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Stanbic USSD Code: How to Activate and Make use of it.

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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One of the initial indicators of masochistic behavior is physically visiting a Stanbic Bank branch to conduct financial transactions instead of using a phone.

However, if you have a reliable internet connection, you can easily download and utilize the Stanbic Bank app. Nonetheless, acknowledging that not everyone enjoys consistent internet access, Stanbic Bank provides an alternative solution for users in such situations.

They offer a convenient USSD code, *909#, which allows you to carry out a wide range of banking tasks directly on your device, even without internet connectivity.

The Stanbic Bank transfer code, *909#, is accessible to all Stanbic Bank users in Nigeria, irrespective of their network provider. This article provides comprehensive guidance on activating and utilizing the Stanbic Bank transfer code for your banking needs.

About Stanbic IBTC Bank

Stanbic IBTC Holdings, also known as Stanbic IBTC, is a prominent financial service holding company in Nigeria. It operates in various sectors, including banking, stock brokerage, investment advisory, asset management, investor services, pension management, trustee insurance brokerage, and life insurance businesses.

The company’s recently inaugurated corporate headquarters, Stanbic IBTC Towers, is located at Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Stanbic Bank USSD Code

Notably, Stanbic IBTC Holdings is affiliated with the Standard Bank Group, a major player in the financial services industry headquartered in South Africa. Standard Bank Group holds the distinction of being Africa’s largest banking group in terms of assets and earnings.

It operates in 20 African nations and 13 countries outside Africa, showcasing its extensive reach and influence in the global financial landscape.

Now that we have a brief history of Stanbic IBTC Bank, let’s dive right into the subject of this article:

How to Start Using Stanbic Bank USSD Code

To use any Stanbic Bank transfer codes, the first requirement is to have a Stanbic Bank account. Assuming you already possess one, there’s no need to dwell on this aspect.

Stanbic Bank USSD Code

Next, you need to enroll in Stanbic Bank’s USSD Quick Banking service, a straightforward process requiring only a phone and a Stanbic Bank account.

Here are the detailed steps to initiate Quick Banking with Stanbic Bank:

  1. Dial *909*1*7# on your device.
  2. Ensure you use the phone number associated with your Stanbic Bank account to establish a seamless connection.
  3. Upon dialing, you’ll receive a message indicating a ₦6.98 network charge for transactions. Reply with “1” to proceed.
  4. Upon acceptance, a menu with three options will appear. Reply with “6” to register for Stanbic Bank Quick Banking if you have an account.

If you don’t have an account, the message will prompt you to create one using the same USSD code.

  1. Select your preferred card and set a PIN.
  2. Choose a debit card from the list provided, verify it with its four-digit PIN, and create a five-digit transfer PIN for Stanbic Bank.
  3. Your transfer PIN will be essential for all transactions using the Stanbic Bank transfer code, ensuring account security.

Upon completing these steps, you’ve successfully set up Quick Banking with Stanbic Bank, granting access to various banking features without an internet connection through the *909# USSD code.

How to Use the Stanbic Bank Transfer Code for Transactions

After setting up your Stanbic Bank account for Quick Banking, you gain access to several functionalities using the *909# code. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do:

  1. Money Transfers:
  • Stanbic Bank offers various transfer options, referred to as Quick Banking, USSD Banking, or simply the ‘transfer code.’
  • To transfer money within Stanbic Bank accounts, dial *909*11*Amount*Recipient’s account number#.
  • For transfers to other banks, dial *909*22*Amount*Recipient’s account number#.
  • Confirm the transaction with your transfer PIN, with a fee of N6.98 per transaction.
  1. Airtime Purchase:
  • Using *909#, you can buy airtime for yourself or others from your bank account, within the N10,000 daily limit.
  • For personal airtime purchases, dial *909*Airtime amount#.
  • For other numbers, use *909*Airtime amount*Recipient phone number#.
  • Verify with your transaction PIN, with a service charge of ₦6.98.
  1. Account Balance Check:
  • Check your Stanbic Bank account balance by dialing *909*1*1#.
  • For a detailed statement, dial *909# and follow the prompts.

Additional features accessible via USSD include utility bill payments, account creation, BVN linking, and more. Each transaction incurs a ₦6.98 service fee, making it more cost-effective to use the StanbicMobile app when internet access is available.


Recognizing the limited internet access for many Nigerians, several banks, including Stanbic Bank, have embraced USSD transaction options.

Through their widely used 909 banking service, Stanbic Bank enables users to access a range of banking features without needing to open their bank app or visit a physical branch.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on setting up your Stanbic Bank account to utilize the transfer code, facilitating convenient banking transactions directly from your mobile device.

FAQ on Stanbic IBTC Bank USSD Code

  1. What is the Stanbic Bank transfer code, and how does it work?
  • The Stanbic Bank transfer code, *909#, is a USSD code that allows users to perform various banking transactions directly from their mobile devices without internet access. It simplifies tasks like money transfers, airtime purchases, and account balance inquiries.
  1. Do I need internet access to use the Stanbic Bank transfer code?
  • No, you don’t need constant internet access. The transfer code operates via USSD, making it accessible even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.
  1. What banking transactions can I perform using the Stanbic Bank transfer code?
  • You can use the code to transfer money between Stanbic Bank accounts, make transfers to other banks, purchase airtime, check your account balance, and more.
  1. How do I set up my Stanbic Bank account to use the transfer code?
  • The article provides detailed instructions on setting up your account for the transfer code. It includes steps such as dialing specific USSD codes, registering for Quick Banking, selecting a PIN, and verifying transactions.
  1. Is there a fee associated with using the Stanbic Bank transfer code?
  • Yes, each transaction using the transfer code incurs a fee of N6.98. It’s important to be aware of this cost when conducting transactions via USSD.
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