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Aella Officially Rebrands to Aella Microfinance Bank

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Aella Credit, a Nigerian fintech for financial services, has announced its rebrand as Aella Microfinance Bank. The rebrand comes with a change of operation and will accentuate the company’s dedication to its customers’ satisfaction.


The strategic move reveals the company’s commitment to innovating operations that meet its target audience’s needs. 

About Aella

Akin Jones founded Aella in 2015. The company has 2,000,000 users, of which 135,000 are micro business users. Additionally, it has provided more than $10,000,000 in loans to its users. The fintech company assures it can take on the new role, as it involves a wider range of financial products and services. 

Akin Jones, Chairman of Aella Microfinance Bank, said: “This isn’t just a name change; it’s a response to the financial challenges faced by Nigerians. Aella’s acquisition of Flourish MFB allows us to deliver safer, more advanced banking services.”

What Aella Microfinance Bank Will Provide Nigerians

Akin Jones highlighted that Nigerians should expect the following with the rebrand:

Improved Security: Aella emphasizes its adherence to Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulations, ensuring stricter measures to safeguard user funds and combat fraud.

Expanded Products: Aella MFB goes beyond loans, offering free transfers, zero-maintenance debit cards, high-interest savings plans, and competitive loan rates.

Financial Inclusion: Lastly, the company remains committed to making financial services accessible to all Nigerians, aligning with its original mission.

Aella posts on The Rebrand

Sosthenes Oluwaseun, managing director of Aella Microfinance Bank, expressed excitement about the rebranding. Furthermore, he stressed why it is such a significant decision, especially in today’s economic climate.

He said, “This transition to Aella MFB is proof of our dedication to innovation and constant reinvention. And this is more than just a name change. Our users will now have access to better banking experiences.”

Oluwaseun further emphasized the company’s dedication to safeguarding users’ funds, highlighting Aella’s adherence to regulations set by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). In an assertive tone, he said, “The transition to becoming Aella MFB guarantees extra safety for our users’ money. We now have stricter measures in place to control fraudulent activities. Also, we are very particular about earning the trust of our users, and keeping their money safe is the only way we can do that,” 


Aella’s move to re-brand is to provide better financial services for its users. This signifies its dedication to the growth and development of its infrastructure to meet Nigeria’s needs. Furthermore, the needs are met by offering an expansion featuring secure and accessible financial services. Aella MFB aims to empower Nigerians and contribute to greater financial inclusion in the country.


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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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