraps it up for a list of some of the best Newsletters that every startup should subscribe to.

We will continue this article by looking at the benefits of subscribing to these Newsletters. Keep reading.

Benefits of Marketing Newsletters for Startups

Marketing newsletters offer several key benefits for startups, making them an essential resource for growth and success.

First, they help startups stay up-to-date with industry trends and insights. By subscribing to relevant newsletters, startups receive the latest information on market dynamics, emerging technologies, and consumer behavior.

This knowledge enables them to anticipate changes and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Moreover, marketing newsletters provide access to actionable marketing strategies and advice.

They often feature expert tips, case studies, and step-by-step guides that startups can implement to enhance their marketing efforts.

This practical guidance is invaluable for startups looking to improve their reach and engagement.

In addition, newsletters facilitate networking opportunities with other founders and entrepreneurs. Many newsletters include community sections or events where subscribers can connect, share experiences, and collaborate.

These interactions can lead to valuable partnerships and support networks.

Finally, marketing newsletters offer inspiration and motivation from successful startup stories. Reading about how other startups overcame challenges and achieved success can be highly motivating.

These stories provide practical lessons and reinforce the belief that success is achievable with the right strategies and persistence.

In summary, marketing newsletters are a powerful tool for startups, offering vital insights, actionable strategies, networking opportunities, and motivational success stories.

How to Choose the Right Marketing Newsletter for Your Startup

Selecting the appropriate marketing newsletter for your startup involves several key steps to ensure it aligns with your objectives and provides valuable insights.

First, identify your marketing goals and needs. Determine what specific areas you want to improve or focus on, such as social media strategies, email marketing, or market research.

Understanding your priorities will help you narrow down the options and find newsletters that address your particular challenges and aspirations.

Next, research and compare different marketing newsletters. Look for recommendations from industry experts, read reviews, and explore the websites of various newsletters to understand what they offer.

Compare their focus areas, target audience, and unique features to see which ones resonate most with your startup’s needs.

Lastly, evaluate the content quality and frequency. Sign up for a few trial issues if available, and assess the depth and relevance of the information provided.

Ensure the newsletter delivers high-quality content that is both insightful and practical. Additionally, consider the frequency of the newsletters.

Make sure the schedule fits your availability to read and apply the insights without feeling overwhelmed.

In conclusion, choosing the right marketing newsletter for your startup requires a clear understanding of your goals, thorough research and comparison, and careful evaluation of content quality and frequency.

By following these steps, you can find a newsletter that effectively supports your startup’s growth and success.


In conclusion, marketing newsletters play a crucial role in the success of startups. They offer a continuous stream of valuable insights, keeping startups informed about the latest industry trends and best practices.

By providing actionable strategies and expert advice, these newsletters enable startups to refine their marketing efforts and stay competitive.

Ultimately, marketing newsletters are a powerful tool for startups, offering essential insights, practical advice, and a supportive network. By leveraging these resources, startups can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth.


1. What are marketing newsletters and how do they benefit startups?

Marketing newsletters are periodic publications that provide insights, trends, and strategies related to marketing. They benefit startups by keeping them informed about industry developments, offering actionable advice, and showcasing successful campaigns and strategies that can be emulated.

2. How do I choose the right marketing newsletter for my startup?

To choose the right marketing newsletter, first identify your specific marketing goals and needs. Then, research and compare various newsletters based on their focus areas, content quality, and frequency. Sign up for a few trial issues if possible to assess their relevance and value to your startup.

3. How often should I expect to receive marketing newsletters?

The frequency of marketing newsletters varies. Some are delivered daily, while others might be weekly or monthly. Choose a newsletter whose frequency matches your ability to keep up with the content without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Can marketing newsletters help my startup succeed?

Yes, marketing newsletters can significantly help your startup succeed. They provide valuable insights, expert advice, and examples of successful strategies that you can implement. Additionally, they offer networking opportunities with other founders and entrepreneurs, which can lead to valuable connections and collaborations.

5. If a newsletter doesn’t suit my purpose, how can I unsubscribe?

If a newsletter doesn’t meet your needs, you can easily unsubscribe. Look for the unsubscribe link usually found at the bottom of the email. Clicking this link will typically direct you to a page where you can confirm your decision to stop receiving the newsletter.



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