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The Africa Tech Startup Forum Accelerator Programme is now Open for Applications

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The African continent is filled with young, tech-savvy minds who are full of innovative ideas.

To enable these visionaries and catapult their creations to the global stage, applications for the much awaited accelerator program by Africa Tech Startup Forum (ATSF) have been opened.

The Africa Tech Startup Forum accelerator Programme is now Open for Applications

The initiative, powered by the Korea Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC) Trust Fund via AfDB’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab as a result of which emerging tech startups across Africa get an opportunity to grow.

A Market Access Powerhouse

The ATSF accelerator programme is more than just a training ground.

It is a broad-based market entry and acceleration platform that empowers tech startups to get the right tools and resources.

The program combines virtual and physical elements to give startups an excellent chance for exposure and networking in the African tech ecosystem.

Amplifying Innovation: Sectors in Focus

The program is especially concerned with the development of sectors that are central to Africa’s growth.

This year, ATSF will have a deep dive into agri-tech, fintech and e-health startups.

Agri-tech startups dealing with food security and sustainable agriculture challenges will get a favorable environment.

Fintech companies that are changing the financial inclusion and accessibility picture across the continent should apply with great enthusiasm.

Equally, e-health startups creating solutions for better healthcare delivery and access to medical services in Africa will be preferred candidates.

A Call to Action: Tech Visionaries from Across Africa

The ATSF gives a hearty welcome to the tech entrepreneurs of all over Africa, with a special focus on countries like Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, Egypt, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana.

This is an amazing opportunity for people who are passionate about what they do and have innovative ideas to make their tech startups take off.

The application deadline is set for April 19th, 2024, so interested parties are urged to act swiftly.

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Building a Collaborative Ecosystem: Mentorship and Networking

The ATSF programme goes beyond theoretical training. It fosters a collaborative environment where startups can connect with experienced mentors from Africa and around the world.

This invaluable mentorship provides crucial guidance and fosters a space for knowledge exchange.

Additionally, the programme facilitates networking opportunities with industry leaders, potential investors, and established tech players.

These connections can be instrumental in securing funding, forging strategic partnerships, and gaining valuable market insights.

Showcasing Africa’s Tech Talent

The ATSF programme culminates in a highly anticipated showcase event.

This platform allows participating startups to present their innovations to a global audience of investors, industry experts, and potential partners.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for African tech talent to grab the spotlight and garner the recognition they deserve.

The Time is Now: Become a part of the African Tech Revolution

The Africa Tech Startup Forum accelerator programme is a rally cry to the brightest minds in Africa’s tech space.

It is an opportunity to join a force that is changing the continent’s technological landscape.

Through its market access, mentorship and global exposure, ATSF programme provides the launching pad for high-growth tech ventures to ensure sustainability and lasting impact.

Do not miss out on this transformational offer. Apply today and be part of the pioneers in African tech innovation!

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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