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Bolt South Africa has Added a New Feature to Help Driver Partners Earn more

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The well-known e-hailing service Bolt South Africa is working hard to enhance the experience for its driver partners in Africa. In addition to expanding to Cairo, Egypt, it debuted a brand-new function called ‘Driver Destination.’ 

Bolt South Africa

The company intends to improve the overall quality of its service while offering its drivers additional earning opportunities and benefits through the introduction of new features in South Africa and Nigeria. 

How These New Features Work in Bolt South Africa 

Driver-partners can now select from a variety of orders that progressively move them closer to their destination while they keep earning by adding their end destination in-app.

By giving drivers more earning opportunities through advanced routing and giving riders more access to ride-hailing services, Bolt claims that the new feature contributes to a high-quality ride-hailing experience for both drivers and riders.

What Inspired The New Feature 

The update was made in response to complaints from Bolt’s 3.5 million fleet, drivers, and courier partners about how long it sometimes takes them to pick up ride-hailing orders while they’re heading home. 

This is due to the fact that it could be more difficult for them to locate an order that fits their precise location and final destination. Bolt emphasizes in a release provided to Hypertext that “this means driver-partners may choose not to earn at all on their way home, which also means that riders are waiting longer to be picked up.”

Bolt South Africa

Driver-partners can add their destination to the Driver app and select from a variety of orders that progressively move them closer to their final destination with Driver Destinations, allowing them to keep earning

Bolt South Africa Innovation Spirit

Bolt South Africa has launched a new feature that increases drivers’ earnings by giving them more ride opportunities. 

Features like surge pricing during times of high demand, rewards for finishing a set number of trips, or bonuses for referring new drivers or riders could be included. 

These programs are intended to encourage drivers and support them in maximizing their income while offering passengers dependable and effective service. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for drivers and riders. 

Bolt’s PR Manager for Africa, Sandra Suzanne Buyole, emphasized the value of offering flexible earnings options and making investments in driver satisfaction.

“The newest update to the Bolt Driver app, Driver Destinations, ensures that our ride-hailing service is available for riders and gives driver-partners more flexible earning opportunities,” she said.

Innovations Not Only Present In Bolt South Africa 

Aside from the driver destination feature, Bolt has been releasing a number of other improvements to its ecosystem of driver applications. 

Drivers can receive additional benefits and incentives through the Bolt Rewards program, which offers tiered rewards and in-app discounts based on points accumulated through completed rides. 

Positive interactions are further encouraged and incentivized when riders are able to recognize exceptional service provided by drivers through the Driver Compliments feature.


As part of its Bolt Rewards program, the ride-hailing service has also introduced discounts on fuel and insurance for driver-partners. 

The purpose of this program is to give drivers insurance coverage for unforeseen repair costs and to assist them in managing their fuel expenses in the face of rising fuel prices. Bolt shows its dedication to helping its drivers and guaranteeing their financial security by providing these perks.

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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