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6 Major Things Stopping your Phone from Charging Fast

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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We all recognize that mobile phones, especially our smartphones, have become integral parts of our lives. They serve as indispensable work tools, replacing traditional office setups with their capacity to capture photos and videos for sharing, draft entire blog posts, and perform various other tasks.

Given their significance in our daily routines, it’s evident that our phones play a crucial role, and consequently, ensuring their battery levels remain adequate is imperative to avoid disruptions in our productivity.

Phone battery, charging port

Before delving into the core topic of this post, picture this scenario: your primary work tool, your phone, is running low on battery, and you have a lengthy day ahead with no immediate access to a charging outlet for at least 12 hours. In anticipation of this predicament, you wisely connected your mobile device to a power source to facilitate a complete charging cycle.

Now, imagine leaving your device plugged in for 2 to 3 hours, expecting to return to a fully charged battery, only to find it disappointingly at 40% upon unplugging—an insufficient charge to sustain even half of your intended work duration. The frustration is palpable, isn’t it?

What transpired is that your phone has developed the troublesome habit of charging slowly. A seemingly convenient remedy would be to resort to a power bank. However, picture the dismay of your power bank draining its reserves to provide a mere 52% charge.

Fortunately, there’s no need to dwell on the negative aspects concerning your phone, its battery, or charging accessories. Instead, let’s focus on addressing the underlying issues hindering fast charging. In this post, we’ll explore six major factors impeding your phone’s charging speed and provide solutions to rectify them. Are you ready?

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Things Preventing your Phone from Charging Fast

Quickly, here are six factors contributing to your phone’s slow charging:

1. Using your Phone while it is Charging

If you’re a dedicated power user who can’t seem to part ways with your phone, even during charging sessions, you might inadvertently prolong the charging process. Using your phone while it’s plugged in can significantly drain its power and, consequently, extend the time required for a full charge.

Therefore, the straightforward solution to expedite the charging process is to refrain from using your phone during charging intervals. If your phone is essential for your work tasks, consider utilizing a tablet or personal computer as an alternative during these charging periods.

2. Too Many Open Applications

While it’s accurate that the screen consumes the most power, certain apps and settings possess the potential to significantly diminish battery life and impede rapid charging. Following even a brief period of use, numerous Android apps initiate automatically or continue running in the background, draining resources in the process.

The presence of one or more rogue apps can substantially impair your phone’s performance. Additionally, functionalities such as the hotspot being activated can occasionally hinder fast charging. Therefore, it’s advisable to review your app settings to regulate background processes and deactivate features like the hotspot when they’re not in use or during charging periods.

3. Bad Phone Charger, Cable, or Adapter

The sluggish charging of your phone could stem from a faulty cable. Over time, cables can degrade, impeding the optimal charging rate. If you suspect your cable is the culprit, consider replacing it with a new one.

Furthermore, the issue may lie with your charging port. Take a moment to inspect it for any debris that could obstruct proper cable connection and hinder charging speed. Using a small brush, carefully clean out any accumulated clutter.

In addition to slow charging, you may observe that your charging port feels less secure than before, indicating potential rust or corrosion. Monitor the condition of your port closely, as it may necessitate replacement or repair.

Lastly, a malfunctioning charger adapter could also contribute to slow charging. If feasible, invest in a new adapter to ensure efficient charging performance.

4. Weak Power Source

While it’s feasible to use USB cables connected to laptops, TVs, or other USB-compatible devices for charging, it’s important to note that these devices are not specifically designed for efficient phone charging.

To ensure optimal charging performance, it’s crucial to charge your phone using an adapter connected to a power socket. This method guarantees that your phone receives the appropriate voltage and current for efficient charging. Additionally, certain high-quality power banks are suitable for fast phone charging, provided that you select a reliable and compatible model.

5. Using the Wrong Phone Charging Accessories

Using the incorrect charger for your phone can adversely impact its charging speed. Thus, if your usual charger malfunctions, it’s essential to replace it with either the exact same model or one with the capacity to charge your phone safely and efficiently.

For guidance on selecting the appropriate charger type for your phone, consider consulting a phone repair technician. Their expertise can help ensure you choose a charger that meets the specifications of your device and facilitates optimal charging performance.

Faulty Phone Battery

A faulty phone battery is another potential issue that warrants attention, although it may not directly cause slow charging. Instead, it can result in erratic behavior such as rapid charging or excessively fast battery drain.

I once experienced this firsthand with an aging Samsung device that had surpassed its warranty period. Despite being fully charged, the battery depleted rapidly, with a full charge lasting barely two hours. Such scenarios can be equally frustrating, if not more so, than slow charging.

How Can I Get my Phone to Charge Faster?

To enhance your phone’s charging speed, consider implementing the following tips:

  1. Use a fast charger: Check the ‘Amperes rating’ of your current charger and consider upgrading to one with a higher rating to expedite charging. iPhone users can opt for a fast charger designed specifically for their device, ensuring compatibility for optimal results.
  2. Enable airplane mode: Switching your phone to airplane mode reduces power consumption, speeding up the charging process by minimizing background activities.
  3. Close apps and processes: Shutting down all background apps and processes alleviates the strain on your phone’s processor and battery, facilitating faster charging.
  4. Use a wall socket: Charging your phone from a wall socket with a dedicated charger rather than through a USB port on a computer or laptop can accelerate charging speeds.
  5. Avoid using your phone while charging: Using your phone while charging drains battery power simultaneously, slowing down the charging process.
  6. Charge in a cool, dry place: Placing your phone in a cool, dry location while charging helps prevent overheating, which can impede charging efficiency.
  7. Upgrade your battery: If you own an older phone with a deteriorating battery, replacing it with a new one can significantly reduce charging time and improve overall performance.

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In addressing the question, “Why is my phone charging so slowly?” numerous factors have been identified, as outlined above. Issues such as a defective charging cable or adapter, background apps and processes, battery health, environmental conditions, usage during charging, inappropriate charger usage, or software updates can all contribute to slow charging on Android phones.

However, by implementing the tips provided in this blog, you can significantly decrease the charging time of your phone. This ensures that you consistently have a fully charged battery at your disposal whenever you need it.

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FAQ: Why is my phone charging so slowly and dying fast?

How can I get my phone to charge faster?
To expedite charging, ensure you use the correct charger, disable unnecessary features, activate airplane mode, charge your phone in a cool environment, and close background applications that aren’t essential. Adhering to these practices will optimize charging speed and prolong battery life.

Is slow charging bad for the battery?
Slow charging is not inherently detrimental to the battery’s health. In fact, it can help maintain the battery’s longevity by minimizing heat generation. Conversely, fast charging may generate more heat, potentially leading to battery degradation over time. However, using a slow charger that lacks sufficient power for your phone can result in incomplete charging cycles and diminished battery capacity over time. It’s crucial to use the appropriate charger to ensure thorough charging and preserve the battery’s condition.

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