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4G Capital Loan in Kenya: How Does It Work?

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Are you a business owner looking for places where you can get quick loans that will contribute to the growth of your business? Then 4G capital is one of the safest options for you. 

Source: 4G Capital Kenya on Facebook

4G Capital is a reputable financial technology company in Kenya that aims to offer loans to individuals who are deserving of them. It is licensed and controlled by the Central Bank of Kenya.

They provide loans to small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs. This loan given to small business owners is known as the UPIA loan. 

They provide quick and easily attainable loans to those who meet the criteria to prevent cases of debt. 

They aim to ensure that small business owners with great potential never run out of funds to grow their businesses. 

Now, you must know a little bit more about 4G Capital before requesting a loan from them. You also need to know about the requirements set by the company to know if you tick all the boxes to get a loan. 

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about 4G Capital in Kenya and how you can get a loan from them. 

About 4G Capital 

4G Capital is a financial company that has touched the hearts of many business owners in Africa. The company was founded in 2013, and since then, many successful businesses in Africa have been beneficiaries of their great financial help.

Despite being a Kenyan-based company, 4G Capital has been able to expand its wings to other countries in Africa, like Uganda and Mauritius, to help entrepreneurs in need.

There are about 165 branches of the 4G Capital firm in Kenya and Uganda. Their headquarters is located in Grand Baie, Mauritius. 

The company employs close to 2000 workers both in Uganda and Kenya and has loaned about 3.5 million capital loans to their customers with a value of over $426 million. Close to 450,000 customers have benefited greatly from this company. 

Aside from offering loans to business owners, 4G Capital also aims to provide financial education to business owners. They give this training physically or via mobile apps. 

4G Capital has a vision to contribute to the growth and success of small-scale businesses in different parts of Africa and hopes to impact the lives of millions of people in years to come. 

Applying For A 4G Capital Loan In Kenya

Deciding to apply for a loan in 4G Capital to improve your business is one of the best financial decisions you can make. They are always ready and willing to help.  

After getting the loan, you will also enjoy training about how to grow your business. 

4G Capital has made the process of applying for a loan very easy. They understand what it means to own a small business and are willing to help you expand it without any strict rules. 

No collaterals will be requested before you are granted a loan. The loan will be transferred to you within 24 hours after your request has been approved. 

4G Loan Rates and Repayment

The loan rates are within your reach so be rest assured that you will be able to get them. There will be no hidden charges added to the affordable rate.

Also, paying back isn’t much of a problem. 4G Capital allows flexibility when making repayments. So you can pay back little by little at your convenience. 

Criteria For 4G Capital Loans 

To get access to a 4G Capital loan, there are certain requirements you need to meet. People who do not meet up with any one of these conditions will not be considered. Let’s explore the criteria you need to meet before you are eligible for this loan. 

These criteria include the following:

  • You must have a business that has been active for 6 months or more
  • A proof of ownership of the business must be provided
  • Proof of identity, like a valid ID, is important
  • You should provide your permanent business address
  • You must have a mobile line registered with MTN in Kenya and Safaricom in Uganda. 

How Can You Get A 4G Capital Loan In Kenya

If you meet all the criteria set by 4G Capital, you can now go ahead and apply for a loan. This process of application is very easy as long as you have a mobile phone. 

Source: 4G Capital Kenya

The first thing to do is to dial *612# on your mobile phone to start the process of registration. After dialing the code, you will fill in some details to complete the process. This will include details like your personal data and type of business.

You will also need to upload documents that prove your identity as well as the ownership of your business. Ensure that all the information provided is accurate. 

After you are done with the process of registration,  you will have to wait for approval by the company. Once the company accepts your documents, you will receive your loan within 24 hours. 

4G Capital Interest Rates

The interest rates set by the company are fair and affordable. The rate is variable and depends on factors like the repayment history of the customer and loyalty. 

The loan lasts for 30 days, and customers can start paying back the loan as quickly as possible. 4G also rewards those who start payments early with lower interest rates. So the company advises their customers to pay early so they can enjoy the benefit of paying a lower rate. 

Making payments is easy. 4G Capital allows repayments of loans via mobile money, which is easy to use. 


4G Capital is a well-known microfinance institution that focuses on granting loans to miniature business owners to help boost their funds and improve the quality of their businesses.

They also provide training on financial education that will help entrepreneurs make better decisions that will uplift their businesses.

Anyone can be a beneficiary of this company as long as the criteria set by the company are met. 


What is the range of loans offered by 4G Capital?

4G Capital offers loans to those in need ranging from KSH 5,000 to KSH 100,000.

How Much Can You Get as Your First Loan?

This is variable across different entrepreneurs, as it depends on how profitable your business is and your capability to pay back. 

How can I get a 4G Capital loan in Kenya? 

If you reside in Kenya, you can get a 4G loan by dialing *612# to begin the process of registration. 


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