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Update on Zenith Bank Virtual Card: How to Get Yours, Features and Requirements

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The Zenith Bank Virtual Card world is rapidly embracing digital advancements, leading to a decrease in the need for physical visits to offices for various transactions. Nowadays, many bank customers opt for the convenience of obtaining a virtual card from the comfort of their homes through online registration.

When you register and complete the verification process, the virtual card becomes accessible to you without the need for a visit to the bank or physical delivery.

Zenith Bank is evolving into a technologically advanced financial institution, both in Nigeria and globally, offering a range of financial services. Since its inception, it has grown to become one of Africa’s largest financial institutions. This article aims to provide comprehensive information about Zenith Bank’s virtual cards. Keep reading to learn more!

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Introduction to the Zenith Bank Virtual Card

The Zenith Bank virtual card allows for convenient online payment transactions, enabling cashless payments without using physical money. Utilizing Visa technology, this card functions like a standard Visa debit or credit card.

Zenith bank virtual card

Signing up for the Zenith Bank virtual card is hassle-free, whether through the Zenith Bank Mobile app or by visiting the bank directly. Once registered, you can fund your wallet and start using the card without incurring transaction fees.

When making transactions online, simply select Visa as your payment method to use your virtual card. Additionally, each transaction using the Zenith Bank virtual card earns you reward points, redeemable for discounts at partner stores like ShopRite, helping you save money.

With just your phone and saved card information, you can conveniently use your virtual card. Rest assured, all your transactions are closely monitored by the bank’s secure fraud monitoring system around the clock, ensuring security and peace of mind.

How can I Get my Zenith Bank Virtual Card?

To obtain your Zenith Bank virtual card, you have three options, each detailed below:

  1. Use A Code:
  • If your phone number is linked to your bank account, you can create your Zenith Bank virtual card by following these steps:
    • Dial *966*2273# and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • To retrieve your PAN, CVV, and card expiration date, dial *966*2273#, select option “2,” and follow the instructions.
    • Fill in your BVN and birthdate, validate, and complete your application.
    • To set your virtual card PIN, dial *966*2273#, choose option “3,” and follow the instructions.
  1. Apply On Zenith Bank’s Virtual Card Website:
  • Visit the website here and follow these steps:
    • Enter your birthdate and BVN.
    • Ensure your birthdate matches the one on your BVN.
    • Click the confirm button to proceed.
    • Fill in your account number and select the card type.
    • Enter the OTP sent to your bank-registered phone number.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Create a four-digit PIN for your card.
  1. Visit a Zenith Bank Branch:
  • Visit a Zenith Bank branch and express your interest in the virtual card.
  • Fill out the provided form with accurate details and submit it to customer support.

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Features and Advantages of Zenith Bank Virtual Card

The Zenith Bank Virtual Card offers several features and advantages:

  1. Security: Unlike traditional cards, the virtual card cannot be lost or stolen, providing a secure way to manage online purchases.
  2. Protection: It is highly secure, protecting against potential hacking attempts by scammers, giving you peace of mind.
  3. International Payments: You can use the virtual card for international payments within the country, adding to its versatility.
  4. Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of using the card from home; you can top up your Gotv, Startimes, and DStv subscriptions effortlessly.
  5. Privacy: Activating your virtual card enables discreet bill payments without revealing personal information, ensuring cash availability whenever needed.

Requirements for Obtaining a Zenith Bank Virtual Card

To successfully obtain the card, you need to meet certain criteria:

  1. Active Zenith Bank Account: You must have a functioning bank account with Zenith Bank.
  2. Internet Banking Registration: You must have signed up for internet banking services with Zenith Bank.
  3. Required Information: Ensure you have a valid BVN, phone number, and other necessary details.
  4. Usage of Zenith Bank USSD Code: You should have signed up for and be using the Zenith Bank USSD code.

Eligibility for the ZBVC

Various categories of individuals are eligible to apply for and benefit from the ZBVC:

  1. Online Shoppers: Those who shop online and seek a secure payment option with protection against fraudulent activities.
  2. Digital Wallet Users: Individuals who prefer contactless payment methods and access to digital wallets.
  3. Frequent Travelers: People who travel regularly and require a secure payment method for international transactions.
  4. Convenience Seekers: Those who prefer the convenience of an online card over carrying a physical one.
  5. Security Conscious Individuals: People who prioritize security and prefer separating online transactions from their main bank account.
  6. Online Finance Managers: Individuals who manage their finances online and track their online spending.
  7. Promotional Benefits Seekers: Those interested in special promos, offers, and rewards provided to Zenith Bank virtual card users.
  8. Home-based Card Applicants: People who prefer the ease of obtaining a virtual card from home instead of visiting the bank for a physical card.
  9. Security-conscious Individuals: Those who have experienced the inconvenience of losing physical bank cards and desire an extra layer of security.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Zenith Bank Virtual Card (ZBVC)

What is a Zenith Bank virtual card?

  • The Zenith Bank virtual card is a digital card designed for secure online transactions, offering convenience and security for payments without the need for a physical card.

How can I apply for a ZBVC ?

  • There are three ways to apply:
    • Use a code via the Zenith Bank Mobile app.
    • Apply on Zenith Bank’s Virtual Card website.
    • Visit a Zenith Bank branch and submit a form.

What are the requirements for obtaining a ZBVC ?

  • You need a functioning Zenith Bank account, internet banking registration, valid BVN, phone number, and usage of the Zenith Bank USSD code.

What are the features of the ZBVC ?

  • The virtual card offers security, protection against fraud, international payment capabilities, convenience for bill payments, and discreet transactions.

Who is eligible for a ZBVC ?

  • Eligible individuals include online shoppers, digital wallet users, frequent travelers, convenience seekers, security-conscious individuals, online finance managers, promotional benefits seekers, home-based card applicants, and those seeking extra security measures for their transactions.

Can I use the ZBVC internationally?

  • Yes, you can use the virtual card for international transactions within the country.

What are the advantages of using a ZBVC ?

  • Advantages include enhanced security, convenience for online payments, access to special offers and rewards, and the ability to manage finances effectively.

How secure is the ZBVC ?

  • The virtual card is highly secure, protected by the bank’s fraud monitoring system, ensuring safe transactions round the clock.

Can I earn rewards with the ZBVC ?

  • Yes, each transaction using the virtual card earns you reward points, redeemable for discounts at partner stores.

How can I top up my ZBVC ?

– You can top up your virtual card through the Zenith Bank Mobile app or by visiting a Zenith Bank branch and completing the necessary steps.


In conclusion, the Zenith Bank virtual card offers a secure, convenient, and versatile payment solution for a wide range of individuals.

With its advanced security features, ease of application, and benefits such as international payment capabilities, reward points, and discreet transactions, the virtual card is a valuable addition to modern banking services.

Whether you’re an avid online shopper, a frequent traveler, or simply seeking a safer and more convenient way to manage your finances, the ZBVC provides an ideal solution. Take advantage of this innovative digital offering to simplify your transactions and enjoy a seamless banking experience.

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