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Best Loan Apps Without CRB in Kenya

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The best Loan Apps Without CRB offer a lifeline to those seeking financial assistance, providing accessible credit solutions without the requirement of CRB clearance. 

In Kenya, accessing credit facilities without being listed in the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) has become a crucial need for many individuals. 

These apps have changed the borrowing landscape, empowering users with quick and convenient access to funds for various purposes, from emergencies to business ventures and personal development. 

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the best loan apps in Kenya that cater to individuals seeking credit without the burden of CRB checks.

What is CRB?

Credit Reference Bureau, abbreviated as CRB, operates as a private entity gathering data about your financial transactions. These bureaus typically exist in countries where there are banks, lenders, and credit card companies. 

They aid loan providers in determining whether to approve loans based on applicants’ CRB scores, which usually fall between 501 and 850.

Your Credit Reference Beureau score (CRB score) gets calculated from the information compiled in your credit report, which outlines your current financial status, payment track record, and any previous debts you may have had.

In Kenya, CRBs are not yet established, resulting in the unavailability of loans tied to CRB data. However, alternative avenues for borrowing money exist in Kenya for those seeking quick cash.

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What Loans are without CRB Checks in Kenya?

Seeking financial assistance without undergoing a credit check can be a pressing need for many individuals in Kenya. 

Whether due to unforeseen expenses or a desire to avoid the scrutiny of credit bureaus, various options exist to secure loans without the involvement of the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). 

Below are some options:

1. Personal Loans: 

If you’ve been working for at least six months with a steady income, you might qualify for a personal loan. Mwananchi Credit offers these loans to people with good credit.

2. Borrowing from Family or Friends: 

You could ask loved ones for a loan. They might charge interest and expect repayment, but it’s usually more stable than payday loans.

3. Logbook Loans:

 If you own a car, you can use it as collateral to get a loan.

4. Title Deed Loans: 

Similar to logbook loans, but based on property ownership instead of a car.

Remember, borrowing from friends or family requires trust and timely repayment!

Be cautious when considering these options. They can be expensive and hard to pay back. You might not get as much money as you need. Also, payday loans can have high-interest rates and may lead to debt if not repaid promptly.

5. Payday Loans: 

If you need quick cash in Kenya, payday loans might help. They’re fast but come with high interest. You’ll need a steady income and decent credit to qualify. These loans are short-term and meant for urgent needs, but be sure to understand the terms before applying.

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What is the Aim of a CRB?

A credit reference bureau (CRB) is a company that gathers details about your borrowing history so that banks and other lenders can figure out if they should give you a loan or not.

They check your credit report to see your credit score, which is a number between 501 and 850. A higher score is better, usually falling between 630 and 720.

People borrow money for various reasons, like paying for school fees, medical bills, or fixing up their homes. The CRB’s job is to help lenders decide if they should lend you money or provide other financial services.

In places with banks, lenders, and credit card companies, this system works smoothly because they work together with CRBs. However, in countries like Kenya, where these institutions aren’t as common, it’s tough to get loans without a CRB.

How does CRB work?

CRBs have been around for a while, and they’re like calculators for your credit score. 

When you apply for a loan, lenders check your CRB score to decide if they’ll give you the money. This score usually falls between 501 and 850.

Your CRB score is figured out using details from your credit report. This report shows your financial situation now, your past payment history, and any debts you’ve had before.

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What is a CRB Score?

It’s basically a number that shows how likely you are to get a loan based on your credit history. 

This number goes from 501 to 850, and the higher it is, the better. In places with banks and lenders, CRB scores help decide if someone should get a loan. People with high scores usually prove they’re good at paying back money they’ve borrowed.

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What’s the benefit of a CRB score?

Credit scores are super important. They help lenders decide if giving you a loan is risky or not.

Your credit score comes from all the stuff in your credit report, like how you handle money, if you pay bills on time, and any old debts you had.

If you have bad credit, it’s really important to boost your credit score fast. This can stop you from paying crazy high interest rates or not getting a loan at all. But if you can’t fix your credit score quickly, there are still other ways to borrow money.

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What happens if you don’t have any Credit History?

If you find yourself without a credit report, it means lenders won’t have the usual record of your past financial activities to assess your borrowing behaviour. 

Instead, they’ll resort to special databases designed to provide insights into your financial history. These databases serve as a backup plan for lenders, allowing them to still make informed decisions about your creditworthiness.

When someone has never taken out a loan before, it’s like starting with a blank slate in the eyes of lenders. This lack of borrowing history can affect your credit score, which is essentially a measure of your reliability in repaying borrowed money.

Unlike someone with a long history of borrowing and timely repayments, your credit score may not be as high simply because there’s no data to indicate how responsibly you handle debt.

For lenders, not having a credit report to refer to can raise concerns about the risk involved in lending to you. To mitigate this risk, they may ask for collateral, such as property or stocks, to secure the loan.

Also, collateral acts as a safety net for the lender—if you fail to repay the loan, they have something of value they can claim to recover their losses.

The amount and type of collateral required can vary depending on factors like the loan amount and the lender’s policies. Generally, the more valuable the collateral you can offer, the more confident lenders will feel about approving your loan application, even without a credit report.

In essence, while not having a credit report may present some challenges when seeking a loan, providing adequate collateral can often offset these concerns and increase your chances of securing the financing you need.

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Some of the best loan Apps without CRB in Kenya.

1. Branch:

 Branch stands out as one of the leading loan apps in Kenya, offering instant loans without the requirement of CRB clearance. Users can access loans ranging from Ksh 250 to Ksh 70,000, depending on their creditworthiness and repayment history.

With Branch, borrowers can enjoy flexible repayment periods ranging from one to twelve months, easing the burden of repayment.

2. Tala (formerly Mkopo Rahisi):

Tala is one of the best loan apps without CRB that provides quick and easy access to credit for Kenyan citizens without CRB checks.

Borrowers can apply for loans ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 50,000, depending on their credit profile and repayment behavior.

The app utilizes alternative data sources to assess creditworthiness, making it accessible to individuals without a traditional credit history.

3. Saida:

 Saida is also one of the best loan apps without CRB in kenya that offers instant loans to Kenyan residents without the need for CRB clearance, providing a convenient solution for those in need of emergency funds.

 Users can borrow amounts ranging from Ksh 600 to Ksh 25,000, with repayment terms extending up to thirty days.

 Saida employs advanced algorithms to analyze users’ financial behavior, enabling fair and transparent lending decisions.

4. Okash:

Okash is a reliable loan app in Kenya that offers fast and convenient access to credit without CRB checks.

Borrowers can apply for loans ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 50,000, with repayment periods ranging from fourteen to ninety days.

The app’s user-friendly interface and efficient loan processing make it a popular choice among Kenyan borrowers.

5. Zenka:

Zenka provides hassle-free loans to Kenyan citizens without the requirement of CRB clearance, catering to individuals with varying financial needs.

Users can access loans ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 30,000, with flexible repayment options extending up to thirty days.

 Zenka also prioritizes transparency and responsible lending practices, ensuring that borrowers have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions associated with their loans.

6. Haraka:

Haraka is a trusted loan app in Kenya that offers quick and reliable credit solutions without CRB checks. It is also considered as one of the best loan apps without CRB in Kenya.

Borrowers can apply for loans ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 5,000, with repayment periods ranging from seven to thirty days.

The app’s straightforward application process and minimal documentation requirements make it an ideal choice for individuals seeking small, short-term loans.

7. Berry:

Berry is a progressive loan app that caters to the financial needs of Kenyan citizens without the need for CRB clearance.

Users can borrow amounts ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 20,000, with repayment terms extending up to thirty days.

 Berry employs cutting-edge technology to streamline the loan application process and deliver funds to borrowers in a timely manner.

8. Utunzi:

 Utunzi is a reliable loan app that offers accessible credit solutions to Kenyan residents without CRB checks.

 Borrowers can access loans ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 100,000, with repayment periods extending up to twelve months.

The app prioritises customer satisfaction and financial inclusion, providing personalised loan offers based on users’ repayment behaviour and financial needs.


What is CRB?

 CRB is a private entity that gathers data about individuals’ financial transactions to assess creditworthiness.

How does CRB work?

CRB collects information from credit reports to determine an individual’s likelihood of obtaining a loan.

What is a CRB score?

A CRB score is a numerical representation of creditworthiness, ranging from 501 to 850.

What’s the benefit of a CRB score?

A higher CRB score increases the likelihood of loan approval and may result in better loan terms.

What happens if you don’t have any Credit History?

Lenders may rely on alternative data sources or require collateral for loan approval.

What Loans are without CRB Checks in Kenya?

Loan apps such as Branch, Tala, Saida, Okash, Zenka, Haraka, Berry, and Utunzi offer loans without CRB checks.


The availability of loan apps without CRB checks in Kenya has changed the borrowing landscape, offering individuals a lifeline during times of financial need. 

From emergency expenses to business opportunities, these loan apps provide accessible credit solutions without the burden of CRB clearance. 

However, it’s essential for borrowers to exercise responsible borrowing practices and repay loans in a timely manner to avoid adverse effects on their credit profiles. 

By using these loan apps responsibly, Kenyan citizens can navigate financial challenges with confidence and resilience.


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