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Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G: Specs and Price in Kenya|2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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What is the Redmi Note 13 in Kenya? Xiaomi is a company known for many things, like the striking resemblance of its operating system (OS) to that of Apple’s iOS. However, that is not a problem in itself, as Xiaomi has modified its OS to a level that can conveniently be called its own. 

The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ is not just a new product to pass through Xiaomi’s catalog but a product resulting from a series significant for the firm’s vision of moderate-budget flagship smartphones for years.

The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is perhaps one of the most exciting phones in the mid-west this year and is expected to be a significant milestone.

On this note, it is now appropriate to explore some of this device’s defining qualities further to fine-tune it from similar devices.

Nowadays, in Kenya, a reliable phone is becoming more than necessary for everyday life. From cashless policies to loan apps to remote or online jobs, a reliable mobile device is truly important. 

While some older generations may argue that phones are not as important as we make it, let’s face it! The world is becoming increasingly digitalized, and advanced phones are the future. As such, a phone with increased functionality like The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is just the phone for that purpose.

In this article, we will examine the price of the Redmi Note 13 in Kenya, its specs, and its availability. But before we delve into the price of the Redmi Note 13 in Kenya, let us familiarize ourselves with the specifications of the cutting-edge device.

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Specifications of The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G

With that, let us dive into some eye-catching and outstanding features you may want to consider when purchasing the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G.

When pondering what new device to acquire, probably because your old phone is no longer functional or simply because you need a change, it doesn’t matter.

You have to consider certain things before deciding on what new device to get. Some of the things you would consider are durability, aesthetics, battery life, camera quality, internet connectivity, storage, display, and much more.

Well, we have good news for you! The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is up to the task and worth a lot more.

Design and Display 

When looking through some of the other devices Xiaomi has made over the years, we must say the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is an outstanding advancement over the previous versions, not only in the display and design but in other areas.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G has a glass body that sparkles with a silvery hue when in contact with any source of light. Its depth seems to be the result of several layers of coating. First, it launches with an intellectually aesthetic look, with a 6.67” CrystalRes AMOLED display.

It has a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, a peak brightness of 1800, an astounding 12-bit color depth, a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, and finally, a resolution of 2712.

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It has Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, which protects the screen against scratches or falls. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G supports Dolby Vision (for stunning HDR image technology and extraordinary colour, contrast, and brightness on the screen) and reading mode.

Moreover, it features an IP68 dust/water resistance and a side mounted fingerprint sensor.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro+ 5G comes in strikingly beautiful colours like midnight black (fusion black), moonlight white (fusion white), aurora purple (fusion purple), and camo green.


Let us take a closer look at the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G hardware. As showcased for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G, the equipment features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chip, which makes the phone incredibly fast, and its multitasking functionality is astonishing.

Regardless of whether it is a game that one wants to play, content to be viewed, or having several apps opened simultaneously, this phone does not disappoint.

In the world that is now advocating for provisions to be made for the development of 5G, this will not only facilitate faster downloads but also faster uploads with no delay included.

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The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G vividly illustrates every object. What an instrument with such splendid camera functionality!

With a quad camera setup including a main camera lens of 108 MP, an ultra-wide lens of 16 MP, a third telephoto lens of 8 MP, and a fourth lens for depth sensing of 2 MP, this device enables a user to capture as many moments as they want in the highest resolution quality and let their creativity run free from taking quality photos to shooting quality videos.

From landscapes to people and macros to detail shots, the Redmi’s Note 13 Pro+ 5G delivers in these aspects too. The camera quality is one of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G’s selling points.

Battery and charging

Rule out battery botheration as the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G has an improved huge 5000mAh battery that offers all-day power adapted to your spirited lifestyle.

Furthermore, the devices are very friendly, supporting 120W fast charging; this provides individuals with an opportunity always to charge their devices and get back to the task that they were carrying out steadily.


The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G comes with the powerful and flashy MIUI 15, which is based on Android 13. Every function has multiple choices and additional aesthetic adjusting options.

Both have improvements in privacy settings and enhanced smart task management to help the user complete other tasks productively and securely without interruption from other new features.


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G possesses an in-screen fingerprint sensor and an AI Face Unlock for optimum security and privacy.

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In today’s technological space a device with fast and efficient connectivity is required in every branch of life. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is well equipped in that regard supporting an array of network bands such as:

2G: GSM: 850 900 1800 1900MHz

3G: WCDMA :1/2/4/5/6/8/19

4G: LTE FDD :1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/26/28/32/66

4G: LTE TDD :38/40/41

5G: n1/3/5/7/8/20/28/38/40/41/66/77/78*

5G connectivity may vary based on region availability and local operator support.

It also supports Wireless Networks like:

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 6/Wi-Fi 5/Wi-Fi 4/802.11a/b/g

Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi | 5GHz Wi-Fi

Supports 2×2 MIMO,Wi-Fi Direct

Bluetooth 5.3


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is also equipped with a number of sensors necessary for their peculiar purposes. They are:

Proximity Sensor 

Ambient Light Sensor


Electronic Compass

IR blaster 


X-axis linear motor

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Although the Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro+ 5G has no memory card slot, it has sufficient storage of 256GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 12GB RAM, and 512GB 16GB RAM, depending on the version you are going for.

NB: Although the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G lacks an earphone jack, it makes up for that by having a stereo-grade speaker for gamers and movie lovers.

The display department also features a curved screen display and a 6.67” CrystalRes AMOLED display.

Price of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G in Kenya

 The Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro+ 5G is a Xiaomi phone that has high-end features and accessories when new with a price tag that caters for the lower class, middle class, upper class and all classes of people. 

You should be able to find it in some of the ASDA stores and online stores in Kenya; this smartphone is indeed a good add-on in the mid-end bracket based on the above qualifying criteria.

The price of the Redmi Note 13 in Kenya is Kes 56,500 in any mobile phone store in Kenya. Whereas the device might appear to be a little bit on the high side, the device truly lives to this rate as it offers a number of high-end features at a lower price.

This way, Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is a great model that poses a challenge to other mid-tier mobile phones as it provides its consumers with added value for the money, giving it good price-performance ratios.

Beside the rather refined and sleek look which is often associated with such gadgets, this one can boast a rather high operating speed and impressive camera system—something anyone who likes to rely on similar technologies would not mind having.

In the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G, Redmi has delivered a smartphone that is a flagship-grade smartphone, in terms of gaming, processing power, or battery life, and for general or occasional usage, yet hits all the right notes for a mid-end smartphone at an affordable price range.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on The Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro+ 5G

When will the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G be available?

It is available now for purchase at any mobile phone store in Kenya.

What is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G price in Kenya?

The price may vary. Kindly check the pricelist section at any store you are purchasing it from. At the moment it is going for Kes 56,500

What are the key features of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G?

Key features include a 108MP main camera, a high-refresh-rate AMOLED display, powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, and 5G connectivity.

What are the benefits of using the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G?

It offers high-speed performance, superior photography capabilities, long battery life with fast charging, and the latest network technology with 5G.

Who is the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus for?

It is ideal for tech-savvy individuals, gamers, and photography enthusiasts who require a powerful device that keeps pace with their lifestyle.

Does the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G support 5G?

Yes, it supports 5G for ultra-fast internet speeds.

Does the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G have a headphone jack?

No, it does not include a headphone jack.

Does the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G have a microSD card slot?

No, it does not have a microSD card slot, but it comes with generous built-in storage options.


If you have come thus far, you know everything about the smartphone. Also, when you need to get the Redmi Note 13 in Kenya, you know the expected price.

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